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Re: Appleton WI, Where It All Began for Klemp?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish, I wonder if H.J.K. attended his Mother s funeral with Joan and Marge in 2005? HK chose Not to attend his Father s funeral by quoting Jesus let the
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 14, 2007
      Hi Mish,
      I wonder if H.J.K. attended his Mother's funeral with
      Joan and Marge in 2005? HK chose Not to attend his
      Father's funeral by quoting Jesus "let the dead bury
      the dead" (HK's Autobiography, pg. 320) when his father
      died Oct. 17, 1971 (exactly one month after PT).

      Harold felt he had to attend the 1971 EWWS, instead,
      and to be with his fellow Black Magician and new Master
      Darwin Gross! Or, did Harry think that his Black Magic
      (Child, pg. 116) was stronger than Darwin's and that
      he might be chosen to replace P.T. at that time? [He,
      too, should have dated Gail on the sly!]

      Remember, too, in 1980 and 1981 Klemp met with Gross
      where Klemp worked daily, at the ESC, "in a Sound
      Proof Dark Room" (CH7, Soul Travelers of the Far Country)
      to plan Klemp's transition into the LEM position. Is this
      a "coincidence" that Klemp worked in a room that was
      absent of both LIGHT (dark room) and SOUND (sound proof)!

      BTW- I wonder if Harry's daughter and her husband flew
      out to her Grandmother's funeral? I heard that Marge said
      that neither were ECKists, but her son-in-law was very
      "spiritual." Why hasn't Klemp "Changed" their consciousness
      and turned them toward Eckankar? Maybe he has "changed"
      their consciousness, but Not in a positive way and that's why
      they and his sister live Very Far Away from Eden Prairie, MN.!

      However, as I said before, Klemp only stated in his
      "Change is Change" talk that he "changed" the consciousness
      of the White-Haired Woman in the Women's Restroom by
      interfering with her right to privacy and stating,
      "Restrooms are Unisex!"

      Maybe Mall Security should be given a picture of Klemp!
      If he's arrested, again, will he claimed that his imbalance
      was due to a God-Realization experience, or say that it was
      due to karma or to something else... like forcing change
      onto a person's consciousness and, once again, refuse to see
      the Truth, or to take responsibility for his own unstable actions!

      ECKists Should Note: Klemp Never Claimed that he "RAISED"
      the White-Haired Lady's Consciousness, or that this "change"
      had a Positive Effect upon her! CATCH-22! This is typical
      double-speak by KAL agents and Black Magicians!

      Yep! If ECKists want to bump into their God/man Klemp
      they need to hang out in EDEN PRAIRIE, MN.! Maybe go
      to the mall, or to the natural foods grocery/vitamin store,
      or to a chiropractor there! Does Joan shop at Talbots?
      Are there any arcades? I'll bet Harry has his own private
      arcade and a Ms. PacMan in each of his villas including
      the one in Tampa, FL.!


      mishmisha wrote:
      > Re: Appleton WI, Where It All Began for Klemp?
      > I wonder why Klemp was unable to convert his mother to
      > eckankar--she remained a member of the family Lutheran
      > faith until she died at age 93. It would seem that if Klemp
      > was truly a godman and all that he claims to be--that instead
      > of changing the consciousness of some stranger (white haired
      > woman in public restroom), he would have influenced his
      > mother and connected her to the blue light. There are a lot
      > of Klemps related to Harold, his brothers, sister and their
      > families plus all the cousins and their families. I wonder if
      > any of them joined eckankar? If they did, one would think
      > they'd be noticed--as in getting some of the financial
      > benefits of the org's bank accounts! As far as I can tell
      > right now, there is only Harold and his wife Joan and his
      > ex-wife Marge who feed on this slop. His daughter, I have
      > heard, is not an eckist. LOL!
      > Mish
      > p.s. If anyone would like to find Harold out in the public, I
      > guess the shopping mall in Eden Prairie MN would be the
      > place to look first--check the women's public restrooms
      > for a skinny, pretentious and delusional madman, behaving
      > inappropriately. Of course, Joan would most likely be found
      > (not far from Harold) in the men's restroom--what a match
      > they are! : )

      Prometheus wrote:

      Yes, it doesn't take much research to find a bunch
      of Harry's relatives and family history in this small
      area of Wisconsin!

      BTW - I saw where HK, this "Crazy Hick" (Child in
      the Wilderness, pg.104), and "Black Magician"
      [stated Three times (Child, pg.116)] liked to be
      called "Harry" at one time. [Wind of Change, pg.40]

      In "Child" Klemp states:

      "In my state of imbalance, I thought: The Mahanta
      is in everybody..." (pg.138)

      ME: Don't most ECKists, who believe in Soul=Soul,
      think the same! I guess it's Not true according to
      HK! Bummer! Or, is H.J.K. wrong and is still being

      HK: "How did I expect to give my money away and yet
      expect to buy a ticket to Las Vegas? A detail like that
      was of no concern: it could be dealt with later.

      In this Odd Frame of Mind, I Supposed I was Living in
      the Moment. Actually, it was a Distortion of the Truth.

      Today as I watch others demand the Right to do as
      they please, it is plain how selfish their so-called acts
      of freedom really are.

      Actions done in the name of freedom but Without Regard
      for the Rights of Others are Purely Selfish. This was but
      one Ugly Potential I Was To See in Myself and others
      through This String of Erratic Deeds." [Child, pgs. 168-169]

      ME: And isn't Klemp doing the same after all these years!
      In his own words, concerning the Women's Restroom Unisex
      incident by interfering with the rights and consciousness
      of the White-Haired Lady. Klemp stated in this 1989 copyright
      of "Child" that it was wrong to disregard the "Rights of Others"
      (in the airport in 1970) and that this was "Selfish!" And, this
      is an Ugly Potential (then and today) that "I was to see in myself"
      via "this string of erratic deeds" which was true for 1970, and
      in 1989, and this is still true today... isn't it? It should be!

      Therefore, this is more "Golden-Tongued Wisdom" for ECKists
      to look at. The initiations and promises of Eckankar are fake!
      Be your own Master and come into Unity with the ECK (SPIRIT)
      on your own without a go-between that requires a yearly
      donation in order to live in Eden Prairie, MN. tax free and with
      all kinds of other perks! It's not right! Too bad ECKists can't
      complain due to the Law of Silence!

      BTW - Why can't the LEM/Mahanta hold his bladder or plan
      his restrooms trips better? What's with that! Enlarged prostate?
      Where's HK's ability of prophecy... regarding locked restrooms?
      What happened to his patience? Why didn't he just HUuuuuuuu
      until the men's restroom became vacant? Anyway, I'm sure that
      there are ECKists asking the same thing... just not too loudly
      or in Satsangs!

      > > >
      mish wrote:
      > > > >
      > > > >
      Re: Klemp's Imbalanced Actions Continue!
      > > > >
      Really good post, Prometheus!
      > > > >
      I find it interesting that Appleton, WI is a city close to
      where Klemp grew up on the farm! It is especially of
      interest since Cheryl G on HuChat has shared a bit of
      her story on how she found eckankar.
      > > > >
      From HU-Chat Cheryl shared:
      > > >
      "As to where I found Eckankar... it was a newspaper ad in
      either '65 or '66, not sure anymore which it was. Paul was
      giving a talk. I missed the talk, ending up the street at another
      place to meet the man who had driven the car my mother died
      in. I kept thinking about wanting to hear Paul speak, but instead
      had to deal with the oddity of being moved to tears by the man
      I had to deal with. In the end, I walked away forgiving him realizing
      that somethings are destined to be what they are. I hung onto that
      ad for decades! It was in my wallet, and every now and then I'd take
      it out and wonder how Paul was. Then one day in 1979 in Appleton
      WI, I was walking into the theatre where I worked, and saw an ECK
      bumper sticker! I was elated!!! I went into work, all excited about it
      and telling everyone in the office. Turned out that the social worker
      who helped me staff our theatre with youth from local schools was
      there, and it was his car! He gave the phone number for the book
      lady and the rest is history! <smile>"
      > > > >

      I wonder if Cheryl had any idea how close she was to Klemp's
      stomping grounds when she lived in Appleton? Is this where Klemp
      jumped off the bridge? It would seem some sort of plaque regarding
      that event would be appropriate--sort of like a shrine? Well, I don't
      think Paducah KY lays claim to Twitchell either--LOL! However, if
      Appleton is steeped in Klemp's early history, it would make a nice
      tourist attraction for eckists traveling on their way to the temple
      of eck! Appleton WI where it all began for the delusional Klemp and
      also Cheryl G! LOL!
      > > > >
      > > > >
      > > > >
      > > >
      > > > > >
      It's interesting that Klemp doesn't mention
      his "God-Realization" experience that led him
      to Jump off a Bridge, Disrobe at an Airport,
      being Arrested, and sent to a Mental
      Institution (early 1970) in his 1980 book
      "The Wind Of Change."
      > > > > >
      Instead, Klemp decides to do some damage
      control and reveal some of the "truth" about
      this incident (that is public record) in his
      1989 book "Child in the Wilderness."
      > > > > >
      So, 37 years later Klemp is once again Violating
      the Spiritual Law of Non-Interference by walking
      into a Women's Restroom and telling a startled
      White-Haired woman that "Restrooms are Unisex!"
      > > > > >
      Klemp states on page 83 of "Child" that, "It is
      remarkable how strong the fear of God is drummed
      into people." It seems Klemp needs to reread the
      EK Shariyat because there are many threats about
      ECKists leaving the path!
      > > > > >
      In April of 1970 Klemp got a job as a proofreader
      not far from the farm in the town of Appleton,
      Wisconsin and was able to attend the Midwest
      EK Seminar in Chicago. He had a room at a boarding
      house not far from his new job. Klemp states on page
      91 that, "Her house was a haven for recluses that only
      wanted a bunk." "Ironically, my woeful surroundings
      did fit me like a glove: I was exactly where I belonged
      > > > > >
      I find it, also, ironic that Klemp says, "Above all,
      ECKANKAR is a path of Common Sense. The Mahanta
      never expects someone to be Erratic, nor to carry
      out any instructions without considering what
      Effect that Action might have upon others (pg. 98)."
      > > > > >
      Does Klemp use Common Sense? Do his H.I.s use
      Common Sense? Isn't Klemp, still, Erratic after all
      these years?! Didn't his current "Actions" of going
      into that Women's Restroom and declaring "Restrooms
      Are Unisex" have a negative effect upon the White-
      Haired Lady? Sure! But he doesn't care... Klemp's
      still insane! It didn't "change" her consciousness
      in a positive way! Klemp frightened her and it was
      perverted on Klemp's part! HK's deluded to think he's
      above Spiritual Laws or Criminal and Civil Laws!
      Klemp was a 2nd initiate, then, and a deluded wannabe
      that planned to position himself within the EK org.,
      kept a low-profile, and learned how to "play the
      > > > > >
      Can there be a negative God-Realization experience?
      HK justifies his actions by stating there can be. "God-
      Realization may span a profoundly beautiful experience
      to the RUTHLESS tearing away of one's final illusions
      (pg. 126)."
      > > > > >
      So, a negative "tearing away of one's final illusions"
      Caused the deluded Klemp to imagine the bridge tender
      to be an ECK Master, then jump off a bridge and to
      disrobe at the airport. However, this (according to him)
      was Cause and Effect and Karma is Lower World and,
      therefore, this cannot be the result of a God-Realized
      experience! However, this was just another 20/20
      hindsight excuse (disclaimer) as well. Klemp's 19 year
      later recount of events shows that he was both Manic
      and Depressive.
      > > > > >
      The events that unfolded were not necessarily due to
      his seminar experience, but from his own delusional
      view of reality. The seminar experience just acted as
      a catalyst and magnified Klemp's emotional and anti-
      social disharmony and psychological imbalance. This
      imbalance (according to Klemp) was the result of the
      ECK power associated with a God-Realization experience.
      > > > > >
      Therefore, Klemp decided to share and "redirect this
      God energy" at work. This led to chaos! Klemp mentions
      (THREE TIMES on pg. 116) that he was being a Black Magician!
      "While bedlam reigned, I behaved like a perfect angel (pg.118)."


      Klemp, also, admits (pg. 118) that he "had breached the
      spiritual Law of Noninterference." However, he's violated
      this Law and others on many occasions! If a 14th Initiate
      and right hand of the SUGMAD can do this then what hope
      does any other ECKist have?! In Truth, ECKists are in the
      same boat with every other religious believer!
      > > > > >
      Isn't it interesting that early-on Klemp's (white-haired?)
      landlady "warned him against late baths" (pg.111). Was
      this a prophecy?
      > > > > >
      Anyway, I'm visualizing Klemp dragging himself out of
      the river (after his jump from the bridge), sneaking into
      the boarding house to change his clothes, going to the
      airport with, still, wet hair and a wild look in his eyes,
      and then making an unreported stop in the Women's
      Restroom to shout "I declare this restroom to be Unisex!"
      and then going to the terminal to disrobe! LOL!
      > > > > >
      Klemp's 2007 EWWS talk is "Golden-Tongued Wisdom"
      for all ECKists that still have some Common Sense left!
      > > > > >
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