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Re: Eckists "patiently" await the Golden Age

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  • ctecvie
    Hi Mish and all, ... *** I guess it s because of all the others, ex-ekkies like us, and all the people who have never heard of HK and cohorts! LOL! ... *** Who
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 4, 2008
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      Hi Mish and all,

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "mishmisha9"
      <mishmisha9@...> wrote:
      > On HuChat, an eckist posted how he has been
      > patiently awaiting the Golden Age promised in the
      > eck teachings--since it obviously is not happening
      > for eckists, after all these 25 plus years of HK's reign,

      *** I guess it's because of all the others, ex-ekkies like us, and
      all the people who have never heard of HK and cohorts! LOL!

      > Mark Alexander, a mini master, has offered this
      > explanation

      *** Who cares for a mini master who was afraid to go to Vienna
      because of a life 400 years ago when the Turks were there! LOL! I
      guess he didn't know that Vienna has changed considerably since! LOL!

      > which is intended to patch up the
      > contradictions that HK borrowed from Paul and put
      > in his Lexicon in regard to the yugas and their various
      > timelines with regard to the Polarians, Atlantis, Lemuria
      > and the chronological ages of certain eck masters like Gakko,
      > Malati and Askoi, to name just a few. It is really funny to read
      > these various spins put out by the faithful, long awaiting eckists
      > looking for the promised changes that are not coming now or
      > anytime in the near future.

      *** It's amazing to what lengths eckists go to explain away things!

      Mark wrote:
      > ". . . as strange as this may sound, this world IS experiencing a
      > Golden Age, but a Golden Age "within" the Iron Age.
      > Here's my take on it.
      > The ECK-Vidya turns and within the Kali Yuga, the other ages cycle
      > through at smaller levels. There are cycles within cycles, and
      > whenever Eckankar can be taught openly there is a smaller Golden Age
      > cycle happening.
      > But like everything else, that Golden Age will cycle into a Silver,
      > Coppper/Bronze and Iron Age.
      > Enjoy the relative freedom of the embodied Mahanta. Harold is likely
      > that last one for a few hundred years.
      > Hu
      > Mark"

      *** Yes that's something HK himself started to circulate a few years
      ago, and the ekkies were really scared! I was still an eckist at the
      time but couldn't believe this. I think I started thinking and
      discriminating again a bit! LOL!
      > I guess Mark has taken to heart what Harold wrote in "Those
      > ECK Masters" that the next mahanta/l.e.m. is among a small group in
      > training that will take several more years before one of them will
      >be ready
      > to take over for him--and I guess, to cover the unease of knowing
      > Harold will continue to hold the power, Mark is suggesting
      >that "Harold
      > is likely that last one ("full" mahanta) for a few hundred years."
      >Seems to
      > me that every hopeful mahanta wannabee should just relax and have
      > as change is not coming anytime soon? LOL!
      > Mish
      *** Yeah - and HK doesn't care for a follower, he wants to hold on to
      his power as long as possible!

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