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Re: HK: "The MAHARAJS Are Known As The Silent Ones"

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Here s a revisit to show that Klemp DID EDIT the original Mahanta s (Twitchell) ECKANKAR works. It took Klemp several years in the beginning to make
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 9, 2007
      Hello All,
      Here's a revisit to show that Klemp DID EDIT the original
      Mahanta's (Twitchell) ECKANKAR works. It took Klemp
      several years in the beginning to make his major rewrites
      and he still continues to do so when needed. Gross, on
      the other hand, would reprint PT's articles and works
      word for word and in their original form so that content
      or context would not suffer.

      On another note: Gross in his notation to the Personal
      and Confidential Letter (09/15/1983) that Klemp sent
      to him states that Twitchell was to be the Mahanta for
      1,000 years! Perhaps the passing of the Blue Carnation
      and the wearing of Blue Clothing like PT did (in the
      beginnings of EK) was only to Symbolize the Mahanta's
      all encompassing presence or consciousness, and that
      the LEM WAS NOT intended to be the Mahanta or even
      had the access to the consciousness of the Mahanta
      because Twitchell is still the Inner Mahanta!

      Anyway, that's one view and it seems Darwin believes it!

      Check out and compare the definitions of Maharaj from

      SEE BELOW-

      prometheus wrote:
      BTW- Why doesn't Klemp list "The Nine Silent Ones" and
      "Sat Nam" in the "Spiritual Hierarchy" definition of his
      ECKANKAR Lexicon? One can, maybe, overlook some
      mistakes made early on in Klemp's (the Mahanta) reign,
      as the PT clean-up/sort-out is taking place, like mistaking
      The Maharajas as Silent Ones, but the ECKANKAR LexiCON
      was written in 1998!!! Thus, 15 years later (1983-1998)
      Klemp excludes SAT NAM, SOUL and the NINE SILENT ONES
      from the SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY (pg. 197). WHY? I guess the
      LEM/Mahanta just isn't a detail person!

      Klemp's Personal and Confidential Letter to Darwin Gross–
      September 15, 1983:

      [HK]: "... of every Soul spent within the universe. All other
      Eck Masters in the Order of the Vairagi, the Brotherhood
      of Eck Masters, are known as the Maharaj.

      Every Maharaj is subordinate to the Living Eck Master no
      matter whom he might be, for the Mahanta holds the ECK
      Rod of Power… The Mahanta holds this Rod of Power until
      he is translated into an esoteric position within the Order
      of the Vairagi somewhere within the universes as a spiritual
      worker or greater importance. Then he, too, is a member of
      this hierarchy where before he was the head of it and
      responsible directly to the Sugmad. THE MAHARAJS ARE
      KNOWN AS THE SILENT ONES….' (Shariyat I, p.160)

      [ME]: I Cannot find this quote about the "MAHARAJS, the
      SILENT ONES" in my Shariyat 1&2 anywhere! Klemp must
      have edited this out!

      *Klemp's ECKANKAR Lexicon states (Copyright 1998, pg.131):


      *Twitchell's ECKANKAR Dictionary states (Sixth printing
      1986, pg.92):

      MAHARAJ - The SILENT ONES who have charge of ALL the
      UNIVERSES and THE AFFAIRS OF EACH; like all other ECK
      Masters in the Order of the Vairagi, the Brotherhood of
      ECK Masters, they are subordinate to the Mahanta, the
      Living ECK Master, who holds the Rod of Power.


      How can members of the BROTHERHOOD of ECK MASTERS
      (Order of Vairagi) be the NINE `SILENT ONES!' This is more
      proof of Klemp's cover-up by Re-editing Twitchell's works!

      As you can see... Klemp deleted he first part of PT's
      Maharaj definition. What else has been deleted and
      edited from the original Mahanta Twitchell?
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