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Twitchell Claims He Wrote Three Shariyats

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  • prometheus_973
    Twitchell mentions the Shariyat and states he has Four Books that are finished now, and says, I write books in series. PT also says, the Shariyat is a
    Message 1 of 11 , Sep 11, 2007
      Twitchell mentions the Shariyat and states he has
      "Four Books that are finished now," and says, "I
      write books in series." PT also says, "the Shariyat
      is a continued writing" and then he backpeddals
      by stating, "but I've Got Three Books Actually."
      This shows where Twit has once again made
      an exaggeration by stating he had Four Shariyats
      and then states that he "actually" had Three.
      However, these comments also suggest that PT
      was planning to write all 12 Sections of the Shariyat.

      So, once again we have to wonder... What's wrong
      with Klemp that he can't fill Twitchell's shoes, and
      has to rely upon Two 37 year old Shariyat Holy
      Books for ECKANKAR? It's bad enough that these
      Two Shariyat Sections only represent the first Two
      Lower Planes, but they are also 37 years old and
      are not current teachings. Yet Klemp states that
      ECKists could/should read them "Forever!"

      BTW- Why doesn't Klemp offer the book, "Difficulties
      Of Becoming The Living ECK Master?" Klemp should
      reprint this book or at least make it available in "ebook"
      form [and unedited] for all ECKists to read... it's EK
      History! The reason that this will never happen is
      because Klemp fears the truth and doesn't want to
      be bothered with the questions that would arise. Why
      not just keep ECKists in the dark. It's easier this way,
      and is what a KAL agent would do. Isn't that the purpose
      of all religion... ECKANKAR included? Keep Soul trapped
      and distracted with delusional promises by an "All
      Knowing" leader with "Holy" scripture to back him up.

      And notice that with religion it's always a male leader
      that has exclusive power over all but even more power
      over women. Why has there never been a Female Mahanta
      when a female can be an ECK Master?! They can't incarnate
      and handle the lower world physical vibrations when in
      a female (negative) body?! What a load of Bull SH_T! That
      only applies to the LEM anyway and Not to a Mahanta,
      and one Does Not need to be both... correct? ECKists
      just need to clear the cobwebs out and "think" like they
      use to. ECKANKAR has more similaries to other religions,
      especially since Klemp took over, than they would care
      to admit. Don't let all of those female RESAs and 8th
      and 9th Initiates fool you. None are as high as a "potential"
      Male LEM/Mahanta.

      p.s. I liked the U2 9/11 video clip, except, for the
      end where G.W. makes a heartfelt comment that
      someone else obviously wrote for him.

      prometheus wrote:
      > Here's what Twitchell states (circa June, 1971)
      > about having more than Two Shariyats:
      > "It's coming through--the whole history of ECK
      > is coming through now in The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad,
      > and this is where all you people are going to be at
      > an advantage because you've been at a disadvantage
      > before. When somebody asks you about the background
      > of ECKANKAR, you never knew what to say, so now
      > you're going to have the advantage of it. 'Cause with
      > all of that, see, I WRITE BOOKS IN SERIES. I HAVE FOUR
      > SOMETHING YOU CAN GO BY." [Difficulties Of Becoming
      > The Living ECK Master, pages 135-136]
      > Isn't it, also, interesting to see the real writing style
      > of Twitchell as he explains WHY he is writing the fake
      > history for ECKists to use when gathering new members.
      > Is it any wonder, then, that PT's plagarisms sound like
      > another person... or was that just good editing!
      > But, it seems that No Edit was done on this Book and
      > these Comments that were written just months prior to
      > PT's death.
      > Prometheus
      > mishmisha wrote:
      > > >
      > Hi, Etznab and everyone!
      > > >
      > I agree that recorded history is only a fraction of the
      > whole truth. I don't really know how one could possibly
      > write it all down accurately as it involves too much action
      > and reaction all to varying degrees of the participants. I'd
      > think one would almost have to record everything from
      > moment to moment to get it, but yet even then there is all
      > the misunderstandings and lack of fully absorbing what
      > goes on at all times and then resulted effects.
      > > >
      > I find it interesting as Prometheus wrote in his post,
      > "Apparently Twitchell did finish several chapters
      > of the Shariyat Book Three (Causal Section) before
      > his untimely death. Unfortunately, Klemp has been
      > unable to complete this 'transcription,'"that Klemp
      > can't finish the Shariyat 3!! Why is that when
      > Klemp has written that he has seen Paul busily writing in
      > the Astral Library that Klemp is so incompetent and unable
      > to complete this task? If Klemp can see Paul there, why hasn't
      > the one master connected to the present master of the
      > universe?? Why doesn't old Twitch help Klemp out here? Well,
      > let's see, could it all be lies! I think so! LOL! I doubt very
      > much if all the research of eckankar history will prove
      > otherwise. This one fact, that of Klemp failing to complete
      > volume 3 of the Shariyat, is enough damning evidence to
      > show that Klemp and eckankar is a fraud!
      > > >
      > Mish
      > > >
      > > >
      > etznab@ wrote:
      > > > >
      > Prometheus,
      > > > >
      > I liked your inclusion, or use of the word "figurative". Like with many
      > different things, I tend to believe outer information is only like the tip of
      > an iceberg. I imagine the rest, and that which supports the visible, has
      > to be discovered through personal experience.
      > > > >
      > Much of recorded history, I believe, represents only a fraction of the
      > whole truth - the actual truth. Like the tip of an iceberg represents but
      > a fraction of that which supports it.
      > > > >
      > Sharing my humble opinion.
      > > > >
      > Etznab
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