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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] [Letter to Leaf] was Letter to Prometheus, et al, about recent events

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  • ewickings
    On second analysis: You wrote: I ve read many of Zoey s posts, and I ve found them to be intelligent and insightful, and I ve often thought I could have
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2007
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      On second analysis:
      You wrote:  "I've read many of Zoey's posts, and I've
      found them to be intelligent and insightful, and I've often thought I
      could have written them myself".
      I wrote:
      My current view:
      Sorry but this speaks volumes of where you are coming from Leaf!
      Little to respond to in the way of substance, as I obviously can't match your intelligence!  LOL  even if I were to come UP to your level to communicate;  Other than several gratuitous insults since that is about all I am will to devote to eckankrap conversations these days!  ;-)
      Hmmmm,  Leaf are you hinting that you are Zoey?  Wouldn't my forwarding the private emails from "you"  be a mute point, or telling of your true intentions and character!   
      Just a thought.....
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