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Re: Digest Number 922 (Eckankar's Membership Fee)

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish and Sharon, I have to admit that the EK Outdoor Chapel shouldn t have cost as much as they claimed. It seems HK had to pay triple (3 times as much)
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 21, 2007
      Hi Mish and Sharon,
      I have to admit that the EK "Outdoor" Chapel
      shouldn't have cost as much as they claimed.
      It seems HK had to pay triple (3 times as much)
      in keeping with the EK Principle of the Threes
      versus for the highest quality of materials,
      functional architectural design and workmanship
      of the structure. LOL! Another facade'! Eckists
      love their imaginations and the illusions they
      create and maintain.... forever and a day!

      Why did a vice-president of the Eckankar Org
      under Klemp like Todd Cramer leave the teachings?
      Have other VPs recently (over the past year or so)
      left the EK teachings too? I heard from a friend
      who is close to a RESA that at least one VP did
      leave EK. Did anyone hear something about this
      and the reason why they quit the Org?

      On another note: I can see why an outsider would
      view Eckists as strange. Such is the case for any
      "outsider" of a secretive organization, group, or
      religion. Those "inside" see everything as quite
      normal from their new found perspective. The thing
      is... they will actually set aside and eventually
      lose "other" connections, perspectives and insights.
      Their new religion becomes an obsession as their
      focus and attention narrows and is simplified to
      what is only accepted within the confines of the
      new and more private (secret teachings) of "higher"
      Dogma within their religion. This is why critical
      thinking is discouraged and why belief in
      imagination fulfills the promises and desires of
      the faithful.

      And, let's face it - Americans and Canadians have
      to be some of the more curious, trusting and gullible
      people on the planet! How else could there be so
      many religions, basically, full of the same old
      nonsense but with a different wrapping! Incredible
      but true.


      mishmisha wrote:
      Interesting discussion about donations of time
      and money to the cult (and other religious orgs)!
      It basically seems to always come down to money,
      and followers will readily give in that they
      themselves see it as a way of financing their
      way to heaven! Very delusional . . . and also
      selfish when not caring enough about their family
      in terms of providing inheritance--especially sad
      in the story Sharon posted about the young children
      being disregarded by their nutty parents's willing
      all they had to eckankar and the liar Harold Klemp!
      So,family values and concerns also go out the window
      in such teachings--no responsibility for those one
      should love the most!
      I also had a thought about how much eckankar spends
      on buildings--do they really cost as much as they beg
      for as expense? It would be nice to audit the books on
      where the money actually goes. And in addition, I still
      can't get over the gilded gold staircase in the ESC--too
      ornate and garish for religious fanatics who try to present
      humbleness in the teachings! LOL--as in big joke! : )
      Sharon wrote:
      > >
      In the "Files" at Eckankartruth, there's
      a typed copy of a glossy four-page brochure
      the cult sent to all members probably in
      the early 90's, "Eckankar, Donations, and
      You".. The "temple" wasn't finished, and
      Todd Cramer was still VP - he left the cult
      since then. Altho it starts out recommending
      that members give 1-3%, at the end it praises
      tithing - giving 10%!

      Some years back, I worked with a man who'd
      lost his best-friend-since-kindergarten to
      ekult. He told me that over the years, his
      friend & the friend's wife changed sooo much,
      all they thought & talked about was "the eck"
      - he went to a few eckthings with them but
      was *not* impressed, and his impression was
      that it was all about money, and more like
      a multi-level marketing sales scheme. And
      what *really* upset him was when he learned
      these successful professionals had left
      *everything* to ekult, and had made no
      provisions for their two young children.
      He said he wouldn't have believed it,
      but he saw the will.
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