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More EK Brainwashing: "Having Fun as a Vahana"

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  • prometheus_973
    This article was in the 12/2007 EK Mystic World. It s interesting looking at the key words used by this ESC staffer who wrote this pep talk and propaganda.
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      This article was in the 12/2007 EK Mystic World.
      It's interesting looking at the "key" words used
      by this ESC staffer who wrote this pep talk and
      propaganda. There's quite a bit of the EK philosophy
      neatly jam-packed into this article, and I see that
      this is the perfect example of a brainwashing technique.

      I'll just quote the "key" words and phrases:

      "Being Enthusiastic, Positive, Giving Freedom, heartfelt
      longing, fun, ECK Vahana, Wah Z, help, dream state,
      Temple of ECK, Golden Wisdom Temple, member, Temple
      staff, Temple, Temple's landscaping, ECKANKAR Spiritual
      Center (ESC), HU card, HU, inner direction, Light and Sound,
      clarity, confidence, humor, Master, inwardly, seeker,
      brochure, Mahanta, clear sign, spiritual benefits, ECK
      teachings, ESC, dream, seeker, Mahanta, desire, God,
      dream, seeker, less-than-holy, past, God, spiritual gift,
      joining ECKANKAR, divine love, Temple of ECK, path
      home to God."

      [What ever happened to telling people about the SUGMAD
      instead of God (KAL)? Klemp has written books available
      to the public where he has sometimes (not often) mentioned
      the SUGMAD.

      Why should ECKists be deceptive any longer than they have?
      Isn't it about time people heard about SUGMAD when the
      HU has been promoted for years now?! How many years
      does it take for this policy and past practice to "Change?"
      What do ECKists have to fear? Are they embarrassed?]

      So, I guess that working at the ESC and trying to influence
      (ever so slyly) salesmen and landscapers or anyone else
      dropping by or calling is "FUN." It puffs the ECKists up to
      feel needed, proud, fulfilled, that they have "shared" the
      "highest truth" to these poor, starving, thirsty and lost Souls
      looking for "direction."

      After joining the Religion of ECKANKAR the seekers
      (eventually) discover that the ECK currency is "initiation."
      And, if they don't renew that membership card ($) they
      will lose their spiritual "direction." For chelas It comes
      down to: Inflow (promises); Outflow (money & service).

      However, this is what other (mostly Christian) fundamentalist
      religions do as well. Even Mormon missionaries act and say
      much of the same as EK missionaries do... only the jargon
      is different!

      It's strange that ECKists can't seem to see the correlations...
      many of these ECK Leaders are not stupid people. And, it
      seems there are various things that individual ECKists either
      accept or reject (Guidelines, etc.) in the EK teachings...
      since NO religion is perfect.

      But, the Law of Silence and the concept of "surrender"
      (passivity) prevent or discourage many from sharing their
      ideas and insights. This is, also, why many ECKists don't
      participate in local activities. They have fashioned
      Eckankar around their own personal beliefs.

      WHY do H.I.s still think they need that EK Membership Card
      and still be a lowly follower and servant of the Klemps?
      Are most H.I.s, after 30 plus years, still weak and needy?
      Really! WHY aren't they their own Masters Here and Now?
      How long does it take for one to stand on their own Spiritual
      Feet... or have they too atrophied (with the mind) from lack
      of use!

      (Sugmad?) WHY, after 30 years, aren't Most ECKists "Masters"
      and "Spiritually Free?" How about 25, 20, 15, or 10 years?!
      Shouldn't the timeline for Mastership be decreasing rather
      than increasing? What's wrong with this picture? Klemp!

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