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Re: Klemp's Imbalanced Distorted Perspective Remains Unchanged!

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  • Non ekster
    This is really interesting and shows just how deluded these Destructive Cults can get. THere is always the split personality running the show with subtle
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      This is really interesting and shows just how deluded these
      Destructive Cults can get. THere is always the split personality
      running the show with subtle threats that especially have an effect on
      the Schizoid types like Klemp. These Cults breed on creating a double
      message/fearfriend talk that is a form of spiritual paranoia. Mormons
      and Eckankar are a lot alike, just as are the many Nasty Cults that
      are only interested in control over the membership hierarchy.

      Nonekster ; )

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > I was looking at Klemp's insane rantings in "Child In
      > The Wilderness" and "Autobiography of a Modern
      > Prophet" and realized that nothing has "changed"
      > from his original journal notes written in April-May
      > 1970 and during the time of his admitted "imbalance."
      > On page 198 of "Autobiography" ("Child," pgs. 136-137)
      > Klemp states:
      > "My mind spun back to the Midwest seminar in Chicago.
      > Two photos of Paul were on display in the bookroom:
      > the First showed a Genial Paul with a Wan Smile; the
      > Second Pose showed him with a Soul-Tearing Frown."
      > ME: Was this some Black Magic that Twitchell was using?
      > Remember when Klemp told us to burn Gross' pictures
      > because a Black Magician can influence one via a picture!
      > It takes one to know one!
      > HK: "This man on the Bridge, a Parody of Paul was a
      > Grotesque Imitation of Paul's Second Photo"
      > ME: So, the already imbalanced Klemp had been negatively
      > influenced by this other photo with what he perceived as a
      > "Soul-tearing frown" and this with his, already, increasing
      > distortions of reality created more mental conflicts. HK felt
      > that he had created negative karma for himself due to his KAL-
      > like use of psychic energy (Astral Plane) in the office while,
      > also, thinking he was going through a God-Realized experience!
      > HK: "For a moment I debated whether the real meaning of
      > 'The Two Faces of the Master' was to suggest a parallel to
      > the Old Testament God of anger versus the New Testament
      > God of love."
      > ME: In either case of Old versus New and anger vs. love God
      > was still God, and God was still KAL (according to Eckankar
      > dogma, Autobiography, pg.385). Also, the "Heart Chakra"
      > ("love" vs LOVE) is even a lower chakra than the Tisra Til
      > (Third Eye)!
      > HK: "Of course, I knew there was No Parallel here between ECK
      > and Christianity. 'The Two Faces' simply referred to the spiritual
      > duties of the Outer and Inner Master in ECK."
      > ME: So, there's "NO PARALLEL... between ECK and Christianity!"
      > Why then: the ECK Worship Service (usually held on Sunday);
      > the Clerics; the Vahana Missionaries; the Songs (Amazing HU,
      > etc.); the Choirs and songbooks; the Outdoor Chapel; the
      > Friday Fast; the Sacraments (initiations, satsang, and other
      > official ceremonies); Donations; Non-Profit Religion; Guilt;
      > Shame; Fear; Promises; Belief; Need; Blind Trust; Angels and
      > others (Masters) to intervene; a Bible (Shariyat); Prophecy;
      > Heavens; a Son of God (the Mahanta); Garden of Eden (Adom
      > and Ede); God; KAL (Satan, devil)!
      > Actually, in many ways there is a greater parallel between ECK
      > and LDS (the Mormon Church)! Eckankar even shuns and excludes
      > family members who are outside of the "church." And, there is a
      > volunteer army, of sorts, and a missionary effort. LDS is much
      > more organized and they produce more offspring! However, when
      > one looks at the magical beginnings, dogma, imbalance of the
      > leaders, and rules of both religions one can see many parallels!
      > One can go online to PBS.org and read more about the Mormons.
      > Twitchell was to ECKANKAR as Joseph Smith was to the LDS
      > Mormon Church while Klemp is to ECKANKAR as Brigham Young
      > is to the LDS Mormon Church! Once again, we have two religions
      > that use the imagination to create distortions and, thus, manipulate
      > their followers.
      > Generally, the purpose of Religion is to explain (in unscientific
      > and magical/mystical terms) Nature, as well as, the Beginnings
      > and Meaning of Life, to help with Loneliness (insecurity), and
      > to help with the Fear of Death (by overcoming it). Looking at
      > history we can, also, see that here are other purposes for religion.
      > It can, also, be used to keep the masses passive and controlled,
      > or to instill hatred and fear and be used for gains in political
      > and individual power (security) and for worldly materialism
      > (comfort and ego).
      > What's interesting with Klemp's comments taken from his 1970
      > notes used in "Child" (1989), and in his "Autobiography" (2000)
      > is that there was no "change" in his Perspective from that of a
      > 2nd Initiate in 1970 to that of a "full" 14th Initiate in 1989 or
      > in 2000! WHY?!
      > Isn't it true that these TWO photos of Paul depicted "The Two
      > Faces of KAL" versus "The Two Faces of the Master!" How can
      > there be a "Physical Plane" photo of the "real" Inner Master/Mahanta
      > Consciousness?! No, this is Not a paradox... Catch-22! If
      > it was then why didn't Klemp point this or anything else in
      > 1989 and/or in 2000?! [BTW- When was the last discourse
      > The Master 4 Discourses written... 15 years ago? Klemp is
      > rather lazy isn't he when it comes down to writing anything
      > worthy or comparable to Twitchell].
      > And, how does Klemp get: 'The Two Faces' in the Two
      > Photos (including the angry photo) "simply referred to the
      > Spiritual Duties of the Outer and Inner Master in ECK?"
      > PT has a sly grin in one photo and an angry scowl in the other!
      > This shows me that Twitchell was manipulating ECKists
      > and this had a Psychic Influence over Klemp which he (during
      > this period of imbalance) misinterprets as a God-Realization effect.
      > Read it yourself in his Autobiography and see where Klemp
      > states THREE TIMES on page 183 that he acted as a "Black
      > Magician" to change consciousness and to create "Bedlam
      > in the Proofroom!" This is real Golden-Tongued Wisdom for
      > ECKists!
      > Prometheus
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