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Klemp Proves: Religion is Religion = Myth and Lies!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Like most religious leaders preaching to, misleading and scamming the masses Twitchell and Klemp can t do the math! Why haven t ECKists questioned
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2007
      Hello All,
      Like most religious leaders preaching to, misleading
      and scamming the masses Twitchell and Klemp can't
      do the math! Why haven't ECKists questioned the
      nonsense? Probably because of the "Law of Silence"
      fear of being Black-Listed on Initiations and the
      rationalization that everything is a test of faith
      and belief!

      Yes, the ECK/Christian belief in the Garden of Eden
      and of Adom and Ede (Adam and Eve) is bad enough!
      [See "Polarians" in the Eckankar Lexicon]

      BTW- When did the ECK Garden of Eden take place
      or the beginnings of the POLARIAN/Adamic Race?
      Could some ECKist ask Klemp for all of us to know?
      Don't forget to ask about Adom and Ede as well!

      However, Klemp's ramblings in his "Autobiography"
      mentions two ECK Masters (Geutan and Dayaka)
      back in Lemuria during the GOLDEN AGE 50,000 years

      HK: "Yet, in the silence of the inner worlds, I stood
      tall and free with the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.
      Paul Twitchell came in the Soul body this evening to
      open my past to me... Paul and I stood in the Lemurian
      countryside... 'Lemuria was at the peak of its civilization
      about Fifty Thousand years ago,' said Paul."

      However, one (of many) problems here is with the math
      (numbers) concerning the TWO Yugas following the Golden
      Age (Satya or Sat Yuga) and this 50,000 year time frame!

      There are Four Yugas. Thus, Two are between the Golden
      Age (Satya Yuga) and the Iron Age (Kali Yuga).

      The Two: Silver Age (Tretya Yuga) is 1,296,000 years long
      and the Copper Age (Dwapara Yuga) is 864,000 years
      long. [pgs. 134-135 Eckankar Lexicon] These two total to
      2,160,000 years versus 50,000 years that Klemp channeled
      via his Mahanta PT!

      Really, check it out! Read pages 78-80 in Klemp's
      Autobiography and see where he repeats and confirms
      what his Mahanta told him and then attempts some
      damage control by omitting some quotation marks
      so that it becomes confusing as to exactly what Paul
      said and what Klemp attempts to correct in the time-line.

      HK: 'Lemuria was at the peak of its civilization about
      fifty thousand years ago,' said Paul. 'That was its golden
      age. By now, however, time had robbed it of its vitality,
      and the self-direction of the people had given way to
      a monarchy. This life took place in the last part of that
      great golden age: an iron age, a minor cycle of the greater

      Notice that Klemp Does Not capitalize Golden Age or
      Iron Age, and states this was "its" (Lemuria's) golden age
      versus "the" Golden Age or Satya Yuga! Is HK trying to
      correct the mistaken time-line of 50,000 years ago for
      the GOLDEN AGE (made by Paul)? HK seems to imply
      that this was "ITS" golden age (Lemuria's) and was not
      a part of THE Golden Age. And, this was just a minor
      cycle of "AN" iron age versus THE Iron Age (Kali Yuga).
      See how Klemp is attempting to distort and confuse
      the issue while playing his game! Yes, The Iron Age is
      a minor cycle (yuga) of the entire Kalpa Yuga (i.e. Mahayuga,
      Manvantara) but so what! Let's look at the comment
      about 50,000 years ago and Golden Age!

      Can you see Klemp's slight of hand and double talk!
      Still, the Iron Age or Kali Yuga didn't begin 50,000 years
      ago either! Therefore, Geutan ("the third greatest Mahanta
      and LEM") could not have existed then (or ever) since
      according to Klemp the "Mahanta" didn't come on the
      scene until the Kali Yuga (Iron Age) began. According
      to the Real History for the evolution of mankind this was
      in No Way close to 50,000 years ago either! All Religions
      (especially fundamentalist ones) distort facts and lie!

      See how difficult it is, even now, for Klemp to patch up
      Twitchell's distortions of Truth. Eckankar was built upon
      lies, distortions, threats and myth... just like any other
      religion. So why is it that ECKists think that they have
      something special? ECKists should be contemplating
      upon these distortions in order to see the real truth and
      ask, Why does one need any religion? Is this the "highest
      Truth" or the "only Truth" they can find to spread? The
      only reason chelas become Vahanas/missionaries is
      due to the RESA structure of making money to support
      the hierarchy living in Eden Prairie, MN.

      Apparently, this missionary work leads to more initiations
      (rewards) and is all these chelas have (a promise of higher
      heavens and position)... to follow and follow and to be lead
      by the nose around and around in circles... forever, or as
      long as they can pay their annual memberships!

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