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Spermologos: Twitchell, Gross, & Klemp

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    From: SCP Journal (page 12) Sept. 1979 Paul Twitchell 1964-66: The Pivotal Years SCP: The influence of Twitchell s relationship with Gail soon began to
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      From: SCP Journal (page 12) Sept. 1979

      Paul Twitchell 1964-66:
      The Pivotal Years

      SCP: The influence of Twitchell's relationship with Gail soon began
      to overshadow everything else in his life. It started by eclipsing
      his relationship with Kirpal Singh, and it was eventually responsible
      for the birth of Eckankar. According to Twitchell himself (through

      PT: "The switchover from the Cliff-Hanger to ECK began taking
      place after I met my present wife, Gail. She insisted that I do
      something with my knowledge and abilities."

      SCP: If Paul himself had not yet understood the *SPERMOLOGOS'
      Technique of breaking off from an old movement and beginning
      a new one, it would seem Gail sensed it intuitively. When they
      were married in 1964, Paul promised Gail that as soon as he brought
      his message to the public, she would be able to finish college.
      Gail decided that 1965 was to be the year. Twitchell says:

      PT: "The first year was rough, but we made it. She worked and I
      wrote discourses on Eckankar. The next year we moved FROM
      San Francisco TO San Diego, where Gail went to work in a small
      city library. Gail now believed that it was time for me to bring out
      ECK, just as the ECK masters had been telling me."

      SCP: What the "Eck masters" had been telling him turned out to be
      --surprise!—a marketable mélange of his own previous thoughts
      and experiences. He borrowed most of his philosophy from Ruhani
      Satsang and apparently gleaned much of his "spiritual practice" from
      his involvement with Scientology. In a personal letter to John and
      Ann Fish, dated 5 June 1965, Twitchell gives his reasons for leaving

      PT: "Ron Hubbard was trying to get people out of their body with
      his HCA courses, but frankly, he was failing badly. When I was a
      staff member, occasions came up that I was asked to help some
      member of the graduating class get a reality on out of body
      experiences that most people go through at first I knew their

      Hubbard would never acknowledge this ability of mine, and after
      leaving him I did a lot of experimenting and suddenly discovered
      a lot of new techniques that made it so much easier for anyone to
      try and succeed with. In my weekly class here at the California Para-
      psychology Foundation, I get people out often within a single
      session; others are able to do it in the matter of minutes, in their
      first time of visiting the classes."

      SCP: San Diego, like most large West Coast communities, harbors a
      flourishing occult-mystical subculture. Twitchell inevitably became
      a member of it and, through the influence of another member, Edna
      Rice, was able to strike up a fruitful relationship with one of the sub-
      culture's more active institutions—the California Parapsychology
      Foundation. Twitchell lectured at CPF for six months, centering his
      talks around the concept of bi-location (the ability to be in two places
      at the same time; an early and now outmoded term for what today is
      called an "out of body experience," or OBE). His classes were
      successful, drawing nearly capacity audiences. However, the real
      success of Twitchell's new outreach proved to be the correspondence
      courses which he advertised in occult-psychic magazines. His
      previous experience in promotional ventures began to pay off. One
      such ad in the July/August 1965 issue of Orion magazine reads:

      PT: "Bilocation is the Illuminated Path to the Supreme Con-
      sciousness. It is the secret way that all masters use to reach the
      ultimate of all universes. One must learn the separation of spirit
      from body by his own volition. It increases the awareness, helps
      solve problems and gives a spiritual insight into one's own akashic
      records and the hidden worlds. New techniques. For Information
      Write: Paul Twitchell, P.O. Box 13052, San Diego, Calif. 92113."

      SCP: Another example from this period is the circular that Twitchell
      distributed, giving a description of bilocation and its new master.
      The title is revealing in itself:

      "Paul Twitchell Presents: New Concepts on the Ancient Teachings
      of Bilocation."

      Here are a few excerpts from the circular:

      PT: "Taking the old and putting together new ideas he has codified
      a system called Eckankar…. He has developed a complete new
      philosophy around this…

      Paul Twitchell is one of the few occidentals who has such a vast
      knowledge of this subject and can impart to the public the concepts
      of the ancient teachings of bilocation in a striking revelation with
      his new findings called Eckankar."

      SCP: Within a year, the "Ancient Teachings of Bilocation" would
      become "Eckankar, the Ancient Science of Soul Travel," while the
      "New Concepts" dropped from sight altogether. {END, my caps}

      From: SCP Journal (page 13) Sept. 1979

      The Cloning of a Religion

      *SPERMOLOGOS: The Rag Picker

      The ancient Greeks were the founders of Western philosophy. As
      such, they developed a unique vocabulary of descriptive terms for
      matters of the mind. One of their most graphic terms was the noun

      The word literally means "SEED GATHERER" and was originally used
      to refer to certain birds which hopped about in search of spilled grain.
      By extension it came to mean a "RAG PICKER," one who hangs around
      The fringes of the market place, picking up scraps which fall from
      The loads of merchandise.

      Eventually, philosophers borrowed the concept and used it to
      describe a kind of INTELLECTUAL RAG PICKER—a man who
      gleaned scraps of information from others and then dispensed
      them as his own—a PLAGIARIST or PSEUDOSCHOLAR, or as F.F.

      In the New Testament, the word is used only once. The Athenian
      scholars on Mars' Hill accused the Apostle Paul of being spermo-
      logos. One biblical version translates the word as "COCK-
      SPARROW," reflecting its source. Other translations render it as
      and, most frequently, "BABBLER."


      The SPERMOLOGOS is thus a kind of PHILOSOPHICAL and
      RELIGIOUS SCAVENGER, hovering about the fringes of
      speculative "WISDOM," making his living by picking up SCRAPS
      of INSIGHT from the cogitations of others. The role of spermologos
      is an ancient, if NOT particularly well-respected, occupation.

      The Eastern mystical religious traditions (for example) are constantly
      spawning novel variations on their ancient theme as new movements
      break off from the older ones. In fact, anyone who is willing to take
      the time to trace a given tradition back to its source will soon
      discover that all the movements are essentially the same, the primary
      differences being matters of SEMANTICS and TECHNIQUES. Of
      course, the obvious (and most significant) difference is that each is
      led by a different "MASTER." Any partaker of EASTERN teachings
      who is intelligent enough to make the necessary connections and who
      retains his objectivity unhampered by personal or doctrinal loyalties
      will soon realize the opportunities that exist for becoming a Master
      in his own right. AFTER ACQUIRING the BASIC TEACHING and
      SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY (usually a form of Yoga Meditation or
      Consciousness Manipulation), there is nothing to prevent him from
      breaking off as a SPERMOLOGOS and starting a movement on his
      own. All he has to do is claim a Spiritual Anointing. Since all such
      claims are by definition SUBJECTIVE, there is no conclusive
      method by which to VALIDATE or INVALIDATE the title
      ["Mahanta" for example] appropriated by any self-proclaimed
      spiritual leader.

      A Twentieth [or Twenty-First] Century Spermologos must possess
      THREE essential qualities in order to become successful at this
      GAME. In the FIRST place, he must be Experienced Enough to have
      to have A Wealth of Usable Information Available. In the SECOND
      place, he must be Intelligent ENOUGH to Understand the Potential
      for a NEW Religious Movement. In the THIRD place, he Must Be
      EGOISTIC enough to AVOID Placing Final Faith in Anyone but

      PAUL TWITCHELL is undoubtedly one of the best examples of a
      Twentieth Century SPERMOLOGOS; apart from his literary
      "borrowings," [i.e. The Path of the Masters, etc.] he drew his
      experiences with public relations, journalism, Scientology,
      independent psychic exploration, and several Eastern-mystical
      gurus [such as Kirpal Singh] to piece together a novel religious
      doctrine which he called "ECKANKAR." {END, my caps}

      SCP: At this stage an obvious question arises: If ECKANKAR is
      Nothing but the Codification of one man's Experiences, based
      upon Scraps of Second Hand Learning, How could it claim to be
      the Ancient and Primordial Fountainhead [Adi-Mahanta] of TRUTH?
      This was the problem that Twitchell had to face. Having written so
      many articles tracing his spiritual development, he would have to
      launch A Massive COVER-UP of his Past so that No Aspersions or
      Doubts could be cast on his newly ambitious claims.

      It is common practice in the Occult Sciences to deliberately Deceive
      and Misdirect New Converts UNTIL they are deemed ready to
      Receive and Understand the "REAL" Truth. The area of Falsification
      between what is Presented Publicly and what is Known and Taught
      intimately is referred to as the "ESOTERIC GAP." TWITCHELL
      soon began to Create his own personal Esoteric Gap. He Rewrote
      his Old Articles, Rewriting the History of his Life in the process.
      He Substituted Fictitious Names for most of his Actual Past Masters
      and Teachers [i.e. The Tiger's Fang, The Flute of God, etc.], and
      Invented quite a few that Never had any REAL counterparts at all.
      Perhaps his most brilliant Invention, HOWEVER, was the figure
      of REBAZAR TARZS, the 500 year old Tibetan Master. {END,
      my caps}

      Please feel free to comment on any of this. BTW, I inserted the
      bracketed [ ] info.

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