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PT: Double Talk and Spin

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, I thought I d give some excerpts from Twitchell s The Wisdom Notes from 1970 to show how far ECKANKAR has come in 37 years. PT: Every ECKists must
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2007
      Hi All,
      I thought I'd give some excerpts from Twitchell's
      "The Wisdom Notes" from 1970 to show how far
      ECKANKAR has come in 37 years.

      PT: "Every ECKists must sooner or later think about
      his responsibility to the Sugmad, the ECK Master,
      and his own family as well as that to the community,
      relatives, and neighbors. I am NOT saying that we
      must split ourselves a dozen different ways in order
      to establish our responsibilities. BUT IF we give ourselves
      to the Supreme Diety and accept the greatest
      responsibility, that of giving up to ITS will, then we
      DO NOT have to think about the other responsibilities.
      They will come naturally.

      ... we can become a social order within society itself.
      We can make a way of life for ourselves in which we can
      be among our own people in ECK and at the same time
      live in the world. We can live with our relatives, friends
      and neighbors in the community of our choice, although
      society neither approves nor disapproves but accepts us
      as ECKists."

      [ME] And on another note:

      PT: "Everyone who is an initiate in ECK is protected by the
      ECK Itself. So there should never be a lack of apprehension
      in trying to get the word out to the public. There can
      sometimes be unplesant moments when someone questions
      sharply, but again, IF you DO NOT know the answers tell the
      questioner so. There is LITTLE NEED in trying to discuss
      NEED for you to have to say, 'I DON'T KNOW BUT I WILL TRY
      TO GET THE ANSWER.' Whatever the question might be, SAY
      AND LET IT GO AT THAT... Please act as the channel in your
      work and in your home QUIETLY and watch the results."

      [June 1, 1970 The Wisdom Notes]


      PT: "The ECK initiate... He must refuse to live by the laws of
      Kal which are the laws of the civilized and social worlds,
      established by men which would submit him to a defeated life.
      However, with the POWER of ECK contained and in charge of his
      life he can enter society with a certain POWER. He knows that
      society DOES NOT really PROTECT its members who DO NOT
      have their own INDIVIDUAL POWER... He operates on a code of
      ethics HE CONSIDERS far superior to the legal structures and
      workings of a KAL SOCIAL ORDER...

      Man's greatest problem is his ego. this is the illusion which the
      Kal sets for him in which he believes nothing is more important
      than his opinion and knowledge. It is NOT THE LACK OF
      INDIVIDUALISM which man should learn to hold down in the
      flauntings of his ego, BUT for his own personal salvation he
      should LEARN humility early in life. The longer he puts off
      accepting this virture the harder it is for him when the time
      comes. The greater will be his discipline when he is forced into
      accepting humility as part of his spiritual unfoldment. He must
      become pliant and learn to ACT with CONVICTIONS OF HIS OWN
      IN ECK, and at the same time ACT with GROUP PSYCHOLOGY in

      [ME] It seems Twitchell is encouraging ECKists to "ACT" the part
      of being "humble" early on in order to "learn" the role. This is
      where the imagination comes in to play! Here's more about
      chela losers -

      PT: "... we find that those chelas who talk too much often lose
      whatever POWER they may possess. The fact that many chelas
      want to express themselves and DO NOT know just how to do
      it, will bring about a PROBLEM if their EXPERIENCES in Soul Travel
      or any other ESOTERIC EXPERIENCE is told too much."

      [ME] So, ECKists should keep private their Soul Travel and Esoteric

      PT: "... philosophy and religion are merely Psychic Means of studying
      one another by the intellect. He learns THERE IS NOTHING SPIRITUAL
      ABOUT PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION, although he has been told since
      birth that his religion is the highest of all and that its founder was the
      only saviour in the world... This only means that each religion had its
      own founder who was considered, originally, to be the saviour of the
      world..." [July 1, 1970 The Wisdom Notes]

      [ME] Well, so much for the Mahanta (Saviour and God) and Eckankar,
      the RELIGION of...

      More Later-

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