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A.R.E. Repost: Twin Cities (June 19, 2001)

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  • mishmisha9
    This might be one of the posts Sharon was referring to in her recent post on ESA. From A.R.E., here is a discussion on why Klemp moved the eck temple to
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      This might be one of the posts Sharon was referring to
      in her recent post on ESA. From A.R.E., here is a discussion
      on why Klemp moved the eck temple to Minneapolis--Sharon
      is replying to a Galuuk's and Starbright's posts:

      Twin Cities (June 19, 2001)
      gal...@... (Galuuk) wrote in message <news:
      > Starbright writes......
      > >The reasoning for Eckankar moving to Minnesota? The Wolf
      (released into this world in 1931) placed Eckankar in one of the
      Twin Cities, leaving St. PAUL as the caballah double for the rest
      of the world. Each city is a chapter in a book*, which reflects upon
      other chapters, or cities, which will duplicate in TIME. Person(1)
      to city, and then city to person(2), then to person(3)to city again,
      all within Caballah. Not much god-realization here to say the least.
      Caballah is shared by groups that otherwise do not know one another,
      but effect one another without consciously knowing it. This is why it
      is not wise to join groups that have representation in a lot of cities,
      states, and countries. It is possible to acquire karma that is not your
      own this way, which will temporarily sidetrack your life plan in a
      negative way...............................................*The "Goodbook of ?
      the Domini" >>?

      What does the Caballah say about Latinos?
      Here's the *real* reason the cult moved HQ to MN:
      It is the Word of THE ECK!!! <ggg>
      Harold's ecksplanation for moving the temple site from Arizona to ?
      "I'm moving it for several reasons. In the past there have been ?
      a number of psychic forces hovering around the site. We've also ?
      had to consider the political situation in South America which is ?
      going to push people north into overpopulated Mexico, then into
      the southwestern United States." Klemp, "Be The Hu" ("secret" ?
      cult book for 2nd initiates & above only!)

      However, Doug Marman, cult clergyman and HI and personal buddy
      of Harold's, says that Harold told him personally that he was moving
      the temple site because of the delicate ecology and lack of convention
      facilities. Others who were members back then have said that plans
      were drawn up & they were planning to build but Sedona ?
      wouldn't approve the building plans. So...you just wonder!! Also,
      there's the little matter of the temple site land in Arizona, which had
      been given to the cult by a member. She'd bequeathed more to the cult, ?
      but the family challenged the will after her death and won, so the ?
      cult didn't get as much as it was hoping for. Oh...now, the huge majority
      of cult members only knew what Harold told them about this whole ?
      matter. "Be The Hu" is a book for 2nd initiates and above ONLY, ?
      "compiled" from Klemp's talks to initiates at eckseminars. Here's
      something interesting, considering Klemp's silly bullshit about the
      Latino invasion: An article in Newsweek on the growing Latino
      population cites census figures. The Latino population has doubled in
      the past ten years. California has negative latino growth. And guess
      what! The state with the biggest growth of Latinos is..... MINNESOTA!!!!

      Hmmmmmm.....gee, aren't Latinos a part of the whole world that's in ?
      its second initiation? Are they moving to Minnesota because the
      weather reminds them of home? Or...<ggg>....are they drawn to the
      bright shining light of the cult's "temple"? Whassamatta, Klemp, isn't
      Latino money good enough?

      > Sounds like a lot of 'double talk' to me.....
      > <g>

      Yep, I agree! It's the Way of THE ECK!!!
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