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Is Rebazar Still the LEM/Mahanta?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, I can see why Klemp thought up the Z for his spiritual name, although, his Black Magician mentor (DG) suggested adding the Wah. [Soul Travelers of
    Message 1 of 11 , Nov 26, 2007
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      Hi All,
      I can see why Klemp thought up the "Z" for his
      spiritual name, although, his Black Magician mentor
      (DG) suggested adding the "Wah." [Soul Travelers
      of the Far Country, CH. 7]

      HK's childhood church was the "Z"ion Evangelical
      Lutheran Church and then HK was writing about
      "Z"sa "Z"sa his farm cat story for "The Wind of Change"
      [CH. 2] in 1980 when he first met with DG in that Sound
      Proof Dark Room at the ESC ("Soul Travelers of the Far
      Country," CH. 7). Count up the number of times Klemp
      mentions Zsa Zsa in "Wind of Change" [Change is Change
      still?] HK types "Z" in this story 46 times! I can see why
      he "dreamed" of this or had it in his subconscious mind.

      Yes, Klemp was Not born On or Near a large body of water
      Nor was he the first born, therefore, No Virgin Birth! If this
      Shariyat standard Isn't applied to him then does it apply to
      any Mahanta?

      If Not, then it must all be a lie! Did Klemp lie to Darwin and
      to the ECKANKAR Board of Trustees (about this criteria), or
      did they even ask? It seems that Klemp and his cohorts, as
      well as the delusional and blind followers, simply apply the
      CATCH-22 rule! Whenever it becomes necessary he/they offer
      up excuses in order for Klemp to maintain his power role!
      Misery loves company it would seem!

      So, what has Klemp done in 25 years?

      1. Moved the ESC to MN. to hide finances even though
      this was what he used to boot Gross.
      2. Slowed Down Initiations (Spiritual Growth) for ECKists!
      3. Created the RESA Hierarchy & RESA Police
      4. Made Eckankar into "The Religion of... God" versus SUGMAD!
      5. "Written" a bunch of simple-minded, redundant, feel good
      books with the help of "stories" & IRO's by his chelas.
      5. Built a Temple, an (outdoor) Chapel, a new ESC building.
      6. Moved himself and other high profile ESC staffers to
      the very up-scale neighborhood of Eden Prairie, MN.
      7. Established "Guidelines" and Leadership Books depicting
      proper versus wrong behaviour. Yes, there IS such a thing
      as Right and Wrong within Eckankar, although, many die hard
      old time ECKists will parrot the old (PT/DG?) quote that, "there
      is No right or wrong!" If this was true then Darwin and Graham,
      etc. did No Wrong and should Not have been punished!
      8. Like with Twitchell's embellishment of facts to get into
      "Who's Who in Kentucky" Klemp follows PT's lead in order to
      establish respect and credibility outside of the Eckankar church
      by getting into the "International Who's Who of Intellectuals,"
      (for a fee) although, HK has only a Two Year Junior College
      pre-ministerial degree!
      9. HK uses the "Catch-22 rule" in order to enlist "change"
      within the Shariyats (Holy Books of Eckankar) so that a female
      (Joan his wife) could become a LEM/Mahanta.

      Also, isn't it interesting that 500 year old Rebazar taught
      and initiated Twitchell and filled in as LEM/Mahanta for
      the 35 days after Twitchell's death until a new LEM/Mahanta
      was installed?! I think this is interesting because Rebazar
      [the (temporary?) LEM] Did Not choose Gross to replace Paul
      as the Shariyat states. Instead, Gail claims to have had a
      dream where Paul chose Gross and then she had the ECKANKAR
      Board support her claims for her lover and future husband
      to become the LEM/Mahanta! However, Paul was NOT a "LIVING"
      ECK Master when Gail had her so called dream. Was Gross
      really the LEM/Mahanta (who chose Klemp), or was REBAZAR
      still the LEM/Mahanta (after those 35 days) and STILL remains
      the True LEM/Mahanta today!

      This would make sense when one views Klemp's unstable comments
      and actions back in 1970, with No Meaningful Change or new insights
      in 1989, or 2000 and his current "Restrooms are Unisex" comments
      to that white-haired lady because he can't hold his bladder! Oh, and
      let's not forget those nasty comments about that Temporary Postal
      Clerk in the 09/2003 H.I. Letter! Would 2nd initiate Jesus, let alone
      Rebazar Tarzs, behave like Klemp and behave in a negative way and
      use nasty comments? Really, WWJD or WWRD compared to WHKD!


      mish wrote:

      Klemp has been very secretive about his origins. One can
      imagine that he might be protecting his family for one thing--
      after all, he is from a respectable farm family in the Appleton WI
      area, one that was very involved and instrumental in establishing
      the Evangelical Lutheran Church in that area.

      But beyond the shielding the family from an invasion of their
      privacy, there seems to be more. Klemp not being able to claim
      a virgin birth has to be a big one! How can eckists read the Shariyat,
      their bible, and still believe in the validity of the teachings? It is
      really strange how some people can accept distortions and lies,
      thus becoming distorters and liars instead of spiritually evolved
      beings. They twist facts, they overlook the blatant lies and avoid
      truth at any cost. It is really sad how these individuals (long time
      eckists) continue to embrace a false prophet and a ridiculously
      made up new age religion!

      I would really like some big wig, big mouth eckists like Steve R
      or Mark A explain away Klemp's not being born of a virgin--I'd
      like them or some other zealot eckist explain away this fact!
      Klemp was not the first born son/child of a virgin mother--he really
      cannot claim this--Klemp's ancestry can be clearly found in a
      genealogical search! How can any of these eckists regard Klemp as
      any sort of master, let alone an eck master/mahanta! It's laughable
      nonsense, really!

      It seems the Internet is a big problem in Klemp and Co. being able
      to keep the eckankar lies alive! LOL! But it is mind boggling to watch
      how long time eckists continue to cling to the sinking ship of


      p.s. eckists who continue to follow Klemp and the eck org while
      discarding truth are clearly zealots and fanatics! According to Webster's
      Dictionary, "fanatic and zealot both suggest extreme or excessive
      devotion. Fanatic further implies unbalanced or obsessive behavior. . . . "
      I guess many eckists are drawn to the crazy teachings and its unbalanced
      leader Klemp like magnets! They're just sort of sucked in and get stuck.

      prometheus wrote:

      The Shariyat 1, Chapter 6, page 111-112 states:

      "The Mahanta is always Born NEAR or ON a Large
      Body of Water. His birth is Always Mysterious,
      and Men of Ordinary Birth Do Not Know his Origin.
      Nor Does any man Know Who his Sires might be,
      their True Names, or their True Origin. The ECK
      enters into the womb of a Virgin, the queen of
      heaven, who is submitted to the true spirit of the
      universe. The consciousness of the Mahanta state
      is planted as the seed and carefully nurtured in the
      womb. When the embodiment of flesh is brought
      into this world, a MAN-CHILD is born... Then the
      chosen one learns that he is the Living ECK Master
      of his times."

      Look at what the Shariyat has said!

      1.) Harold was Not born "near" or "on" a "large body
      of water!" 2.) His birth was Not "mysterious!" 3.) We
      Do know of his "Origin" (Appleton, WI. area). 4.)
      With just some research one can find out the "true
      names" of his "Sires" and their "true origin." 5.) And,
      Harold was Not the First Child born to his mother and,
      therefore, he Did Not have a "Virgin" Birth!

      Therefore, according to the Shariyat Klemp is a fraud!
      HK Doesn't live up to any of these standards of criteria!
      Tom Flamma must have been referring to someone else
      (standing in that circle) as the "true Mahanta." Besides,
      HK stated that he was standing on the fringe or outside
      edge of that group of ECKists Tom was speaking to! HK
      might not have been included in Flamma's comments in
      the first place. Therefore, Klemp just wormed his way in
      and manipulated the situation with Gross. I wonder,
      Who's the real Mahanta and is he an ECKist?

      BTW - If the ECK Bible (the Shariyat) states that only
      a MAN-CHILD is born as the LEM and Mahanta does this
      mean that Joan is out too! Does it matter that someone
      like HK is Not who or what he's supposed to be (the real

      Who's lying here? Is it Twitchell? Or, is it the Shariyat-
      Ki-Sugmad (ECK Bible), or Klemp? Is Klemp just another
      impersonator and insane clown that thinks one can instill
      a meaningful "change" in consciousness by shouting
      "Restrooms are Unisex!" What ever happened to "Raising
      Consciousness" and focusing on the raising of the
      consciousness of those long-time Chelas (some) should
      be Two Initiations Higher by now!

      Attracting new members is meaningless, unless, all one is
      seeking is more revenue via required annual membership
      donations, EK materials sales, local donations, etc. Oh!
      I guess it is all meaningless for ECKists! It does feel good
      if you're a 7th (ESA or RESA), and even better if you're an
      8th, and better yet for 9ths! But, the best feeling comes
      when one is a "former" ECKist! Free at last! No more B.S.
      Trainings and Vahana intros or guidelines to follow and
      hoops to jump through! Long-time Chelas never really
      received anything of substance (spiritual meat). It was
      always give, give, give with the hope of promises fulfilled
      after this lifetime!

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