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Re: Donations to eckankar - justifications and rationalizations

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Ingrid, Thanks for putting these HU-Chat comments onto ESA. I had a few more comments to make. HU-Chat Member with my comments in brackets: i can
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 23, 2007
      Hi Ingrid,
      Thanks for putting these HU-Chat comments onto
      ESA. I had a few more comments to make.

      HU-Chat Member with my comments in brackets:

      "i can understand Anna how you feel about donations
      i am the same. Mark youre right membership fees in
      eckankar are stable {now}. i remember that a few years
      ago eckankar sent a letter to all chelas asking to
      include eckankar in their last will and to conclude
      a life insurance in eckankars favor i didnt like that
      at all it reminded me of the indulgence payments
      in middle age so i wrote to esc to ask but never
      got an answer {no wonder!} does somebody here remember
      that promotion and can explain?" {"promotion" is right!}

      Here is one of their responses with my comments:

      "I've been following this conversation and I
      can't resist putting my two cents in at this
      point... We all have our quirks, fears, hang-ups,
      and paranoias from past lives as well as this one.
      {Eckists still have them even with HK "protecting"
      them and taking on their karma} I had a knee-jerk
      reaction {an inner nudge or a knowingness from Soul}
      to one of their mailings a while back too.

      I took that {nudge} as an indication that I needed
      to look deeper into my own heart... {to surpress the
      nudge - he assumes had to be something wrong with him
      and not with Eckankar or Klemp's leadership}. I found
      the vine that had grown around my heart and needed
      weeding {it wasn't a weed dummy!}. That made room for
      healing and allowed me to see things more clearly
      {how delusional!}, from the present moment that was
      unclouded by my past."

      ME: Don't give Eckankar credit for the positive changes
      You've made on your own, any religion can help one re-
      examine and re-evaluate one's life up to a point.

      "If you have any kind of an emotional response to these
      requests, I'd highly recommend examining oneself instead
      of assuming motives to ECKANKAR."

      ME: Eckists see "emotions" as bad, and therefore Eckists
      have lost much of their compassion for others. They just
      leave it to karma and wash their hands of situations or
      of heartfelt concern and even of responsibility. This,
      especially, happens with non-Eck family members because
      it's easy to disconnect from them in a passive manner.
      It's harder to learn through doing what is humane and
      loving yet Eckists and Klemp like to "talk" about the
      heart. Except, they only "love" within the confines
      of their Dogma and those who follow their Mahanta and
      who can accept Twitchell's & Klemp's religious scam
      the the highest truth when even Marman states that PT
      used 'half-truths' to create Eckankar! These Eckists
      are too delusional and fearful to see the real TRUTH!


      In EK people never use the term "assume" [although
      they do all the time] because they "believe" their imagined
      experiences are "real" or are uncommon to others! Eckists
      believe are on the highest path because they are told they
      are and they want to believe they are! They believe in
      their initiations both present and future. Eckists think,
      feel, believe, and hope these are real indicators of
      spiritual growth. Such is the trap of the mind and its
      ego in compensating for fear, guilt, and shame. Such is
      the trap of Kal, (i.e. God, Satan) and of religion.
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