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Re: Nervous Giggles on HU-Chat?! Will J.K. Still...

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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, Etznab, Liz and All! What one, especially eckists, have to ask themselves is why is Klemp whittling away at change now? Is this really of pure, valid
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 7, 2007
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      Hi, Etznab, Liz and All!

      What one, especially eckists, have to ask themselves is why
      is Klemp whittling away at "change" now? Is this really of
      pure, valid higher spiritual consciousness or is it just a ploy for
      self-serving and selfish reasons by both Klemp and his
      co-hort Joan? The use of restroom facilities beyond the
      basics is just plain silly, not to mention annoying as examplified
      by crazy Klemp confronting the white haired lady--potentially
      creating a larger disturbance as someone might indeed go beyond
      being shocked and will scream out for proper authoritative
      help, as in security personnel! : )

      As for Klemp's exact words in telling his restroom/unisex story
      in his talk, I only posted Mark Alexander's spin on it--Mark's
      words. However, a few other eckists who heard the talk seem
      to agree that this is what Klemp said, albeit not verbatim. I
      don't think it really matters the exact quote of HK's words as
      the essence has come through, and it is just a continuation of
      what his "real" message is in his book "Those Wonderful ECK
      Masters"--that Joan is now an eck master and in line to help
      Klemp maintain the rod of eck power, such as it is! LOL!

      Those eckists like h.i. Mark who like to delve into the actual
      meaning of Klemp's stories appear not to have figured this out
      yet, but once they do, I can predict that many will be having
      "vivid" dreams with Joan assisting them in connecting with
      her husband the mahanta. They will smile, perhaps, slap their
      hands on their foreheads and say, "oh, yes, now I see it!" And
      their foolish belief system will continue to "work" for them as
      they surrender more time and money to the fake mahanta/l.e.m.
      and his co-l.e.m. The "eck" will continue for years and years to
      come, for as long as Klemp and Joan need it to last for them.

      Surely, there is more to life than being duped by man-made,
      self-serving religions like eckankar--these cults are all distractions
      meant to control for a myriad of selfish "man" reasons. These are
      not spiritual or the real connection with our Higher Consciousness!

      The real connection is personal and comes down to learning how
      to do the right thing for ourselves and others as we go about our
      daily habits of living and hopefully enjoying this wonderful planet!


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com,
      "Elizabeth" <ewickings@...> wrote:
      > Another thought...
      > How will Klemp explain that the non eckists community had more sense to
      > elect a female president, than he did in elevating or announcing past FEMs,
      > or a co FLEM? Wouldn't that raise some eyebrows within his membership,
      > that the lowly un spiritual general population of the US has more sense to
      > eliminate male chauvinism, before him? Hmmm
      > Liz
      > -------Original Message-------
      > From: Elizabeth
      > Date: 11/7/2007 8:30:00 AM
      > To: EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Nervous Giggles on HU-Chat?! Will
      > J.K. Still...
      > Hi Etznab,
      > Women have been (as you know), and can become eck masters, so says HK in his
      > book Those Wonderful Eck Masters. He has revealed that there are FEMs that
      > are un named.... PT has named a couple of these FEMs. As I see it, Now
      > is the best time to make those un named FEMs from the past, and current,
      > known! Hmmm, is Mother Teresa going to be named one of the secret female
      > eck masters..... Since this teaching has had a history of plucking well
      > known spiritual teachers / leaders from history and claiming them as their
      > eck masters!
      > Can a female serve as co eck master in this day and age? Sure....
      > Coughing up a FLEM isn't all that difficult!
      > There is a whole society of souls who wish to be gender non specific, or are
      > homosexual (females) or heterosexual females who have had a difficult time
      > accepting chauvinistic males? Over the years, many females have expressed
      > their distaste for male dominant rolls in society, and within the eck
      > teachings! As you know we could, in the very near future have a female
      > president!
      > So, does this unisex topic show that there is a spiritual shift taking place
      > within the org, and the whole universe? Some higher power telling Klemp it
      > is time to reveal those female eck masters? After all, wouldn't it be
      > logical that the org could expand "his" wealth by announcing a newly
      > elevated female eck master? The membership has really become enthralled
      > with Klemp's second wife. Mish has pointed out, Klemp is placing Joan in
      > people's dreams using her as the mediator. By analogy, someone who channels
      > contact between mortals and divinity; e.g. In eckankar, Joan is sometimes
      > referred to as the mediator between humanity and the Godman of the entire
      > universe.
      > PT and DG never placed such a high regard for Gail.... Sure she was always
      > present and active within the org., Gail was never placed center stag with
      > a current LEM as HK has done with Joan. Sure Gail introduced the new LEM to
      > the membership, that was the obvious roll she needed to play.
      > Etznab wrote: Does this mean that a woman can serve
      > As Living Eck Master? Was that the point?
      > I'm not sure.
      > Stay tuned Etznab, Mish and Prometheus has predicted a co FLEM ever since
      > Klemp's book came out. Probably ruining the surprise.... So HK has to
      > consult the Suggie to see how he can accomplish making this FLEM idea "his"
      > idea! How will he ever pull off explaining how ex eckists knew this before
      > his membership ever did? Stay tuned..... ;-)
      > Darn.... I should have stayed in the teachings! I was well on my way of
      > becoming a FLEM too. ;-)
      > Liz
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