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The Myth & Lies of Eckankar

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Etznab and All, I believe that Paul experienced food poisoning while in Spain and then spun it into a PR opportunity. PT made it into a big mystery or a
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 13, 2007
      Hi Etznab and All,
      I believe that Paul experienced "food" poisoning
      while in Spain and then spun it into a PR opportunity.
      PT made it into a big mystery or a conspiracy and
      used it as a PR stunt to portray himself as a Very
      Important Person in the whole scheme of things
      (for his admiring Chelas). PT was always looking for
      an angle. This became a very melodramatic but phony
      stunt as he took advantage of the situation (food
      poisoning) and turned lemons into lemonade. ECKists
      are still speculating about this today and about Why
      this was done or How it could affect a real Mahanta.
      But remember, Twit did once write for "Believe It Or Not,"
      lied about his age to Gail, and lied to get into Who's
      Who in Kentucky... that Rascal!

      Later, if Paul still felt ill, after returning to the States
      this was probably due, in part, to his age, poor diet
      (not enough protein), burning the candle at both ends,
      and to associated medical complications surrounding
      his heart condition (which he, later, died from).

      Paul was an actor and con-man acting "as if" he was
      playing a role. As the grand Mahanta he wasn't supposed
      to be susceptible to karma or to outside negative influences.
      Therefore, Paul had to make it seem he took the "poison"
      willingly and that it involved some mysterious spiritual purpose.
      It's obvious that Paul was not in control or aware of his
      Fate or else he would have chosen a successor. This fact
      alone proves that Paul, let alone Gross and Klemp, was no
      Grand Master/Mahanta of ECK or of anything "Spiritual!"

      Klemp does the same act as he takes on karma (he claims)
      but can't seem to Let It Go and Cast it Into the ECK Stream!
      I'm still not sure what excuse HK gave for his EMR disease,
      but I do see a pattern of side-stepping self-responsibility.
      Of course, How could the great Mahanta not be what
      he claims? Does the Wah-Zard Of oZ come to mind?

      Etznab wrote:
      It makes me wonder who put together the Shariyat-Ki-
      Sugmad, Book Two. Book One was apparently finished
      in September 1970 (Around the time Paul Twitchell was


      Yes, it does seem like Gail was involved with editing some
      of Paul's work after his death. Or, it could be that her name
      was simply put on these edited works (with her permission)
      because it would look better to the membership. What would
      it look like if Klemp's name appeared as an editor instead of
      Gail's? Klemp has stated that he was on the EK Literary Council
      and was involved with the editing other EK works! Darwin probably
      thought... Who's name would look better? The irony, of course,
      Gail was always good at putting words in Paul's mouth since
      she did much of his editing anyway and claims Paul chose
      Darwin from a dream she had.

      Once again, What happened to the real LEM/Mahanta
      Rebazar? Eckankar teaches that RT still has a 500 year
      old physical body... Paul didn't! And, the passing of the
      Rod of ECK Power is done by the/a "Living" ECK Master.
      Isn't this one purpose of having a "Living" Master versus
      a dead one? So, How could Darwin have been passed
      the Rod by a dead Master? I guess DG wasn't really the
      LEM/Mahanta. Therefore, Klemp (whom DG passed the
      Rod to) isn't either! The "ROD" must have been an imaginary

      Thus, all ECK H.I.s have "imaginary" initiations from these
      two "ECK" masters Gross and Klemp! I guess these H.I.s
      aren't as "highly" or spiritually evolved as they think they are!

      But, is Rebazar the One and Only Torchbearer and
      LEM/Mahanta, or just another fictional character and
      figment of Twitchell's vivid imagination? Doug Marman
      has stated that Rebazar is probably Myth! I wonder Who's
      right, or don't these ECKists want to know the Truth versus
      being spoon fed Klemp's version of "truth." Spoon fed it
      would seem... Restrooms Are Unisex! LOL! And, isn't it fun
      thinking, believing, and pretending that one is more evolved
      than all others outside of the little EK clique?! Yes, it's fun
      playing the big H.I. fish in the small pond of Eckankar!

      - Prometheus
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