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RUMI: The Wisdom Notes 09/2007

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  • prometheus_973
    Was RUMI a 2nd ECK Initiate like JESUS was? Klemp never addresses this or states what level of initiation Rumi was as a follower of ECK. And, is ECK just
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2007
      Was RUMI a 2nd ECK Initiate like JESUS was?
      Klemp never addresses this or states what
      level of initiation Rumi was as "a follower
      of ECK."

      And, is ECK just another term for SPIRIT and
      is different from the teachings (religion) of
      ECKANKAR? Sometimes "ECK" was used, by
      Twit, as a shortened version of ECKANKAR.

      Klemp states: "... there are plenty of other
      people we know [other than ECK Masters]
      whom we would rightly put into the 'wise'
      category. BUT wisdom to us may be sheer
      FOOLISHNESS in the opinion of others, and
      THEY MAY BE RIGHT... Wisdom is a spiritual
      state. This state exists among ECKists and
      NON-ECKists alike."

      So, Klemp is admitting that others' opinions
      of ECKists for being FOOLS "May Be Right!"
      And that even Non-ECKists can be as wise
      as (or wiser) than ECKists! It would seem that
      even Klemp can't help but be truthful once
      in awhile. Or, was this a Freudian slip? LOL!

      Still, it seems like Klemp is putting Marman
      in his place, as a subservient Lower (than him)
      Initiate, in this Wisdom Notes. Klemp needs to
      one-up Marman by saying, "I would strongly
      recommend any of Coleman Bark's versions"
      of Rumi's poetry.

      However, the reason that Marman uses A.J.
      Arberry's translations is because Coleman
      Bark's Does Not speak Persian (Farsi). Instead
      Barks took the better translations of Arberry
      and then rephrases them and even creates titles
      for the poems. This is why, for some of Bark's
      books, Arberry is listed as a resource. However,
      due to the additions and rephrasing, Bark's has
      lost much of the accuracy and the original character
      of Rumi's poetry. These inaccuracies do not seem
      to bother Klemp. Then again, look at all of the
      editing and omissions HK's done with Twitchell's
      original works.

      Thus, is it any wonder that Klemp would choose
      a more inaccurate version of Rumi's original text?
      No, not really! Afterall, Klemp also uses the
      most inaccurate translation of the Christian
      Bible (the King James version) for his Bible quotes
      as well!

      There are a number of misleading statements
      and impressions made by Klemp in this September
      2007 Wisdom Notes. Chelas should remember that
      RUMI was a follower of ISLAM and worshiped a 2nd
      or 4th Plane God called Allah (i.e the Kal or Satan).
      Refer to page 385 in Klemp's Autobiography and to
      the index of the Shariyats for Kal and Satan. Rumi
      is Not speaking of the SUGMAD in his poetry!

      Therefore, what point is Klemp making by referring
      ECKists to read Rumi who was only a "follower of ECK"
      in It's Lower Plane form? Why not read the words of
      Jesus in a better version of Christian Bible? Or, read
      the Psalms!

      And, What ever happened to Twitchell's ECK poetry?
      Why isn't the "highest" ECK Poetry offered for ECKists
      to contemplate upon? Why isn't the original ECK Poetry
      of Twitchell offered in "Satsang" Seminar Book Rooms
      or from ECKANKAR.org? Shouldn't Twitchell's poetry
      (a MAHANTA!) have more value for ECK chelas than
      Rumi's poetry!

      Also, Where's Klemp's poetry? Why can't the "ALL
      KNOWING" (and intellectual) current 25 year Mahanta
      write a book of poems? Can't Klemp write anything
      of substance?!

      Yes, I find it interesting that Klemp seems to have
      the need to put Marman in his place by recommending
      Coleman Bark's watered-down translations over that of
      A.J. Arberry's who Marman quotes. It's actually somewhat
      passive/aggressive of Klemp. Maybe this is Klemp's ploy
      to regain his leadership/expert position on all subjects
      in order to play-the-game better, or the Catch-22 "role"
      of Mahanta (acting as if) that Twitchell created. HK seems
      to be competing with Marman, apparently, Marman
      won't be HK's choice to pass the ROD to.

      Yes, it seems Klemp is feeling a little bit threatened by
      Marman's expertise on Rumi, etc., and with Doug's
      popularity and high profile status. Therefore, Klemp
      felt the need to make a power play (of sorts) to regain
      the attention and respect of chelas which (HK thinks)
      Marman has stolen from him.

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