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Re: Doug Marman's The Whole Truth! : )

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  • Elizabeth
    I checked out the site, and noticed Doug has it set up for people to post comments. So does he monitor that section of his site, or can everyone post? Thought
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 21, 2007
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      I checked out the site, and noticed Doug has it set up for people to
      post comments. So does he monitor that section of his site, or can
      everyone post?

      Thought I would point out, that the site conveniently didn't bother
      to mention (or maybe I missed it) that Gail and Patti are no longer
      members of Eckankar. I also noticed Patti is into Astrology and
      questionable paths that Eckankar warns against! AND what's up with
      posting a promotion of the book using Gail Twitchell rather than the
      name she actually is known by now?

      "The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me
      sugmad" LOL sure... Wonder why eckankrap isn't selling the
      book for Doug? That would be an interesting question, answer?

      Richie hitching up his team, and trolling with a new agenda! Oh hum
      <yawn> just another tactic by the apologists to take the focus of
      the whole truth. Anyone can write a book and claim it is the "Whole
      Truth". So of the 50,000 eck members, how many are buying?

      First and foremost; Gail Twit / Gross was given big bucks to not
      comment about their ( PT and Gail's ) eckankrap con! And BS....
      Brad coming out of the woodwork to comment now? Wonder what book
      Brad is needing endorsed in reciprocation for (made up) Conments?

      Yep, I'm not buying it...

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "mishmisha9"
      <mishmisha9@...> wrote:
      > Hi, All!
      > On July 21, 2007, on this site, I first posted Doug's explanation
      > what he means by "The Whole Truth," the title of his new book. An
      > eckist on A.R.E. was bothered by the title as it really does
      > exaggeration and distortion on Doug's part! First of all, how can he
      > know the whole truth, better than anyone! Who put him in that
      > position? Himself, no doubt! LOL!
      > When you read how he explains his p.o.v. on what happened way
      > back in the beginning of the eckankar scam, Doug is reduced to
      > admit that this is just more "spiritual" bs! Again, an eckist
      (Doug) is
      > claiming that the whole truth is only found on the Inner which
      really is
      > rubbish since the Inner for eckankar conflicts with and contradicts
      > the outer spins, lies and deceptions!
      > In short, "The Whole Truth" is nothing more than a tease! Gail's,
      > and Patti's support of what Doug wrote is valueless to the astute
      > scholar of eckankar in that they were part of PT's scam! One would
      > not reasonably expect these people to admit to the fact that they
      > lied, were duped or both by Twitchell. Actually, I agree with
      > Prometheus and others who attribute much of what Twitchell did to
      > Gail! Her hands are quite dirty. Brad of course is a fictional
      writer so
      > truth is more fantasy-like for him, and Patti, probably was just a
      > for the most part. However, I do think a book by or interview with
      > those two ladies would be interesting--but of course, how much
      > truth if any could we expect from them??? : )
      > Mish
      > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com,
      > "mishmisha9"<mishmisha9@> wrote:
      > From a discussion on A.R.E., Doug Marman replies to another
      > poster who has questioned the title of Doug Marman's newest
      > book. As one can understand from Doug's explanation here
      > about Truth that his new book is nothing more than his
      > continuing attempts to do damage control for eckankar while
      > twisting facts in order to confuse readers about what is truth
      > and what isn't!
      > From A.R.E., Doug Marman writes:
      > "Sean,
      > The title comes from a quote by Paul Twitchell, which I included
      > on a page at the front of the book.
      > The reason I liked the quote is because Paul's definition of Truth
      > higher awareness: That's where we find the Whole of life, like
      > from the top of a mountain.
      > In other words, The Whole Truth is the spiritual perspective that
      > shows how all of life is exactly how it should be, because all
      > are truth the way they are.
      > This raises the concept of truth out of the whole debate about
      facts -
      > which Paul calls half-truths, since they can be twisted all sorts
      > different ways.
      > I can see your point of how inappropriate the title would be if it
      > meant that this book was the final word. But this is exactly the
      > opposite of what it means, since the spiritual dialogue we have
      > Life is something that never ends. There are no final words.
      > Hopefully this helps explain the title a little better.
      > Doug.
      > On Jul 12, 2:29 pm, "Sean" <huca...@> wrote:
      > - Hide quoted text -
      > > I'm still struggling with the word WHOLE, let alone the word
      > combined
      > > in a BOOK title at this point to not give a tinkers cuss what
      Brad S. [ or
      > > anyone ] thinks about Mr Marman's Book, let alone order it. :) "
      > --- End forwarded message ---
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