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Re: Phil Morimitsu

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Kaye, As far as I know Phil lives in Hong Kong with his Co-RESA Nancy Pang. They cover Japan and many other Far East areas and Countries. I can t think of
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 2007
      Hi Kaye,
      As far as I know Phil lives in Hong Kong with
      his Co-RESA Nancy Pang. They cover Japan and
      many other Far East areas and Countries.

      I can't think of the titles of his books I guess
      an Amazon.com search would find them. I remember
      the one where he told a story that ended up being
      a dream, (an initiation test) but this also took
      place in another lifetime. It was very interesting.
      And, Phil is a much better writer than speaker,
      therefore, it's difficult to relate to the outer
      Phil versus the "inner" or other Phil of his writings.
      I think that he, also, has difficulty relating to the

      The problem many Souls have is when they give their
      powers over to others. Where is self-responsibility?
      As long as a Soul thinks that It needs a "Master" then
      it will! The realization of Self Mastery and of NOT
      needing an Icon is, of course, not the final answer or
      solution in and of itself. However, it does lead one
      further down the path of/to one's own Mastership. One
      just needs to take charge and Finally Stop being a
      Religious Follower believing in promises and meaningless
      initiations. Let's face it, when advancement is linked
      to one's current paid membership status then ECKANKAR
      stops being a "spiritual path." This happened after
      about the first two years of Paul & Gail's creation
      when the money started to roll in! Sorry, but we were
      all duped and played the fool. Only... some still are
      fools and even feel very proud, intelligent, and important
      standing on their mountain tops viewing the little people
      of their delusional domain. For some Cycles never end!


      xekweed wrote:
      > Hi Prometheus, Mish & Everyone,
      > Thanks for listening. Prometheus, I haven't thought about
      > Morimitsu's book in a long time but I do remember how impressed I
      > with him when I read it. The funny thing is that I can't even
      > the title now. I only read the one about his experiences with the
      > masters showing up at random times during the course of his day. I
      > couldn't imagine trying to function with all that going on and how
      > advanced he must have been to have an intimate friendship with such
      > exulted beings. Now, as a rational person looking back on his work,
      > can say that his writing style was far beyond Harry's tales. PM's
      > writing style was descriptive and readable and the story flowed from
      > beginning to middle to end- still bunk but of better content. Can
      > see him talking to some invisible master while walking down the
      > street, shopping, etc. If anyone in society actually acted like this
      > or made these claims openly, they'd probably be subjected to a drug
      > test or psych evaluation. Whatever happened to this fellow and is he
      > on the short list to godhood? I admit, I am curious to see if HK can
      > hang on to power via his wife or if some of those within the org
      > follow his example to obtain control.
      > Happy Memorial Day,
      > Kaye
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