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sex, sorcery & inflicting pain in dreams

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  • empath1944
    Word for Word Plagerism is pathetic enough but it is a - minor gaining control through the use of perhaps nice and kind truth seekers written words, or
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2007
      Word for Word Plagerism is pathetic enough but it is a - minor
      gaining control through the use of perhaps nice and kind truth
      seekers written words, or pleasing some master by any absurd means.
      Really, Paul! Way more serious and sanity threatening, if not life-
      threatening is, rather than focusing on the unbelievable loving light
      in the whereever it was/is, is focusing on the lower initiates,
      newcomers bodies where they are sleeping, contemplating. If one of
      these unethical HI's has developed the discipline to sit, but has not
      let go of his lust for instance, appetite, prefers slimy lust to
      awsome appreciation, respect; exercises power and control,or even
      just has some uncontrollable attraction or even (mistaken thinking,
      decent /soul's passion person? then, when at an event the HI couldn't
      be nicer? Good God, save me/us/all/them! If a person has no idea to
      trust intuitions pictures and travelling words on frequency waves,
      How is the untaught to know whether suddenly this new stuff is
      his/ers. This is spirit possession. No wonder indiginous tribes and
      fundamentalist groups fear it. Be yourself? Who's self? Not teaching
      via ancient inner methods. It is too easy to be influenced.Or cruel
      for some. The entire personality and gentle essence of the victim
      receiver can be ruined by blending with adulterers. Grandmother
      said. ..careful who you associate with, did we think she was a snob?
      Who wouldn't become a hermit. I had a eckist neighboor years ago who
      said she floated to the ceiling, physically where the nurses could
      see her because her room was a floor directly over Darwins in the
      hospsital in the '70s. She wanted to meet inthe dream state so I
      did. She broke my arm and upon awakening it took nearly 10 minutes
      for the excruiating pain to subside. This woman hada grotesque body
      and handsome husband of many years. When I confronted her with this
      she had no memory, clearly no knowledge of the negative power of her
      own jealousy and insecurity.I was stupid to expect the indescribable
      light where I had already been taken in an NDE quarter century back,
      I guess just because heaven in this lifetime was promised, the catch
      phrase. I cannot deny interesting places microscopic soul was taken,
      even small healings and am grateful, But that was overshadowed by
      being passed around, peeped upon, laid in urine, on a dung heap, and
      pissed on, my heart being so in love with WHAT master? Whose husband?
      God Damn! I had never fought, been mean, unkind, smiled for real a
      lot, gave easily expecting nothing. Goddamn, Zena is a pipsqueak to
      what I have become. It's no fun either. And not nice. Old ladies are
      supposed to be nice for godsake and I was. How could this have
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