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Nervous Giggles on HU-Chat?! Will J.K. Still Colour Her Hair?

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  • prometheus_973
    Will the next LEM (Joan) still colour her hair? Isn t this a sign of vanity? Shouldn t Joan show her true colours... white and grey! LOL! Isn t it ironic that
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 6, 2007
      Will the next LEM (Joan) still colour her hair? Isn't
      this a sign of vanity? Shouldn't Joan show her true
      colours... white and grey! LOL!

      Isn't it ironic that Klemp wants ECKists to conform
      to EK dogma and to follow his Guidelines and Not
      to be "Defiant." Except, getting around rules is the
      fun of it all. That's the American Way and the way
      of Soul... to be free at last!

      And, it's interesting that many ECKists are afraid to
      comment on Klemp's nutty seminar talk. They don't
      want to end up Black-Listed on initiations or for that
      futuristic ESA or RESA position! The EK Law of Silence
      really means... keep your mouth shut or else! Play the
      Game and you will, eventually, be rewarded with a fake
      initiation and more mental delusions.

      Yep! Change is Change and Dat's Dat!

      Weren't 8th Initiates Millie (Workman) Moore and
      Helen Baird "White-Haired Old Ladies?" Wasn't Klemp's
      93 year old mother (died in 2005) a White-Haired
      Old Lady? Why put down Women and those who are
      Old and White-Haired? Where the respect and Non-
      Interference? Klemp was always judging and finding
      fault with others even before he joined Eckankar. He
      never takes responsibility and always points out the
      flaws of others.

      BTW - Isn't Joan, also, a White-Haired Old Lady under
      that fake colour?

      Is it possible that Klemp could have knocked on the
      Ladies Restroom door and shouted... anyone in there?
      And then said, (when she replied) Oh, sorry! Instead,
      Klemp never apologizes for his nutty behaviour ever!
      Instead, he turns it around and makes the experience
      into a lesson for others... never himself!

      So, will local ECKists now contact the Chanhassen
      Newspaper, etc. to tell seekers that ECKANKAR is doing
      a push to have Unisex Restrooms Nationwide because
      their leader (and Modern Prophet) had a revelation about
      change! Was the Law of Non-Interference put on hold
      so that Klemp could do as he pleased while making it
      look like a White-Haired Woman needed Change? Klemp
      breaks Spiritual Laws and uses the "I'm changing her/their
      consciousness" (Catch-22) excuse.

      Was HK potty trained properly? Freud stated that
      improper potty training can cause a person to become
      anal retentive or controlling and impulsive.

      I saw a Zurich Insurance Commercial - "Change Happens!"

      On Another Note- What Post-"ECK" experiences have other
      former-ECKists been having?

      I went to a garden supply store today to buy some loose
      rock for use inside the edging and around two trees I recently

      I had two bags of rock I bought for something else and
      thought I should buy about eight more bags. I told the guy
      loading the bags of rocks into my truck that a bag of fertilizer
      he had sold me had a hole in it and that I spilled some of the

      He said he was sorry about that and that they usually check
      the bags. So, he decided to give me two extra bags of rock
      as compensation. I thanked him! This gave me 12 bags total.

      As it turned out (to do the job right) I needed six bags of rock
      for each tree! It worked out perfectly! Now, an ECKist would
      give the Mahanta credit for this! But, as Soul, I've discovered
      that I don't! I don't need a middleman. This is what happens
      when Soul discovers Spiritual Freedom and "tweaks" Its Flow
      with Spirit directly.


      MARK ALEXANDER wrote (on HU-Chat):

      "I always listen to Harold's talk as if they were
      Living Shariyat dreams to be DECODED or as
      ECK-Vidya tapestries that have an inherent &
      unity and integration."

      [ME] How much decoding is necessary for H.I.s like
      Mark?! Klemp has stated, before, that all words and
      thoughts are NO Higher than the Mental Plane. Isn't
      Mark a 6th initiate? Where's that "inner" communication
      and Knowingness of a Higher Initiate? Oops! It's not
      there is it! But not to worry... just "imagine" that it's
      there via one's 20/20 hind-sight vision. That's why
      Mark has to (now) grab at straws in order to "see."
      H.I.s can't admit that their ECK initiations are worthless!
      BTW-Why isn't PT's ECK-VIDYA offered anymore?

      MA: "SOMETIMES I THINK people forget that Harold is
      not just telling stories to get a chuckle, that there is a
      literal Mahanta wave of meaning and communication
      going on that penetrates deeper than what is actually
      being said when read in transcript. First of all, he's always
      talking about us, the ECK initiates, in one way or another.
      So in that context, WE are the WHITE-HAIRED LADY in

      [ME] Well, once again, Mark is giving his bias opinion
      as though he has the best (and only) inside interpretation
      of what HK was really saying. Is Mark now Klemp's unofficial
      (PR) spokes-person and second guessing the Mahanta?
      And, aren't all of HK's talks (WORDS), writings, and thoughts
      NO HIGHER than the Mental Plane! This is what Klemp has
      stated! However, WHY would Mark think that ALL ECKists
      (including H.I.s) were NO MORE ADVANCED (regarding
      change) than an Old White-Haired Female Non-ECKist?
      But Yes, it is true that HK is preparing the ECK membership
      for Joan to become the next LEM. Klemp doesn't trust
      Peter, Don, Doug or anyone else except Joan. Look at how
      he treated Gross! Other than Joan, the next LEM could toss
      out Klemp's books and bring Twitchell's back and Klemp
      would lose his 50% ($) royalties.

      MA: "Remember when we used to be ducks?
      ('I moved the food over here, but the ducks stayed where
      they were. I told them the food had moved and that they
      would starve if they didn' t move, but they just stayed in
      the same place, looking for the food that wasn't there.'

      [ME] I've fed ducks before. They will find the food!
      Have you ever heard that you can lead a horse to water
      but you can't make him drink? Besides, it's doing the
      ducks a disservice to make them dependent upon people
      for food. But, then again, this is what the Mahanta/LEM
      does by making ECKists Dependent. No Spiritual Freedom
      Here and Now... but maybe after this life, eventually?!
      Well, this is the hope, belief, dream, promise, and
      imaginings that all religions make to their followers.

      MA: "Remember parables? Even true stories are parables,
      (especially when they involve Harold and Joan.) In the restroom
      story (abbreviated version), Harold and Joan were shopping.
      Joan went to the restroom, found a White-Haired Lady
      waiting for the Women's room. The Men's room was
      Not occupied, so Joan asked the lady why she didn't use it.
      The women said that it was for men only. Harold said
      that he and Joan have a policy of using 'Any Port in the
      Storm.' So Joan went into the Men's room."

      [ME] "Even true stories are parables, (especially when
      they involve Harold and Joan)." What a joke! Klemp can't
      even hold a light to 2nd initiate JESUS! Look at the quality
      and meaning of the original Parables that Jesus gave
      2,000 years ago, and of Klemp's paltry imitations he
      uses today! BTW- Did Joan have to go that bad! And,
      didn't the door have a lock on it? If there were no locks
      on the doors these must have been been larger restrooms.
      And, it seems this problem the Klemp's have with needing
      to use the opposite gender's restroom happens often!
      I guess that the Mahanta and future LEM (Joan) can't even
      get a Parking Space either! Is the Parking Space Angel
      "higher" than the Mahanta?! LOL!

      MA: "Meanwhile, Harold comes along looking for a restroom,
      finds the Men's room locked, so he tries the Women's room.
      It's unlocked, he enters, and of course the white-haired lady
      is there. She looks at him shocked. 'But this is the Women's
      room!' she says. Harold says as far as he's concerned the
      restrooms are Unisex. He mused that he wondered at how
      the ECK used him to change the state of conciousness of
      the white-haired woman."

      [ME] Okay, I wonder WHY the woman didn't lock the door?
      I guess she "assumed" she was safe! It seems that the
      "spiritual" lesson Klemp taught her was to LOCK THE DOOR
      the next time in order to keep the perverts out! BTW-If
      a restroom is UNISEX it will have both male/female
      symbols next to the door and will be for ONE person!
      Klemp is such an idiot! HK doesn't see that the ECK
      intended the LESSON to change HIS state of consciousness!

      MA: "This story puts a cap on a particularly nice Living
      Word aspect of this talk. I've seen on many occasions
      how Harold will say something that will tweak the human
      consciousness (political or social or eck-related), then
      in the same talk there would be a story that addresses
      what he tweaks. This is how the Living Word works."

      [ME] Mark needs to re-read and comprehend the EK
      Guidelines of Klemp's because "eck-related" S/B
      ECK-related. "ECK" needs to be in all caps! Yet, Mark
      claims to be an "expert" on anything and everything
      ECK and even puts words (and their meanings) into
      Klemp's mouth! When did Klemp ever have an opinion
      of current politics? Mark is using his distorted imagination
      and reading things into Klemp's Mental Plane (or lower)
      words. ECKists are taught to create their own imaginary
      heavenly worlds in order to feel free of fear. Besides,
      Klemp always talks of or makes innuendos from past
      events rather than the "Living" present. And, maybe
      this white-haired (old) woman was more startled because
      of the increase in crime, especially, sexual ones! Klemp
      should keep current with the Here and Now. Remember
      Larry Craig! And, What is HK teaching the ECK YOUTH?
      Is it okay for a Female 10 year old ECKist to use the
      MENs RESTROOM? Is this the type of parent Klemp was?

      MA: "Earlier in his talk when Joan was singing, she got a
      little lost in singing the complete song and so it went
      on longer than it should have."

      [ME] And this 9th initiate will become the LEM! What
      happened to the GREATER and HIGHER AWARENESS
      (than non-ECKists) that the ECK Initiations are supposed
      to bring? Shouldn't the standards be higher as well?!

      MA: "Harold made a comment about her going on
      like that, and how sometimes at home he would have
      to say something if she talks too long. It was a very
      male/female comment. One that tweaked the human
      consciousness of some ECKists. I had some come up
      to me and ask me my opinion of it. Did I think Harold
      was being unkind to Joan? It bothered them."

      [ME] It bothered them for a reason! They had a glimpse
      of the Truth! They had a glimpse of the Wizard of oZ
      standing behind curtain (veil of lies). This was a Male
      versus Female comment that you are trying to "tweak"
      in order to maintain your delusion. ECKists fear the
      Truth and that's why they need to deny it. Delusion
      feels good, especially, with the "guarantee" those fake
      initiations are to bring... in the future.

      MA: "I explained what I have here. That the Mahanta
      as the Living Word will often say something that tweaks
      the human consciousness and then tie it up later in a
      story. Not that this was planned. It's just the way of the
      ECK to work like this. The Living Word."

      [ME] Other people in other religions believe the same
      according to their dogma. This is the KAL trap/test
      involving all religions! Soul is It's own Living Word
      with SPIRIT (ECK) and needs no middleman. That's
      what religion teaches!

      MA: "So here we have Harold tweaking us on the
      male/female thing and then later tells us a story that
      tries to remind us not to get stuck in male/female
      categories. That they are fine, but we should not be
      like the white-haired lady, stuck in one or the other.
      We should be thinking Unisex, SOUL, beyond the

      [ME] Shouldn't 30-45 year EK H.I.s have learned this
      stuff by now? This is WHY I believe that Klemp has
      taken PT's ECKANKAR in the opposite direction after
      25 years in charge! Yes, HK just needs to keep that
      initiation carrot dangling! It makes these H.I.s feel
      secure, elevated, and hopeful.

      MA: "Change is Change (the title of the talk). Harold's story
      about the song Joan sang and going back to the ORIGINAL
      song reminds us that the human consciousness likes to
      change things. If you sing the song I posted separately,
      you may notice that your human consciousness wants to
      change it. But as it is, it offers a sublime "spaciousness"
      that the mind would wrongly fill. Singing it the original
      way offers sublime transport that the changes would destroy.
      Furthermore, these worlds of categories complicate things
      with male/ female categories."

      [ME] "Change is Change" and Religion is Religion!
      So, did the Human Consciousness, also, change the
      song "Amazing Grace" into "Amazing HU?" Did the
      Mind of an ECKist "Wrongly Fill" or change this song
      (Amazing HU) from the "original" version? Sure!

      MA: "The role of the Mahanta is to offer the 'simplifying'
      change of going & back to the original, the Word, the HU,
      the path of ECK that first leads us to Soul then to God
      through the Mahanta. He is the agent of change sent by
      the ECK into our bathroom to tweak us out of our stuck,
      WHITE-HAIRED OLD LADY views. My opinion. Your mileage
      may vary. HU Mark_"

      [ME] When did the "original" Mahanta come on the
      scene? In the OCTOBER 2004 LETTER of LIGHT a 10
      year old from Alberta, Canada asks: "How did the
      Mahanta start?" Klemp states: "So the short answer,
      Quinton, is that the SUGMAD first incarnated ITSELF
      as the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master in the PRESENT
      KALI YUGA." What happened to SAT NAM? Klemp is
      Changing ECK History! And, How about GEUTAN?
      Look at page 78 in Klemp's own LexiCon! The Kali
      Yuga began in the Dark Age or Iron Age and the Iron
      Age began around 500 B.C. Yet, Geutan is listed as
      a former Mahanta/LEM in Lemuria (during the Tretya

      Is It True, Necessary, and Kind Mr. Klemp?!

      prometheus wrote:
      > In the Oct. 2007 Letter of Light a female EK
      > Youth asks HK, "Do you ever get angry?"
      > Klemp replies, "Shhh-h-h-h! Can you keep
      > a secret? Good. Well, so can I."
      > Surprise Harry! It's no secret! We know you
      > get angry and hold grudges all the time!
      > Look at your comments to that Temporary
      > Postal Clerk etc., etc.
      > In Klemp's 2007 EWWS Saturday evening talk
      > Klemp insults Joan by saying she talks too much,
      > then insults a female victim of an attempted suicide,
      > and then Klemp insults a white haired old lady for
      > protesting an unwanted invasion of her right to
      > privacy and safety in a public restroom!
      > And, notice in the reply to this 17 year old female
      > ECK Youth HK shushes her with a "Shhh-h-h-h."
      > Will Joan become the LEM (in training) next Oct. 22nd?
      > Probably! But Klemp will still be disrespectful of her
      > and of all women. More on that and his 2007 EWWS
      > talk later!
      > Prometheus
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