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Re: Harji Potlucks... Fund Raisers, Socializing, and "Eck" Food

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  • mishmisha9
    A lot of times, we just went out to eat together after the worship service. Some people would go and others wouldn t. Of course, there was always the big
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 15, 2005
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      A lot of times, we just went out to eat together after the worship
      service. Some people would go and others wouldn't. Of course, there
      was always the big decision where to go, but usually it was okay. I
      liked this much better than the potlucks, because people seemed more
      natural. : )


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "ctecvie"
      <ctecvie@y...> wrote:
      > Hello Prometheus,
      > > *Yes, sometimes the food was plentiful and very good, or it was
      > > quite sparse and very bad! And, I always disliked potlucks that
      > were
      > > held after the Eck Worship Service (EWS), or some other event.
      > <<<<<< In our center we ate afterwards! And mostly I looked
      > much more to eating than to do the other things! :-) Even if I
      > enjoyed the hu-chant. I wouldn't have wanted to eat before!
      > There
      > > was just too much crammed in together as though we had to kill
      > > birds with one stone. Some people would call this the Law of
      > > Economy, but it was mostly just convenience and lack of better
      > > planning. And, I never liked watching movies, Eck videos, or
      > > discussions and business meetings after eating. Getting to know
      > > people one on one and keeping it social was always more fun. By
      > > way, what do the guidelines say for potlucks?
      > <<<<<< Yes, keeping it social was much more fun for sure! I
      > know what the guidelines say for potlucks! :-) Perhaps the food
      > so good because our potlucks were no real potlucks - mostly one
      > person was responsible for it. But I remember that once I had
      > to help prepare and bring something, the eckist who was supposed
      > bring most of the food was sick and lay in hospital - but she
      > informed anyone before or just could not. Well, fortunately I had
      > brought something with me as well, and there were other people
      > arriving with food as well. But the center coordinator and me had
      > hard time before we knew how much food would be there!
      > > >This would be a real big no-no for sure! With severe
      > > of course! I remember an arahata training where I drank a
      > of
      > > red wine. I was the only one and I felt a bit strange. The resas-
      > > be were there, too - I guess that disqualified me for the next
      > > initiation! Fortunately, I did not know that at the time. :-)
      > >
      > > *Yes, but the four Zoas are supposed to be for H.I.s only (or
      > > 4ths preparing for and soon getting a pink slip). Remember, you
      > have
      > > to be drug and alcohol free for six months prior to receiving
      > > fifth (or higher), or was that for all lower initiations too? I
      > > forget!
      > <<<<<< I suppose it was for the lowlier as well. Anyway, nobody
      > alcohol there - even not the lowly ones except me! :-)
      > > *This is true about the guidelines, but they do place almost
      > > Eckist on the same page. However, there are still rebels out
      > > that claim to be good Eckists and are anti-guideline. How does
      > > work to be anti-guideline/RESA/ESC/L.E.M. and still believe and
      > > follow Eckankar?
      > <<<<<< I guess it's because it's open for anybody to create their
      > Eckankar ... and that's what made it even more dangerous in my
      > opinion. So, your religion works for you - and you can sit in your
      > apartment and never even meet a single eckist! Well, of course
      > would damage your initiations cycle, but how would you know?
      > > *Yes, it seems the Eckists are afraid of us. Their faith, power,
      > and
      > > protection is so weak that they fear our words will corrupt
      > > beliefs! Maybe they are right! They just don't want to listen
      > > admit that we make sense. After all, what do they have to
      > > Eckankar with? I admit that it's quite a void at first, but the
      > > lightness and freedom experienced more than make up for it!
      > <<<<<< Yes it's not easy at the beginning. So I was grateful for
      > Ford's book. And now I can stand alone and have fun with ex-
      > on this list! :-) And of course when something or somebody
      > our beliefs as is the case for eckists, then we have to do
      > to make things right again. That's why the start rationalizing and
      > putting ex-eckists down - that's what they are doing, even if they
      > say they don't! But this is "normal" for any group of people I
      > We just have to be aware of it!
      > Ingrid
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