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Re: ECKANKAR History is Typical Religious Myth

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, This is a revisit. I find it funny that ECKists [including Klemp] throw stones at Christians when they believe in and preach similar myth. Look at
    Message 1 of 2 , May 27, 2007
      Hi All,
      This is a revisit. I find it funny that ECKists [including Klemp]
      throw stones at Christians when they believe in and preach
      similar myth. Look at ECKANKAR's ADOM & EDE & The Garden
      of EDEn versus the Christian version with Adam & Eve & The
      Garden of Eden!

      Therefore, ECKANKAR is AGAINST the BELIEF and SCIENCE of
      EVOLUTION as is Fundamentalist Christianity!

      However, Klemp repeats a story, sent to him by an ECKist, in
      his 2007 ESS Saturday night talk where the ECKist and another
      person (a municipal attorney) are driving, talking, and laughing
      about who Adam & Eve's children married! Who did ECKANKAR's
      Adom & Ede's children marry?

      Apparently, ECKists and Klemp like to have it both ways. Either
      this whole Creation Story is just more Religious Myth or it's not!
      Which is it for ECKANKAR? Isn't this same kind of crap the reason
      why many ECKists turned their backs on their old religions?!

      Actually, most ECKists have never really considered or thought
      about this issue. It is just glossed over or ignored and shrugged
      off as being insignificant or beyond one's consciousness and
      understanding. Now that explanation sounds familar!

      Yet, here Klemp is repeating and making a joke of the same
      Creation Myth that Twitchell twisted and used for ECKANKAR
      Dogma! Klemp is a Conman and is throwing the LIE back in the
      face of the unsuspecting ECK membership. Maybe this, too, is his
      joke on ECKists?

      prometheus wrote:

      > I saw a post from an ECKist about Polarian and Hyperborean
      > Man and thought how silly it all was. If ECKists would just
      > read the Shariyat 1 and the Genesis like account they too
      > would see how stupid it all is. But, by this time (and brain-
      > washing of dogma) most ECKists will just accept this old
      > altered copy of Christian Myth as being true for them as well.
      > Twitchell contradicts himself as he copies and makes up his
      > own Religious Myth (with a twist) for his newly created scam.
      > Apparently, most ECKists are as unfamilar with this "holy book"
      > as they were with the one from their previous religion.
      > First let me say that the Stone Age began around 3,000,000 BC
      > with Homo erectus who used fire and objects as tools. Then we
      > evolve (2,000,000 BC) into Homo habilis who actually made tools,
      > and this Old Stone Age or Paleolithic period ended around 13,000
      > BC (this period varies with region).
      > Now the Hebrew Abraham came on the scene around 2,000 BC
      > and I'm not sure about when the Hindu Manu came about or the
      > when Pangu (God) in China created man, or Gayomart the Persian
      > God created man. So I'm not sure about when (in some Jewish
      > legends) Adam and Eve (Adam created out of dust) were to have
      > come on the scene either.
      > The ECKANKAR Lexicon by Klemp states:
      > "Polarians. The first root race which lived in Polara, the Garden
      > of Eden; the Adamic race; Adom was the first man and Ede, the
      > first woman; the beginning of the races of man upon earth."
      > My first question is, If the 'Polarians' were 'the first root race'
      > then what happened to the 'Adamic race?' And, doesn't this sound
      > like the MYTH of GENESIS in the Christian Bible? Sure it does!
      > ECKists should just read from pages 54 to 93 in the Shariyat
      > Book 1. It's a real hoot!
      > "The first Polarian man was Adom the Rabi, and he stood on the
      > summit of a hill. his female companion, Ede, stood back with
      > bowed head as he addressed his Sungod... out of the forests
      > came another creature walking upright like himself, who wanted
      > the female. The battle was bitter but Adom won and drove off
      > his foe. He produced a manchild and another; [Cain and Able?]
      > and human history began." [pgs. 54-55, Shariyat Books 1&2]
      > ADOM WAS A RABI? WAS HE HEBREW TOO? Also, where did this
      > other guy come from if Adom was the first?
      > Who did Adom and Ede's children breed with?
      > Basically, this is just a rewrite of the Religious MYTH that we once
      > rejected before starting our spiritual search. ECKists should really
      > think about this crap!
      > "Malati, the first ECK Master of record, [among the Polarians who]
      > was sent by the Sugmad into this world to give man his first spiritual
      > knowledge of God." [pg. 55, Shariyat Books 1&2]
      > I always read that GAKKO (from Venus) was the first ECK Master.
      > Strange that Gakko isn't even listed in the Shariyats as an ECK
      > Master when he's listed in the ECKANKAR Lexicon on pages 77 &
      > 125.
      > On page 125 of his Lexicon Klemp states, "All Living ECK Masters
      > have decended from the first ECK Master Gakko who came to this
      > world about six million years ago..."
      > So if Gakko came to Earth Six Million years ago and all ECK Masters
      > have descended from him then I guess that MALATI is Not the first
      > ECK Master of record. See how difficult it is to keep "facts" straight
      > when people lie!
      > BTW- Why isn't the ECK Master Asoki (62,000 years old and also
      > from Venus) mentioned in the Shariyat with the other ECK Masters?
      > He's listed on page 13 of Klemp's ECKANKAR Lexicon. I wonder
      > if Gakko, Asoki, and Rami Nuri (all from Venus) know one another?
      > Does the Mahanta know them too? Just kidding - PT made it all up!
      > Here are some good quotes from the Shariyat 1:
      > "Then the spiritual workers created man and placed within him
      > a living imperishable Spirit, called Soul; and man became like the
      > living gods of the spirit worlds..." [pg. 44]
      > "The floor of Heaven opened; and all Souls went tumbling down-
      > ward through the worlds... At last, each came to rest upon the
      > worlds of matter--some in the newly formed planets of Venus,
      > Saturn, Jupiter, and those named by man from his little world
      > of Earth." [pg. 45]
      > "The Sugmad closed Its eyes and dreamed again. The wailing of the
      > Souls did not reach It.
      > The dreams that came were of creation that formed over the worlds
      > below.
      > It created, and out of the creation came a manifestation of Itself,
      > that mighty Deity whom all mankind knows as the Sat Nam.
      > So mighty is He that few who approach can but believe that here
      > is the Almighty, the Lord of Lords." [pg. 45]
      > Isn't it interesting that Sugmad is made to sound like the Christian
      > "GOD" and that the description of SAT NAM sounds greater! I wonder
      > why Klemp left out SAT NAM's name from the Spiritual Hierarchy
      > listed on page 197 of his ECKANKAR Lexicon? Oops!
      > Also, if SAT NAM is this great and powerful Being that is the Ruler
      > of the 5th Plane (and below?), Why is it that Klemp the LEM/Mahanta
      > is such a pitiful example as the Ruler Over All of the Planes of Sugmad?
      > Here are more Shariyat 1 quotes:
      > "The region of the Atma Lok is the Sach Khand. Sat Nam, the lord of
      > this world, carries on all creative activity below. It created each region.
      > At the same time each region was created, the lords of each were created
      > and assumed charge of their respective planes." [pg. 89]
      > WOW! More and more creation, except, now we have a Hindu twist!
      > So, it seems ECKists have a Darwinian/Christian/Hindu/Twitchell
      > creation MYTH to believe in. Here's more:

      "Over all these lower worlds the KAL NIRANJAN [GOD] was GIVEN
      the RESPONSIBILITY of exercising the POWER of the negative force.
      This KAL FORCE [ECK] was formed to have the strength TO GIVE LIFE
      THESE NEGATIVE WORLDS." [pg. 89, my caps & brackets]

      > So there you have it! This hodge-podge of various religious
      > MYTH plus the distortions and contradictions by Twitchell
      > and Klemp make this whole account not only very confusing
      > but ridiculous as well! Do ECKists really read their "Holy" Shariyat
      > and believe this nonsense! Actually, most don't! But other things
      > seem to "work" for them and answer other more relevant questions
      > for them. It's really too bad though. How can ECKists believe in
      > ECK Masters visiting them on the Inner and not believe in these
      > silly myths. Of course, some ECKists never question anything
      > and believe in it all. These are the blind leading the blind. They
      > need to believe! I just don't understand why they reject the
      > creation myths of other religions and not ECKANKAR's when it
      > is taken from these other myths! How stupid is that! Very! LOL!
      > Prometheus
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