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Re: PAUL TWITCHELL REVEALED [via Imagination and More Lies]

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Liz, It does seem strange that many ECKists are once again getting behind Twitchell, due to Marman, while Klemp is being left in the dust! However, It is
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 21, 2007
      Hi Liz,
      It does seem strange that many ECKists are once again
      getting behind Twitchell, due to Marman, while Klemp
      is being left in the dust! However, It is also true and
      factual that neither Gross or Klemp could hold a candle
      to the original Wannabe Twitchell. The really sad thing
      is that I think that all three of these LEMs actually half
      believed in what they preached. They certainly wanted
      to and tried to make/help others believe too! But,
      that's not good enough, though, is it! Deluding people
      in order for them to feel arrogant towards others and
      as Do-Gooder Vahanas doesn't lead to Higher Consciousness!
      There is a difference between Religious Belief and Spiritual
      Consciousness. Belief only comes from another touting
      that they are more spiritual and knowledgeable of God
      and Spirit than someone else. This is not Spiritual Truth!
      That requires Self Knowledge and the ability to become
      One's own Master via critical thinking, imagination, and
      the stabilization of Truth (reality) and this leads to
      Spiritual Freedom in the Here and Now without the need
      to be a follower of a Middleman Mahanta or any
      "spiritual expert."


      Liz wrote:
      I checked out the site, and noticed Doug has it set up for people to
      post comments. So does he monitor that section of his site, or can
      everyone post?

      Thought I would point out, that the site conveniently didn't bother
      to mention (or maybe I missed it) that Gail and Patti are no longer
      members of Eckankar. I also noticed Patti is into Astrology and
      questionable paths that Eckankar warns against! AND what's up with
      posting a promotion of the book using Gail Twitchell rather than the
      name she actually is known by now?

      "The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me
      sugmad" LOL sure... Wonder why eckankrap isn't selling the
      book for Doug? That would be an interesting question, answer?

      Richie hitching up his team, and trolling with a new agenda! Oh hum
      <yawn> just another tactic by the apologists to take the focus of
      the whole truth. Anyone can write a book and claim it is the "Whole
      Truth". So of the 50,000 eck members, how many are buying?

      First and foremost; Gail Twit / Gross was given big bucks to not
      comment about their ( PT and Gail's ) eckankrap con! And BS....
      Brad coming out of the woodwork to comment now? Wonder what book
      Brad is needing endorsed in reciprocation for (made up) Conments?

      Yep, I'm not buying it...

      prometheus wrote:
      > Rich (cybersailor) wrote:
      > The Whole [imagined] Truth of The Spiritual
      > Legacy of Paul Twitchell [the EK version]
      > by Doug Marman
      > The Whole "Truth" includes archived photos and information
      > on Paul Twitchell that have never been published before.
      > [NOTE: All bracked comments are mine- (prometheus)]
      > ***
      > "I was very elated to read your book The Whole Truth.
      > I thought, finally, someone got the whole thing right.
      > Eckankar was Paul's way of life and the way he lived.
      > I loved Paul very much. I believed in him. [Yes, Gail
      > also believed that Twit was born in 1922, what an idiot!]
      > ]I embraced everything he did. {Which makes her a liar
      > and deceiver too!] It was my life too. [Right! The Con
      > was also yours too Gail!] To my knowledge I have never
      > said anything against Paul or Eckankar. [I'll bet she has,
      > but to admit this or to tell the nasty truth about either
      > would reflect back upon her] I'm not sure where people
      > come up with this nonsense. [Truth and facts are nonsense?]
      > The point now is, Doug, you are the one who has taken
      > Paul's work and put it in the proper perspective. [Yes, the
      > use of distortions of truth does put Paul's distortions of
      > truth into perspective]
      > Thank you so much!"
      > — Gail Twitchell
      > [ME]: Gail is a liar herself! And, why doesn't she give her
      > legal name as well? She was the one that encouraged
      > Paul to carry through on the ECKANKAR Religious Scam!
      > She replaced Paul with Darwin Gross around early 1971
      > even before Paul died! Then when PT does die she and
      > the Board (who were these people who voted in DG?) Years
      > later she divorces Darwin and sells Paul's copyrighted
      > material to ECKANKAR for $500,000. Does Doug Marman
      > mention these facts and Truth in his book? NO! What initiation
      > level was Gail? Does Doug mention this in his book or
      > DG's initiation level before Gail's "dream" and the Board
      > "approving" DG's 5th Initiation before he was "voted in"
      > to replace Twitchell! Where was Rebazar during this time?
      > Nowhere! He doesn't exist!
      > ***
      > "I finally had time to get at your excellent book. Now and forever,
      > I have the perfect advice for individuals who inquire about Paul
      > OF EXACTING SCHOLARSHIP (Steiger's caps) [BULL SH_T! my caps]
      > — Brad Steiger, the author of In My Soul I Am Free, the first
      > biography of Paul Twitchell
      > [ME] Well, what can I say except Steiger deals in fiction and
      > exaggerations and never verified anything that Twitchell told
      > him including when PT was born! Is it no wonder that Brad Steiger's
      > initials are B.S.!
      > ***
      > "As you know, Doug, Paul asked me to write a new biography
      > of him and I never understood why I couldn't do it. [Hmmm,
      > was it because you had some ethics and morals?] I now see
      > that it needed the research skills you have and I am so grateful
      > that you did such a beautiful job. [Oops! I guess it wasn't due to
      > ethics and morals but just knowing how to package PT's lies and
      > distortions with more of the same]. It brought back in great detail
      > the Paul Twitchell I knew. It was like coming home. I can never
      > thank you enough."
      > — Patti Simpson
      > [ME] Patti didn't really "know" the REAL Twitchell, unless, she
      > was a knowledgeable participate in the EK Scam just as Gail
      > was. Does Doug mention, in his new book, that Patti resigned
      > from her new "BOARD" position the next day after Darwin was
      > booted, and, that Joan Cross replaced her? See! Just how many
      > FACTS and TRUTH does Doug's "new" book contain? NOT MUCH!
      > BTW- Thanks to RICH SMITH for sending this to ESA!
      > Prometheus
      > http://spiritualdialogues.com/
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