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Klemp's Heros - And Luther Opposed Eck!

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  • prometheus_973
    Yes, It s true! Johann Eck was a theologian and the principle adversary of Martin Luther. Just go to: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/ Select E for Eck and
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 13, 2007
      Yes, It's true! Johann Eck was a theologian and the
      principle adversary of Martin Luther.

      Just go to:


      Select "E" for Eck and "L" for Luther and read
      it for yourself!

      Is this just a "coincidence" that a man named ECK
      opposed Klemp's hero and "saint" (Luther)?

      You can read about Luther's exaggerations, as well as,
      his murderous accomplices and his hatred as ML took
      a 'by any means necessary' approach to acheiving his
      goals. Apparently, Klemp justifies the negative actions
      of both Martin Luther, and of Genghis Khan in order to
      envoke change. Klemp's real mastership is via the Kal
      and hypocrisy!

      Yes, it's no wonder that Klemp, who attended a Lutheran
      Seminary, uses quotes from the distorted King James version
      of the Bible (that fundamentalists use) and has made
      LUTHER into a SAINT along with GENGHIS KHAN!

      Yes, just GOOGLE: "ECKANKAR: The Pursuit of God" to read
      HK's article [it's on ECKANKAR.org].

      Thanks Sharon for the two sites you gave:




      mish wrote:

      Hi, Sharon and All!

      Sharon, thanks for the info on eckankar and Genghis Khan!
      I found a story Harold Klemp wrote called "In the Pursuit of
      God," in which he references a few "saints," Genghis Khan
      being one of the named historical figures. Here's an excerpt
      of the article (much of it had to do with rabbits and squirrels
      running around in Klemp's backyard, so I've snipped it--as
      I'm sure many would like to snip his talks--LOL!):

      Klemp wrote [on ECKANKAR.org]:

      "The Light and Sound of God are the food and drink of SAINTS.
      Do you need the reminder of SAUL of TARSUS on the road to
      Damascus—struck to the earth by the Light of God? MARTIN
      LUTHER, the great reformer, was also fortunate to see It. Then
      there was GENGHIS KHANG, the Mongol conqueror of the thirteenth
      century, who every so often would fall into a swoon for days,
      able only to CHANT HU, an ancient name for God. In those trance
      states, he saw and heard the majestic Light and Sound of God.
      The Divine One spoke through the Holy Spirit.

      So the highest form of speech from God to the more spiritually
      advanced of the human race is the Light and Sound. "

      Klemp must have been in one of his delusional swoons when
      he came up with this idea! LOL!


      Sharon wrote:

      In one of the early discourses back in the 80's, I remember doing
      a double-take when a list of historical figures inspired by eckmasters
      included Genghis Khan!"

      I didn't see it personally, but heard they published a story
      claiming an eckmaster was responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall
      and communism. Seems to me the story said Reb was riding in a limo
      with a political leader, whispering in his ear...

      In "Difficulties of Becoming the Living Eck Master", Twitch wrote
      that he was going to write his own version of history.

      Klemp is the worst-case example of successful cult brainwashing,
      isn't he?

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