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More 12/2007 H.I. Letter Nonsense

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  • prometheus_973
    When the Rules of the Game Change is the title of this article written by an EK 6th Initiate. [pg.4] This 6th Initiate and her 6th Initiate husband traveled
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2008
      "When the Rules of the Game Change" is the title
      of this article written by an EK 6th Initiate. [pg.4]

      This 6th Initiate and her 6th Initiate husband
      traveled to Australia from England and Africa.

      She claims that she had a "Waking Dream" about
      "changes to come," and "had ignored the still, small
      voice of the Mahanta that warned us about what
      to do."

      "As we entered the country, we saw signs everywhere
      requiring us to declare ANY FOOD we were carrying.
      The signs showed people with fresh fruit, DAIRY
      PRODUCTS, fresh produce, ETC., and warned we could
      be FINED or JAILED if we tried to bring in these items."

      Some pertinent facts this nameless H.I. is leaving out:
      On the plane you will be given an Incoming Passenger
      Card before you land in Australia. This is a legal document.
      You must tick YES to declare if you are carrying ANY FOOD,
      you don't wish to declare, you can dispose of them in
      quarantine bins in the airport terminal... You will not be
      penalized if goods are declared... What Happens To Items
      I Declare? In many cases items you declare will be returned
      to you after inspection. However, anything that presents
      a disease risk or is found to contain insects or larvae will
      be withheld.

      And, there is an extensive list of items under the categories

      Food; Dairy and Egg Products; Animal Products; Seeds and
      Nuts; Fresh Fruit and Vegetables; Live Animals and Animal
      Products; Other Goods; Plant Material; Used Freshwater
      Watercraft, Sporting or Fishing Equipment.


      Anyway, these 6ths were stopped at customs where she
      was given a warning for her TEA while her husband was
      fined $200 for Packaged, Processed Food.

      What's funny with this story is these clueless H.I.s couldn't
      even rely on basic common sense and awareness like the
      non-ECKists (uninitiated) do!

      Apparently, ECK High Initiates become so dependent and
      focused upon listening for guidance from this "Mahanta"
      their minds have atrophied! They have become Soulless!

      This EK 6th Initiate signs off with: "Learning to Move and
      Flow with the ECK"

      However, after all these years (30?) what has she and her
      husband really learned?

      It seems that they have: memorized the EK dogma in the books
      and on the brochures; have gone through the motions and courses;
      have parroted the proper phrases and jargon. But, WHY haven't
      they learned to follow RULES, GUIDELINES and LAWS?! What's the
      real reason for this Lack of Consciousness? It's probably due to
      a Lack of Spiritual Growth and having a Closed Mind for the last
      25 years... of Klemp's rule over them!

      Many ECKists make erroneous assumptions and excuses and
      avoid taking responsibility. The facts and Truth have been
      distorted by these H.I.s!

      By having this story printed in the H.I. Letter shows that Klemp
      is encouraging his H.I.s to become more and more Dependent
      (upon him) and Delusional! Where is Self Mastery and Spiritual
      Freedom when ECK H.I.s can't even function and follow the basic
      rules and laws that all people must follow in a civilized society?!

      Where's even the basic Common Sense and the basic Awareness
      that uninitiated people possess, but ECK H.I.s don't?!

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