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Re: Ridiculous Statements Made by Eckists

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Marla, You ll not find an unsanitized version of anything coming from Klemp. The jumping off the bridge and strip-tease at a Chicago airport was first
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 21, 2007
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      Hi Marla,
      You'll not find an unsanitized version of anything
      coming from Klemp. The jumping off the bridge
      and strip-tease at a Chicago airport was first printed
      in "Soul Travelers of the Far Country." It was an attempt
      at damage control.

      Klemp, later, combined that book along with an earlier
      book "Child in the Wilderness" to create "Autobiography
      of a Modern Prophet." Therefore, the easiest book
      to find this sanitized spin for HK's unbalanced mental
      and emotional behaviour is in his pseudo Autobiography.

      The "Introduction" in "Autobiography of a Modern Prophet"
      is even reprinted from Klemp's "Child in the Wilderness!"
      And, HK also compares his "madness" to that of Gibran
      (page 233)! Amazing, how delusional and unbalanced HK
      still is after all of these years! Then, again, Klemp learned
      how to "play the game" in order to be released from the
      Mental Institution he was confined to. Learning "How to Play
      the Game" is what Klemp still teaches his H.I.s today as he
      has them jump through hoops, distort truth, and kiss ass
      for those precious initiations.

      p.s. I'm sure that you can find where you can choose another/
      multiple pseudonyms if you look into it further.

      marlas wrote:
      > Hi Prometheus,
      > As a matter of fact I would change my name to MarlaS if I knew how
      > to go in and change it but I haven't figured that out. I don't
      > really see myself as a victim, I just picked the name during a time
      > when I was feeling particularly sad.
      > I am aware that I have basically saved myself from a lifetime of
      > misery with this individual. I've been reading several forums
      > written by ex-Eckists and it has now become so clear to me. All this
      > time I spent trying to understand and believe what I was told by him
      > and I kept thinking, Am I dumb or something, because I just don't
      > get it! It doesn't make any sense to me and is counterintuitive. But
      > now I see that others have called into question these very bizarre
      > beliefs.
      > I remember about 8 months ago I was taking a road trip to go on a
      > work seminar and my ex-BF gave me the audiotapes of the Shariyat Ki
      > Sugmad to listen to. I listed to the whole things (8 hours I think)
      > and a lot of the stuff was really disturbing, towards the latter
      > part of the book. I'm not sure if most eckists have red the whole
      > book but there is some pretty trippy stuff in there.
      > By the way, where can I read about Harold Klemp jumping off a
      > bridge, etc? Most stuff I could find about him was really sanitized.
      > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      > <prometheus_973@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Marla,
      > > Thanks for the post and welcome to the site.
      > > Unfortunately, most Eckists don't understand
      > > what responsibility is or the various forms and
      > > degrees of karma. Many H.I.s are under the false
      > > impression that their lack of love is detachment.
      > > They are actually selfish rather than self-less when
      > > they exclude others from the circle of love. Then
      > > again, they have no concept of divine love and just
      > > go through the motions and pretend to be higher.
      > > Their words, if not behavior, usually give them away.
      > > However, in Eckankar, the quirky and unbalanced
      > > are looked upon as those who might have experienced
      > > God-realization, at sometime, since Klemp makes this
      > > his excuse for jumping off a bridge and doing a strip-tease.
      > > Therefore, H.I.s imitate HK's behavior and emulate
      > > Klemp's diseases, like EMR, and HK's disassociation with
      > > his non-Eck family. The "key" is learning to "play the game"
      > > and act as though one is more spiritual than the next H.I.
      > > Some imagine that they are the "true" Eckists and are part
      > > of the mahanta's inner "Inner" circle.
      > >
      > > BTW- Have you ever thought of changing your pseudonym
      > > to something else like Marlalaughing or Marlajumpingforjoy?
      > > What's with the "sobbing" because I'm not buying into a victim
      > > consciousness. The guy's an ass-hole so you should be happy
      > > you've finally figured it out after only one year! Am I wrong
      > > about that?
      > >
      > > Many of us, here, on this site were also involved with not
      > > only Eckankar, but with relationships with Eckists who were
      > > boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives who were High
      > > initiates. Some of us were H.I.s too!
      > >
      > > Basically, the mystery behind any religion is in not knowing
      > > something spiritual, and thinking someone else who out ranks
      > > you and who you have placed upon a pedestal does. In Eckankar
      > > the initiations are the "Hope" that the Eck faithful buy into so
      > > that they can feel special, safe, and above the lowly masses.
      > > They think that the "secrets" that are told to them on the outer
      > > are the highest truths and exclusive to only Eckankar. What is
      > > revealed on the "Inner," to Soul, is personal and individual and
      > > is not measured by another Soul's experience or granted by another
      > > Soul's false authority. No Soul can claim to have powers or
      > > authority over other Souls... only man does this!
      > >
      > > On another note: after many years these H.I.s do learn the
      > > dogma; and the guidelines (rules and procedures); they have
      > > a lot of business/leadership experience; they know how to kiss
      > > ass really well; they have good imaginations; are usually very
      > > gullible; suggestable and trusting; they can tell and embellish
      > > stories; are very off balance; are can be quirky loners while
      > > having learned how to keep silent and lie about the dirty
      > laundry...
      > > (Darwin Gross, etc.) that's about it in a nutshell... except for
      > the
      > > vanity that most always shows itself when they are placed "higher"
      > > by their delusional and power hungry master.
      > >
      > > Prometheus
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > marla wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Let me just tell you of a totally inane conversation I had with
      > my ex-
      > > > boyfriend, a 6th initiate.
      > > >
      > > > We were going through some of his old photos when I saw a
      > picture of a
      > > > two-year-old standing on the top rung of a ladder in a loft
      > apartment.
      > > > The child was the daughter of my ex-BF's fiance at the time.
      > The
      > > > child had apparently climbed up the rungs of the ladder which
      > led to a
      > > > loft bed. She was clearly 12 feet from the ground, in an
      > extremely
      > > > dangerous situation. Looking at the photo, I was somewhat
      > shocked. I
      > > > said that if I had seen a toddler in a potentially precarious
      > > > situation such as this, my instinct would be to immediately
      > protect it
      > > > from falling, not run and grab a camera.
      > > >
      > > > I asked my ex-BF, "Weren't you worried that she would fall and
      > hurt
      > > > herself?" His response was that if she did, it was because she
      > was
      > > > working out some karma from a past life and NEEDED to fall. At
      > that
      > > > point, I confirmed my suspicions that Eckankar is a nutcase cult
      > with
      > > > no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
      > > >
      > >
    • marlaprendergast
      Ok Prometheus I changed my name (if it took). I am no longer sobbing!
      Message 2 of 5 , Jun 21, 2007
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        Ok Prometheus I changed my name (if it took). I am no longer sobbing!

        --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
        <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
        >> p.s. I'm sure that you can find where you can choose another/
        > multiple pseudonyms if you look into it further.
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