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  • Sharon
    Godman quotes: http://www.angelfire.com/hi2/eckankarsurvivors/godman.html What happens if you leave: replace godman.html with threats.html ... between the
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 9, 2007
      "Godman" quotes:


      What happens if you leave:

      replace godman.html with threats.html

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, Sharon
      <brighttigress@...> wrote:
      > There are a bunch of twitchquotes about the LEM being the divine
      incarnation of Suggie at:
      > http://www.angelfire.com/hi2/eckankarsurvivors
      > Twitch really seemed to "teach" that there was no separation
      between the Person of the LEM and the "mahanta consciousness". I
      think it's quite likely that particular bit of dogma got started
      after former members started pointing these things out back when the
      internet started, perhaps when alt.religion.eckankar began -
      offhand,I thinkthat was back in1991. Looked it up a few years back
      but I forget exactly.
      > BTW, I'm using a strangelaptop and the keys stick,andI'm not
      going to keep goingbackand correcting my goofs. It's *so* hard
      typing on this thing!!
      > You know, eckankrap just does *not* make sense? Supposedly the
      whole earth has "evolved" to a "higher consciousness" - that's the
      reason they gave when they started the"worship" services and made
      the"hu" public, which upset many members because it had been
      previously "taught" that the hu's vibes were more than non-eckists
      could handle. And,they say that if you take a "vacation", you'll be
      at a standstillwhile everyone else just zooms ahead and after five
      years, you'll be so far behind & will have losteverything, so you
      have to start all the way back at the beginning as a first initiate.
      But in spite of all this fulspeed consciousness
      growth,initiationshave slowed down&stopped for all thoselong-
      > When I was a member and would think about all this stuff, I'd
      just get all confused and end up blanking out and hu-ing myself into
      a brain-dead consciousness!
      > Interesting to see that Klemp *did* edit the"lexicon"! I have
      the original(1971 I think)as well as whichever one they were
      sellingin '98 - first printing I'msure. Did some quickie
      comparisons but didn't find any changes.
      > Ithink Klemp actually believes all that nonsenseabout
      hisbeing "Suggie Incarnate" but he puts on a big phony "humble" act.
      > Well,just dropping in briefly to comment!
      > Hugs,
      > Sharon
      > 1a. "A (real) Year of Blessing" - Klemp Steps Down!
      > Posted by: "prometheus_973" prometheus_973@... prometheus_973
      > Date: Sun Oct 7, 2007 10:05 am ((PDT))
      > PT Defined It and Klemp Eliminated This Definition! WHY?
      > Twitchell defines "Mahanta Consciousness" in his ECKANKAR
      > Dictionary, but Klemp deletes this reference in the EK Lexicon.
      > Look at Klemp's Lexicon and all one can find is the definition
      > for the "Mahanta" 14th Initiate. I thought the Mahanta Con.
      > was supposed to be more impersonal and intangible.
      > PT: "Mahanta Consciousness - The spiritual leader,
      > or Godman; head of ECK;
      > [ME: Well! That's not impersonal or intangible either!
      > No wonder HK makes a distinction between the "full"
      > 14th initiate LEM/Mahanta versus the 12th or 13th
      > (in training) Mahanta]
      > ******************************************************************
      > Don't be deceived by a seemingly innocent program on "Spiritual
      Dreams" or "Past Lives" at your local library or community center!
      It's one of many ways Eckankar and other cults recruit new members.
      Learn the truth before you sign over your mind, heart, soul, and life
      insurance!! See a short intro video at: http://youtube.com/watch?
      v=QJqkK_JDnzc and check out the links at
      > *******************************************************************
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