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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Latin phrase "non sequitur" over-used! LOL!

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    See this is what makes me believe Rich is not a true blue eckist, but rather a Paulist... Folks, Harold Klemp himself STATED in the Mystic World, Eckankar s
    Message 1 of 2 , May 16 3:51 AM
      See this is what makes me believe Rich is not a true blue eckist, but rather a Paulist...
      Folks, Harold Klemp himself STATED in the Mystic World, Eckankar's quarterly free publication to paying members, that in FACT the computer DOES generate a list showing how many years a chela has been an active paying member, and based on that, who is eligible for the next initiation!
      Besides... Both my parents worked at ESC for YEARS, and when I was first given the job of initiator and found the secret words were listed in the initiator book, and when attending HI meetings, where a computer generated list was presented by the RESA to help decide whether an eckist was to receive their initiation or not; I asked my parents if it was true that a computer program and HIs decide on initiations.
      YES that is how it is done!  No special water buffalo meeting between the inner grand poobahs; Harold Klemp openly admitted he was the one that created the program!!!  I know I have listed the actual source material and page information on where this was actually published by Klemp. At the moment I have most of my material in a storage unit because we were planning a move....  Now that we have decided to stay put, I will be bring that material back to do my researching again.  Anyway, search the archived messages here at ESA or ET and it should bring up this topic and source material, pages etc.... 
      -------Original Message-------
      Hi, All!
      It seems that some eckists in their defense of eckankar like to
      throw out what they seemingly view as intellectual retorts in a
      feeble attempt to deflate what former eckists (former H.I.s) are
      revealing about the bogus eck initiations. Over on A.R.E. this is
      the exchange between a former H.I. and a still clinging to the
      teachings H.I.:
      "> The Eck initiatons are computor generated and paid for thorugh
      > the yearly memberships.
      I'd bet you don't know that that is another logical fallacy that you use
      frequently.  It's called a non sequitur."
      Notice how arrogantly posed this  H.I. is with his response. Also,
      while this eckist uses a Latin phrase which means a logical fallacy, he
        fails to point out just what the "logical fallacy" is in stating that
        the eck initiations are bogus. The only arguments that eckists can
      give is to insult by suggesting a lack of logic in these anti-eckankar
      discussions-- when in fact,  eckists are the ones not using any logic
      in following the eck teachings and the fake eck masters. They rely on
      their imaginations and blind faith. Where is the logic in that? : )
      Rich, keep on shadow boxing and repeating "non sequitur"-
      it's kind of your signature. I wonder if the non-intellectual
      Klemp would know how to use such big words! LOL!
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