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Wallace, Idaho: The Center of the Universe [Prove it's Not!]

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, I saw this book review on Amazon.com (that darn Internet HK warns Eckists about) and thought that these comments were interesting and could even
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      Hi All,
      I saw this book review on Amazon.com (that darn Internet HK
      warns Eckists about) and thought that these comments were
      interesting and could even provide some insights for even those
      "Highly" evolved Eckists out there (former ones too) to see beyond
      their own noses. The logic used to "prove" that Wallace, Idaho is
      The Center of the Universe is the same that Twit, Doug Marman
      Harold Klemp and other like them use.. if it can't be disproven
      then it must be true! Maybe, Eckankar began as a joke as well!

      Anyway... Enjoy!



      Why is Wallace, Idaho, the Center of the Universe?, June 16, 2006
      By P. G. Marsh "wallace weblord" (Wallace Idaho USA)

      My name is Greg Marsh and you will meet me in this humorous little book.
      Eight years ago, I started a website at wallace-id.com to give folks a comprehensive
      view of my new hometown in Wallace Idaho. Currently I have about 260 pages
      on the internet devoted to this very unusual and historic mining town that has a
      population of 960 and is surrounded by a mountain recreation paradise. Last year,
      Danny Wallace found my website and immediately flew from London to spend one
      day at "the Center of the Universe."

      His account of the town, its philosophy and cast of characters is quite accurate
      ... although I wish he hadn't mentioned my silver shirt experiment. I only spotted
      two factual mistakes, which is remarkable considering the amount of alcohol he
      consumed in our various saloons. The 1313 Club and the Smoke House Saloon
      are on Bank Street, not Cedar Street, and my friend bought the $4500 house in
      1988, not 1998 (and he went to the Clerk and Recorder, not the library, to find
      out that he had actually bought four properties, not just one for that price). All
      in all, Danny did an amazing job of capturing "the Silver Capital of the World"
      and giving it to his European audience.

      Although Danny presented many of my ideas on the subject, I would like to
      tell you why I think Wallace is truly the Center of the Universe.

      Some have used a sophist argument to say that Wallace is the Center of the
      Universe because it cannot be proven otherwise. This "if a thing cannot be
      disproved, it is thereby proven" syllogism is a parody of the logic used to make
      a recent EPA decision that said, in effect, "if the communities of the Silver Valley
      cannot absolutely prove themselves to the EPA's satisfaction to be good and
      healthy places to live, then this is proof that they require the EPA's continued
      meddling in their affairs."

      I would like to use a more philosophical argument to say that Wallace is the
      Center of the Universe because it is the focal point of the human experience.
      The universal human experience has many dimensions, but may be defined by
      four forces that bind us all together: money, equilibrium, sex and responsibility.
      Wallace is at the center of all four universal concepts.

      MONEY is the common artifact of human civilization; it is the physical,
      symbolic representation of value required by human organization. Diverse
      elements of society may evolve incompatible language paradigms and civil
      authorities, but all societies have money, and all monies translate arithmetically
      (given the chance). Indeed, money may be regarded as the only universal concept
      in civilization. The world economy is currently governed with "fiat" paper money
      ("It is worth a dollar because we say it is."), but the force of tangible money
      ("It is worth a dollar because it may be exchanged for a certain amount of gold
      or silver.") is becoming stronger. Some say a "Silver Revolution" is coming! Wallace
      is the "Silver Capital of the World" with 1.2 BILLION ounces of .999 fine silver
      mined from this little valley, five miles wide and twenty miles long, between
      1884 and 2004.

      EQUILIBRIUM is the defining concept of the physical world. Every chemical
      reaction and physical change comes to equilibrium. Wild places where the
      balance has not been tipped totally toward human occupation and consumption
      are rare and valuable in our inhabited universe. Wallace is the county seat of a
      1.7 million acre county that has a population density of 5 people per square
      mile because 80% of the land is federal or state forest. Thus, humans inhabit
      this ecological niche, but do not, and cannot dominate it. Wildlife abounds in
      vast undisturbed regions around small human encampments. The banker on
      Bank Street only works a couple of miles from the cougar on Placer Creek, yet
      neither one disturbs the other. The harmony of the current natural situation is
      a counterpoint to historical contests between human economic survival and
      wildlife habitat survival. Wallace proves that humans and 400 pound cats can
      live happily together... until some fool lets their poodle run loose at night anyway.

      SEX is the operating system upon which the program of life runs. Since
      civilization began, humans have been obsessed with it, needing it, loving it,
      hating it, fearing it. It is said that prostitution is the oldest profession, and
      that in Wallace it became a respectable art form. Until 1989, the town was
      famous for its bordellos, and our Madams were respected members of the
      community. Urban legend has it that they bought the police cars and the high
      school band uniforms. The so-called "female boarding houses" were taxed
      three times higher than all other businesses, and locals made good money
      supplying the colorful establishments with hot food and clean sheets. Some
      say that the incidence of domestic violence was far lower than it is today.
      Think about it: a guy works ten hours a mile underground, with temperatures
      over 100 degrees and death seconds away at all times, and earns $200-300.
      He stops for "a drink with the boys" at the bordello on the way home.
      When he gets home, he is happy, hungry and exhausted, and his wife takes
      the rest of his money. Today we have our Bordello Museum and our famous
      bumper sticker ("Honestly, I've never been to Wallace, Idaho") for sale, and
      a very unique perspective on sex.

      RESPONSIBILITY for one's actions is a requirement for the citizens of all
      governments, democratic or tyrannical. The fact that some members of
      any particular society are excluded or exempted from responsibility does
      not diminish the need for government, in general, to control the behavior
      of its citizens. In many cases, government is aided by religion in its quest
      for behavioral control of its citizens. Many rely on religion to teach the
      difference between right or wrong, but most rely on government to enforce
      the distinction. As a result, many bad deeds go unpunished and many good
      deeds go unnoticed in the big city. However, in the microcosm of Wallace,
      population 960, enforcement happens on a personal level. The anonymity
      of the big city is gone: if you treat someone poorly, you cannot escape into
      the crowd. Everyone knows and has an opinion on your conduct... and
      the conduct of your kids. If your son causes a problem in school, you hear
      about it at the bar or church. Likewise, if you are a good person and need
      help, the community responds in force. Karma rules in a small town.... as
      it should everywhere in the universe of human experience.
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