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Does HK Pay DG's (Former 972nd LEM/Mahanta) Retirement?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Liz, You make some good points. I wonder- What is Gross still getting paid per month from ECKANKAR (HK) for keeping his mouth shut? Shouldn t HK share this
    Message 1 of 18 , Aug 8, 2007
      Hi Liz,
      You make some good points. I wonder- What is Gross still
      getting paid per month from ECKANKAR (HK) for keeping
      his mouth shut? Shouldn't HK share this information with
      the membership? I think so! Why hide it or ignore the fact
      that people want to know the details even today! There has
      to be a settlement and monthly check to Gross right?!
      Otherwise, Darwin and company would be online attacking
      Klemp and sharing juicy little tid-bits of info on Klemp and
      his crew. The lack of such activity indicates that hush money
      is still being paid out.

      On the other hand... since DG fell from Grace AFTER 10/22/81
      could it be that he has NOW been reinstated as an ECK Master
      by the SUGMAD. Afterall, Klemp doesn't know everything about
      all of the ECK Masters, or Who they are, or of their status.
      If HK did know everything he'd know the name of that
      "Unknown ECK Master" that he has written about.

      So, Why doesn't Klemp reach out to Gross and recognize him
      as an ECK Master? Has DG Not atoned for his sins, or were they
      really Klemp's sins. DG lived Large and HK lives Small and that
      was DG's real sin because spiritual people can't disregard money
      by spending it and buying a private jet, or having an expense
      account. Hmmmmm I wonder how HK spends his money? Does
      he donate money to the local community to help others? How
      much if any? Where are the financial statements? Is there a
      reason this is not shared with the General EK Membership
      who donate their hard earned money via their Membership
      Donation, Book, CD, Audio & Video, and jewerly purchases.
      Of course these are just a few of the income sources of the
      EK org. Why not share this info at the World Wide Seminar
      to 2nds and above?

      As far as Joan becoming a FLEM or Co-LEM... well, it's still
      possible. HK can still be the Mahanta and Joan can become
      a 12th and possibly a 13th for the rest of her days. But then,
      she would be next in line to take over as the Mahanta if Klemp
      croaked (like PT) without a Male successor being named. Or,
      maybe HK has a Will (that he updates) where he does make
      a Male selection for the 974th (4th) position. Except, if Joan
      is the 974th LEM.


      Elizabeth wrote:
      > Hey Prometheus, guess I should explain my thoughts further on this topic?
      > Klemp and Company were in fact counseled on what should and should not be
      > shared publicly. They (he) was also advised on what to remove from the
      > *history* of eckankar, pertaining to PT and DG. Buying up old material so
      > the new members won't have access, warning members to stay off the computer.
      > . All part of keeping their membership in the dark. Some listen, some don
      > t. But there will always be the gullable willing to put on those rose
      > colored glasses and develop tunnel vision.
      > So how does a god man down play or avoid having to deal with *issues*?
      > The org pays these bottom duelers (eck lawyers) big money to keep them out
      > of trouble! Did someone advise klemp in 1983, I give up! But I do know
      > back in the day, we were warned not to keep any of DG's material, burn it
      > all.... Then warning of what would happen if the membership didn't comply,
      > as you mentioned how the org put *fear* into the membership. "spiritual
      > immaturity" . And that lam excuse that Klemp is of a higher consciousness
      > than the godman that invented the path... Another example of why we shouldn
      > t hang on to old PT material! Not sure what klemp will pull out of his A**
      > in future years; maybe PT will be in the back ground like those FLEMs?
      > Hey what's the story on the next FLEM announcement? Oct is coming up real
      > soon.....
      > And what about when he is too darn sick to show up at all.... Or god forbid
      > what if he kicks the bucket? Will they put a talking head up on a big
      > screen at the seminars and claim klemp is alive and well, use a curtain to
      > cover up the controls going on behind the scenes? LOL now that I know the
      > truth behind the lies, it will be very entertaining when they end up having
      > to announce a new LEM. Who is willing to carry on the BS / Rod? Maybe the
      > so called LEM is training isn't ready because, well he just isn't willing to
      > take on the burden, or maybe.... There isn't anyone in line, and klemp
      > would like to go crawl under a rock somewhere and disappear? Is the org /
      > business willable?
      > Conspiracy... To cover up the dirty little secrets of the org. ;-) Klemp
      > isn't smart enough to handle this without lawyers. Though every time he
      > opens his mouth he still looks stupid! Lawyers aren't paid to increase the
      > IQ of a godman... Shouldn't he already be at a level far more superior than
      > the population of the entire universe! Wonder what initiation level these
      > lawyers are at, to be able to have some control over how the godman handles
      > his org / business?
      > Liz
      > Prometheus wrote:
      > Anyway, I doubt that Klemp is forbidden by law or settlement
      > to say anything negative about Gross after re-reading the
      > 1983 H.I. Meeting comments that Klemp makes involving DG.
      > These comments by Klemp are both negative and misleading.
      > Prometheus wrote:
      > HK's spin and threat is that Anyone Discussing DG
      > or Questioning the validity of anything pertaining
      > to the ECKANKAR Religion indicates a "spiritual
      > immaturity."
      > Liz wrote:
      > Actually one of the easiest ways to control the group, is by claiming
      > the above... but the truth of the matter is, HK was advised by his
      > Lawyers that he should be very careful of what eckankrap and Klemp puts
      > out there in the eck community concerning DG. And vis a versa, DG is
      > restricted on what he can share or say due to certain laws.
      > >
      > Klemp has found a way to threaten his flock, all the while also
      > protecting his rock pile of gold. *Fear* is the ultimate control
      > factor; it works in most cases....
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