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PT's View of Initiation & Baptism

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, In Twitchell s September 1, 1969 Wisdom Notes PT speaks, indirectly, of his former Master Kirpal Singh and of his former religious belief of Ruhani
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 19, 2007
      Hello All,

      In Twitchell's September 1, 1969 Wisdom Notes
      PT speaks, indirectly, of his former Master Kirpal
      Singh and of his former religious belief of Ruhani
      Satsang. Twitchell was quite the hypocrite/preacher
      when he manipulated his flock with his "expert"
      opinions and philosophy of others and their views.
      PT's holier-than-thou Pretense and Scam then
      continued afterwards with Gross' and now with
      Klemp's inheritance of Twitchell's fictitious and
      plagiarized "EK" dogma.

      PT: "… it is interesting to note that MANY who
      claim to have power of initiation are NOT BEING
      DEVIOUS. They DO have SOME power of initiation
      BUT only within their OWN LINE of teachership."

      ME: The only "Power of Initiation" that anyone
      has with or over others is what these religious followers
      ALLOW their elite Preachers/Masters to have over them
      via IMAGINATION, HOPE, and DESIRE. Twitchell's
      comments should, also, be applied to himself, as well as,
      to ECKANKAR especially when he states that there is
      "Some Power of Initiation BUT only within their OWN
      LINE of TEACHERSHIP." Yes, there is the fact of an
      outer initiation rank which resembles a military/
      hierarchical ranking, however, one Soul cannot truly
      GIVE or INITIATE another Soul with Higher

      PT: "For example, IF one is BAPTIZED into a Christian
      Church, it DOES NOT mean that it is valid in the Buddhist
      Church. It is ONLY VALID in the SPECIFIC CHURCH
      giving the Baptism. So THE SAME HOLDS TRUE WITH

      ME: Therefore, an Initiation in the ECKANKAR Church
      is ONLY VALID in that "Specific Church." It's just as

      PT: "The initiation given by ANY initiator is valid only
      for that particular field of spiritual works. If ANYONE
      claims A HOLD on the initiated for a LIFETIME or for
      ETERNITY, then he is ALL WRONG. This is only self-

      ME: Doesn't the Mahanta claim a "Hold" on his chelas
      Forever! Do they EVER become free? Not is This Lifetime
      or any other because even an EK Master is attached to
      and works Under and For the Mahanta! Really! At what
      Initiation Level does an ECKist obtain Spiritual Freedom
      of the Mahanta? Not in this lifetime or ever! Twitchell
      once again talks out of both sides of his mouth as he
      deceives both himself and is followers.

      If all 1st Initiates knew this most would never become 2nds!

      PT: "When ANYONE tries to hold a person within their
      by claiming that an initiation is forever, by MAKING
      giving FREEDOM to OTHERS."

      ME: On the other hand it's okay for Twitchell and now
      Klemp to make "threats" and to use "other means" to
      intimidate High Initiates from leaving the EK Church!

      PT: "This is particularly true of the Indian Religious
      Groups where many of the leaders have NO POWER
      of INITIATION at all."

      ME: Paul's comment about "Indian Religious Groups"
      and their "leaders" having No Power of Initiation must
      also be true of ECKANKAR and of Twitchell because
      EK (PT's con) was based upon the Radhasoami and
      Ruhani teachings (or vice versa as he claims with his
      slant/con of which came first the chicken or the egg
      argument). There is NO POWER in any Initiation or
      Baptism by anyone. It's a mental creation fueled by
      the leaders' desire to have control over their own life
      via controlling others and for the followers' desire to
      have control over the pain of living and the fear of death.

      PT: "If one is initiated upon first meeting the leaders
      of such groups, then it is a case of being imposed upon
      because the initiated hardly knows what the group is

      ME: The same applies to ECKANKAR even after many
      years of study! How can Chelas even know where ALL
      of the money goes when financial records are kept private
      and Chelas are discouraged from even bringing the question
      up. Chelas are "handled" and brought back "on track" or
      are "balanced out" when they do ask too many questions.
      And, what about Gross the 972nd LEM/Mahanta? New
      Chelas are never told the whole story of those 10 years
      or that DG was chosen by Gail and the Board and that
      HK was chosen by DG. Rebazar had nothing to do with
      these selections after Twitchell!

      PT: "When he wishes to withdraw, personality troubles
      arise with intimidations and warnings of what will happen
      if one leaves the respected group."

      ME: Twitchell is talking about his former Master Kirpal
      Singh and Ruhani Satsang! Isn't it ironic, for ECKists,
      that Paul then turns around these warnings he received
      from Kirpal and uses them against his Chelas!

      PT: "All of this amounts to nothing. For IF such a leader
      were as great as he professes to be, he would release a
      Chela without question. This is The FIRST Law of God –
      Freedom of Consciousness and Decision. Woe to anyone
      who interferes with this Law! He will have to Suffer the
      Penalty of Spiritual Descent instead of Ascending."

      ME: It seems like Paul is trying to insult his former Master!
      Strange, that Paul is still carrying a grudge! Didn't PT get
      his Tiger's Fang manuscript back from Kirpal in 1966?
      Even Klemp mentions this fact on Eckankar.org. So, why
      is Paul still pissed at Kirpal in 1969? Perhaps the memory
      of this event surfaced, once again, as Paul was writing
      these Wisdom Notes. However, PT kind of sticks his foot
      in his own mouth as he puts down Kirpal for having done
      the same thing as he now does to his own EK Chelas
      with his own Meaningless Threats! Apparently, using
      this standard, PT and HK have both made a "Descent"
      into the Lower Astral Worlds!

      PT: "One must Retain a Balanced Faith in Himself
      and in God. He Should NEVER be Persuaded by
      ANYONE who Desires to use him for his own Selfish
      Purpose while AT THE SAME TIME trying to Help
      Him Unfold Spiritually. These are Opposites of the
      Spiritual Life and will Never Converge for the Chela."

      ME: Isn't this what Twitchell did?! And how about
      Gross and then Klemp?! Of course! The Chelas never
      really saw how Paul and Gail covered up their selfish
      Desires whether Material or Ego Driven and Power based.
      With Gross one could see what they got! He lived large
      and didn't hide it! But with Klemp, well, he learned
      how to `Play the Game' when he was locked up in that
      Mental Institution in 1970! Klemp LOVES Power,
      his Ego, and having Control over others. This is why
      Real Questions, especially about finances, are edited
      out and censored. This is, also, why Darwin Gross'
      name (let alone any discussion) is NOT to be Mentioned,
      especially, at ECK Events. ECKists Are NOT To
      Bring DARWIN's Name Up At The 2007 EWWS,
      and NEVER ask to see how their Book Donation
      Money and ALL EK Monies are spent!

      The Ornate Buildings and Interiors are for two purposes.
      They Cause Chelas (and mostly Klemp) to Feel Proud
      that their ECKANKAR Religion is keeping up with the
      "Big Dogs." And, It helps to both validate their belief
      in their religion (the dogma) and, for Chelas, it validates
      where, supposedly, most of the money is going. Hmmmmm,
      I wonder what Klemp and the others are being paid now?
      What properties, investments, health care, retirement
      packages and expenses exist and for whom? What does
      ECKANKAR (the Chelas?) own? Why should ECKists be
      kept in the DARK and Not HEAR the Truth, unless, there
      is something to hide? These are questions ECKists should
      ask... except they know that they can't. They've been
      "trained" not to and to prevent or distract others from
      doing so as well. However, Truth on All Levels has to be
      Known for Higher Truths to have a Foundation for Belief-
      otherwise its all hearsay isn't it?

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