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My Romance with an Eckist, continued

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  • marlasobbing
    Re: Lack of integrity Hi, Marla! There is good and bad in all of us; however, in some of the eck teachings there is no distinction between the two, while
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2007
      Re: Lack of integrity

      Hi, Marla!

      There is good and bad in all of us; however, in some of the eck
      teachings there is no distinction between the two, while promoting
      instead that we have experiences/karma we have to work off
      in this lifetime. In actuality your ex H.I. boyfriend is exempt
      from karma which gives him the license to do whatever whenever.

      This guy has no self-discipline. Having attained his 6th initiation
      must think that he is sooooooooo spiritual and has a free pass. But
      once again, this is just further proof of how bogus the eck
      and teachings are.

      Cheating on you and messing with a prostitute while you were at
      your mother's funeral just shows how depraved he is. Doesn't seem
      he cared a whitt about you--sorry to say that, but I don't see much
      good possibly coming from such a person. And he obviously didn't
      care anything about the prostitute, this other Soul, who he used for
      his own pleasure. What a jerk and loser. Klemp really should be
      calling this slob a big time loser . . . and if Klemp were an all
      Mahanta, he'd be taking his initiations away and also booting him
      Look what he does to chelas who ask questions about the teachings,
      like Graham Forsyth for instance! This is all a joke!

      You are so right that eckists are at risk of destroying their souls.
      saying there is good in him only enables his bad behavior and makes
      excuses for him. Eckists, also, make excuses and rationalize staying
      Eckankar for the same kind of reasons. "There is some good behind all
      of the B.S., so I only use what I need or what works" they will say.


      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "marlasobbing"
      <kws11@...> wrote:
      > It is really so sad because I think deep down he is a good and
      > decent person who has some temptations to behave badly like we all
      > do. However due to his delusional belief in Eckankar, I think he
      > never really worked on any of these issues because he always
      > justified his behavior as leading to his spiritual freedom and
      > unfoldment. He looks at the picture of Harold Klemp on his wall and
      > makes a decision. The decision is merely whatever he WANTS, not
      > he knows is right. I wouldn't be suprised if he thinks that his
      > habit of plagiarizing other people's work is somehow OK because
      > Twitchell did the same thing.
      > It is so very sad as I see in him a life wasted. He could have been
      > so happy, so different, yet he sees everything through the Eckankar
      > prism of bullshit and has not grown at all as a human being.
      > I think about all the Eck worship services I accompanied him to and
      > how 99% of the time I had no idea what they were talking about. It
      > all seemed like gobbledygook to me and I would ask him questions
      > he would tell me that I was stuck on the mental plane, etc. etc.
      > I think Eckankar destroys peoples' souls if they don't make it out
      > on time.
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