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For ECKists Delusion is a Way of Life!

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  • prometheus_973
    The topics of Change and Protection are viewed via Magical thinking by ECKists. I was watching the movie Silence of the Lambs and saw where the serial
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2007
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      The topics of "Change" and "Protection" are viewed
      via Magical thinking by ECKists.

      I was watching the movie "Silence of the Lambs" and
      saw where the serial killer Buffalo Bill raised MOTHS.
      He saw the transition from CHRYSALIS to MOTH as a
      representation of his own "change" to something or
      someone else because he hated his own identity.

      I see a similar correlation with Klemp involving his
      own manipulation of "CHANGE" and identity. EK Chelas
      also delude themselves by thinking those phoney
      initiations make them more "advanced" than other
      Souls. Actually, the belief in the EK Initiations have
      just the opposite effect because this prevents ECKists
      from seeing and experiencing life outside their boxes
      based upon Dogma and Imaginations (pretending).

      Real "change" can only come to ECKists via Waking
      Up and Letting Go of Eckankar, as well as, letting go
      of Klemp's unstable influences with his limited, distorted,
      and narrow view of life. HK continues to hold onto and
      lives in the past with a overly redundant focus on
      the Astral (dreams and chakras, i.e. Tisra Til). Klemp's
      dysfunctional behaviour and physical illness continues
      as he models this behaviour for his H.I. lackeys/zombies.
      This is WHY H.I.s have to Second Guess their Mahanta
      in order to "explain" away his comments and behaviour.

      H.I.s are taught, like children, to "imagine" magical
      worlds with Klemp in charge. Likewise, their reality becomes
      distorted. Yes, it's fun at times to imagine... but growing up
      and seeing TRUTH for Oneself and without the rose colored
      glasses can be fun too!


      I've also been watching CNNHN & MSNBC and their
      coverages of the Fires in California. Isn't it interesting
      that in many neighborhoods, burned to the ground,
      that there are some houses left untouched by the fires!

      Now, you and I know that these are Not ECKists living
      in All of those houses! Yet these people and their property
      were "PROTECTED!" Non-ECKists Do Not have the Mahanta
      or ECK Masters intervening for them! I'll, also, bet that they
      Did Not Chant "HU" either!

      What does all of this mean? It simply means that Eckankar
      and all religions are frauds. There is no Magical or Spiritual
      Protection that they can offer. Each Soul is It's own Source
      and Link to SPIRIT without a need for a middleman Mahanta
      who poses as a God/man.

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