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Re: 1971 Mystic World article about Rebazar Tarzs. Who wrote it?

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  • mishmisha9
    Thanks, Liz! I found this picture of Paul Twitchell with Anya and Frederick Foos at this site: http://www.geocities.com/eckcult/photos/twitch2.html Kind of
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 13, 2007
      Thanks, Liz!

      I found this picture of Paul Twitchell with Anya
      and Frederick Foos at this site:


      Kind of interesting to put faces with names. The
      picture was taken a few months before Paul Twitchell

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com,
      "Elizabeth" <ewickings@...> wrote:
      > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com,
      > <mishmisha9@> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > I don't really "buy" into the story of how Paul died
      > > because I suspect there was a spin put on it. I think
      > > the chela who was with Paul when he died had the
      > > name Anita. Can't remember the last name.
      > *** Anya Foos (forgive the spelling if incorrect)
      > > I'd love to know if Gail were privy to his
      > > expectations/plans- -that would be something to
      > > know!?
      > *** Actually I have heard over the years that Gail was in part,(or
      > what ever amount) responsible for the creation of eckankar, so why
      > wouldn't she know what Paul's plans were!? There are several people
      > still living that had close ties to the entire beginings... I have
      > also heard several other rumors; one being she was paid to keep what
      > she knew to herself. There is documentation to this effect, that she
      > was in fact paid, don't have time to research and post the info. Yeah
      > I can make that statement and then leave... ;-) And another rumor
      > I've heard is, Gail has documented the truth (maybe in a book), and
      > it will be released on her passing.
      > > It would be so great if Gail would come forward with the real truth
      > about who Paul was. Unfortunately, Harold Klemp and Co. due to their
      > own agenda have cut that off at the pass! Too bad as I think it would
      > be a far better hallmark for PT, the truth that is! : )
      > *** Mish, to most die hard eckists (egoists), whether the truth
      > comes out or not, they will be 100% convinced that even then the info
      > is a lie. People don't want the truth really. They will excuse away
      > proof or factual information even if it came right from PT himself.
      > They would reason, as most do know, that because they have had so
      > called experiences with the eck masters, or what ever, that is proof
      > enough for them.
      > What I find amusing is watching how Rich, Doug and Cheryl defend and
      > make excuses for Paul Twit, or Klemp concerning the truth about the
      > path. They speak as if they were there and knew Paul and his
      > intension's. (nice commentary btw Cheryl concerning the lunatics in
      > your apt. building! Must have been the biggest highlight of your
      > night! Careful we know where you live now!)
      > I think this was Etznab's comment?
      > > The Oct. Nov. Dec. 1971 Mystic World is posted below as
      > > Rich had posted it on A.R.E. Please note that Patti
      > > Simpson is listed as having edited it.
      > *** Patti Simpson edited it because it was her job to cover up the
      > truth. Either she took it upon herself to do so, or was given
      > instruction to do so.
      > > Doesn't it seem, if Rebazar was serving as the L.E.M. during
      > > this modern period of time, that Rebazar would have
      > > needed to appear in a physical body? Why aren't there any
      > > photos of him during that 35 day period when he was
      > > supposedly at the helm of the eckankar org. Inquiring minds
      > > would be interested in an explanation.
      > *** A master can travel, take on any form of a physical body, do
      > what he is suppose to as the interm LEM, appear to many in soul body,
      > and that is good enough for them until the adulterers can get their
      > shit together and *con-cock* a story to cover up the facts.
      > > Also, regarding Patti
      > > Simpson editing the article, well, it rather condemns her in
      > > that she would obviously be part of the secrecy and lies
      > > surrounding Paul's death and the naming of his successor. I
      > > don't think Patti cares to own up to her part in this religious
      > > scam; thus, in her recent communications with Doug Marman
      > > concerning the information in his new book, she presents as
      > > an unreliable and untruthful source.
      > *** Yep! And Doug Marman can claim anything he wants to... Patti is
      > no longer an eckists, so why would she bother to share anything with
      > Doug? He has been known to be one of the biggest spin doctors...
      > > It must have been one heck of an eckankar seminar with the
      > > l.e.m. turning up dead! What timing! I wonder if Klemp had
      > > thought about this happening to him when he decided to cut
      > > back on his personal participation at these big eck events?? LOL!
      > *** They have a talking head already in the works, just as they did
      > when Klemp didn't speak publicly over the course of his mental
      > illness (aka electromagnetic illness)
      > > Rich posted this on A.R.E. today:
      > > Oct. Nov. Dec. Mystic World 1971
      > >
      > > (edited by Patti Simpson)
      > >
      > > Here's the whole unattributed article.
      > > Paulji, the Mahanta, the living ECK Master translated
      > > from his physical body at approximately 1:00 A.M. on
      > > Friday, September 17, 1971 in his hotel room in Cincinnati,
      > > Ohio. "lie" had gone to attend the ECKANKAR Cincinnati
      > > Seminar.
      > *** Who is "lie"? Or what is a lie? ;-) Maybe a typo...
      > > Paulji arrived in Cincinnati Thursday afternoon in
      > > good spirits.
      > <snip>
      > > All distance was forgotten as they drew close in the common bond of
      > a great happening. The lectures were inspiring and the week-end was
      > to be an example of ECKists at their very best.
      > *** What *distance* is this referring to? Eckists had to put away
      > their sex toys and alcohol and act spiritual. Or maybe the distance
      > was the fact that Gail and Darwin were off several hundred miles from
      > this seminar, locked up in a cabin doing the dirty behind Paul's
      > back! Or was it Paul was doing the dirty with Anya, or what was her
      > name again?
      > > Rebazar Tarzs stepped into breach and served as the living ECK
      > Master for the 35 day period between, the translation and the passing
      > of the Mantle to the present living ECK Master, Sri Darwin Gross.
      > *** DG, Gail's lover...
      > > If you had or have any
      > > strange, different or hard to explain experiences surrounding
      > > the days of the translation, Gail Twitchell has specifically
      > > requested that you write or tape them and send them in for
      > > historical documentation. Send to: HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS,
      > > ECKANKAR, P. O. Box 5325, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89012
      > *** Hmm, now are we really sure Gail was looking for stories, or
      > information concerning those hard to explain experiences surrounding
      > Paul's death? Those eye witness accounts of people seeing Paul in his
      > soul body after translation? Or was she really requesting, wanting
      > anything else, like eye witness accounts that would disagree with
      > their version of what happened before and after Paul's translation?!
      > If I were involved in a scam, and didn't want the truth to be
      > revealed by some *innocent bystander*, I'd be making it sound like I
      > was doing some spiritual research too. Hmm, maybe she was sharp
      > minded enough on making money, and saw how this would actually bring
      > in more *profits* for the business by spinning first count eckie
      > OBE with Twit? Maybe they even paid off a bell boy or room service
      > guy to make sure they get "their" story straight!
      > > "D.R.D." etznab@> wrote:
      > > > The following is a post from A.R.E., Aug 11,
      > > > 4:39 pm, in response to the thread: "Rebazar An
      > > > Implanted Memory???"
      > > >
      > > > *********
      > <snip>
      > > > Perhaps somebody who was in Eckankar, at the
      > > > three-day seminar in October 1971, or a member
      > > > of Eckankar during that time would know.
      > > >
      > *** I know of one person that was there, David Parker, but then
      > again most eckists enjoy discrediting Dave's version of what
      > happened, even though he was there. Instead they like to take the
      > focus off of the information (as they always do), and onto Dave and
      > his life style... Spin doctors attempting to muddy the water so facts
      > will be ignored.
      > The truth is, Paul was no GodMan, and I doubt it's going to matter in
      > the end. People who want to believe in this fairytale, will continue
      > to do so, making excuses to themselves, right to their bitter end. If
      > this is all that their life is about, <VBG> let them waste their
      > time...
    • prometheus_973
      Isn t it interesting that Paul titled a book ANITYA! And, isn t it interesting that Gail didn t go with Paul to his last EK Seminar. However, Anya did go
      Message 2 of 5 , Aug 14, 2007
        Isn't "it" interesting that Paul titled a book
        "ANITYA!" And, isn't it interesting that Gail
        didn't go with Paul to his last EK Seminar.
        However, Anya did go to that seminar and
        was with Paul minutes before he died!

        mish wrote:

        I found this picture of Paul Twitchell with Anya
        and Frederick Foos at this site:


        Kind of interesting to put faces with names. The
        picture was taken a few months before Paul Twitchell
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