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Re: Another Look-HK's Message of Fear for "Lower" Eckists

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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, All! The following comment by Klemp has made me wonder about there being apparently no cause for these effects of these harmful beams. Klemp is saying
    Message 1 of 12 , Jun 30, 2007
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      Hi, All!

      The following comment by Klemp has made me wonder
      about there being apparently no cause for these effects of
      these "harmful" beams. Klemp is saying there is no identifiable
      cause for these illnesses, but isn't the true cause according to
      the eck teachings karma? Isn't that the underlying cause behind
      all disease according to eckankar dogma? Therefore, why is
      there a need to point out one specific cause for illnesses when
      there are thousands if not millions of causes for disease. But
      doesn't it all come back to karma . . . if one believes in karma
      using the eckankar perspective, so why is Klemp preaching
      something different from that? There seems to be a deeper
      purpose for Klemp's cautions about using the Internet, don't
      you think? : )

      Klemp wrote:
      " . . . the Constant Bombardment of INVISIBLE
      ELECTRONIC BEAMS that Hammer The Body [content is unimportant].
      This Hammering Weakens the Body's Defenses. Over the course
      of Many Years, an individual will Succumb to Any Number
      of Illnesses, ALL Apparently Without Cause..."


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com,
      "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > From: Eckankar's The Wisdom Notes- June 2007
      > Klemp: "Once cautions were aired about Radio, Comic
      > Books, and TV... Unfortunately, some people [Eckists]
      > rely on Electronic Toys to get themselves Booted Up.
      > They're ADDICTS, though, They Refuse To Face Reality.
      > Glued to their Chairs, they Sit and Eat, Growing Obese."
      > [ME] Does HU-Chat Cheryl Grumpyman recognize herself here?!
      > Klemp: "This is a Worst-Case Scenario [neg. view] that appears.
      > They prefer to communicate with others Online instead of
      > face-to-face. ...Reading, for example, [books, magazines,
      > newspapers] has the POWER to open Children, Youth, and Adults
      > new horizons, without the Brutal Hammering
      > of ELECTRONIC METEORS that Shower Down [down?] upon the Naked,
      > Unprotected Planet of his Physical being... Their interests may Lie
      > [HK Lies too!] in Stories of the Past [myth], knowing that [Eck] history
      > —fact or FICTION—matters, for it can teach them about themselves.
      > A well-done [ficticious Eck] history will study [fictional] characters
      > [masters] in depth, ... In that way, readers [Lower Initiates] can
      > get beyond the Haze that surrounds their own circumstances
      > [consciousness]. So reading [Eck fiction] is important. However,
      > so is Writing [fiction], With Pen and Paper INSTEAD of On a Computer."
      > [ME] Hmmmm! I wonder if Doug Marman listened to the inner Mahanta
      > and "Wrote" his new [fictional] book on the Myths/Tall Tales behind
      > Eckankar "With Pen and Paper" versus a Computer! I'll bet Doug either
      > couldn't hear or didn't listen to his fake Mahanta and used a Computer!
      > Prometheus
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