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Re: PT: "The CLIFF HANGER is a One Man Cult"

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  • Sharon
    Hi All! Just some additional background info on this one - the Jarvis Square Peg interview was also published by EKULT, I believe in either Compiled
    Message 1 of 2 , May 15, 2007
      Hi All!

      Just some additional background info on this one - the Jarvis "Square
      Peg" interview was also published by EKULT, I believe in either
      "Compiled Writings" or "Illuminated Way Letters"; both books have been
      out of print for a long time.

      The Twitchster's "Cliffhanger" moniker was stolen just like tons of
      other stuff he tried to pass off as original thoughts. He got it from
      John A. Keel's 1957 book, "Jadoo" - yep, he stole his "soul-traveling
      cat's" name too, and I doubt if he even had a cat! And that's not
      all! "Jadoo" is probably where he got "Katsupari Monastery". I
      don't remember if "I am a cliffhanger" is the first line of Jadoo's
      first chapter; it may start the 3rd chapter but I don't remember, the
      book's packed away, and I don't feel like doing a Google advanced
      group search for all the details & links to old discussions about
      this. Jadoo's a really fun & interesting book that Twitch surely
      read, and I'm sure Twitch was jealous of John Keel, who had a
      genuinely interesting life & adventures, as well as being a
      *successful* journalist and writer, unlike Twitch. "Jadoo" means
      black magic - Keel was sort of a professional but rather open-minded
      "debunker". Anyone who reads this book about Keel's *true*
      "adventures" will surely recognize someone *real* who Twitch would
      have liked to have been, but wasn't.

      Wow, when I got my copy of the SCP E-kult Journal, it was only $4.50!!
      I hope everyone buys one, because the SCP will put it online when all
      the hard copies are sold out!

      Hey, Prometheus - isn't the interview with Darwin Gross a bit
      prophetic, when they speculate about what was going to happen when it
      came time for Gross to pass the "Rod", considering all the problems
      when Twitch died? <ggg>

      Well, I just got back last night from a long weekend with the kids &
      grandkids, and perhaps in a chatty mood because I'm at the top of the
      email pile and not yet burned out & needing to turn off the computer.

      I feel bad because all this SCP stuff is part of what I want to put on
      a new & comprehensive website, to make it easier for people to find
      this info without searching usenet & Yahoo group archives, etc.
      It would be easier to find on a website. Sort of like when I was
      doing my own "getting out" research and working 24/7 at it, getting
      all excited about the discoveries, and only after leaving did I find
      that so much of it had been "discovered" - like, in Gunner Reitel's
      excellent expose', which was being "shared" privately and sent to
      people only *after* they'd made the decision to leave ekult, and
      happened to be posting at a.r.e. or somewhere. Reading it, I thought,
      damn - if I'd seen this six months ago it would've saved me so much
      time digging thru the eckbooks!! It's awesome, and it's now available
      in ET's "files" section - where it's not as easily accessible as it
      would be on a website, but the "files" were a quick & easy place to
      put it.

      On the other hand, Prometheus, I bet that all the research you're
      doing is really helping you get totally de-programmed - at least,
      that's how it worked for me!

      If I procrastinate long enough, maybe someone else will do that
      totally comprehensive website. <gg> (hint, hint!!)

      Anyway, anyone interested in more specific stuff & exact quotes &
      citations can do a Google group search.

      Prometheus, I don't know if you were a member back in '79 when the SCP
      Journal came out, but some former members who were there at the time
      confirmed that Darwin sent out letters to all the eck centers telling
      people not to read it - I don't remember if he specifically
      recommended that it be burned but some HIs *did* burn it - and
      probably chanting "hu" for protection! <ggg>

      Gawd, gotta run, I will *never* get caught up on the housework enough
      to start working on that darned pesky website!!

      Oh - ekult sued over this article, and I recently came across another
      little old newspaper article about another old lawsuit I'd never seen
      publicized before, where ekult sued the Lutherans over a listing in a
      little anti-cult booklet of theirs or something. One of these days
      I've got to get a new scanner. Actually, I *did* get one but it won't
      run on my old computer.

      Bye everyone, have a great day, enjoy summer, and above all, get away
      from all this ekultcrap and enjoy the whole world & sunshine & your
      families, etc.!!! Celebrate Life!!!



      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > I was looking at the SCP Journal on
      > ECKANKAR of Sept. 1979 (pg. 11)
      > and saw an interesting article. [BTW
      > there's a picture of 21 or 22 year old
      > GAIL on page 10] Here's part of that article.
      > [SCP]: "One of the crucial missing links in the
      > development of Paul Twitchell's personal occult-
      > mediumistic experiences into the full-fledged
      > religious system of Eckankar is supplied by
      > Twitchell's own pen in an article he authored
      > in July 1964. The piece was written in response
      > to an avalanche of mail that came to him after
      > a publication of the Jack Jarvis interview, and was
      > entitled 'The Cliff Hanger.'
      > [PT]: The Cliff Hanger may be the vanguard of a new
      > religion called 'Eckankar,' a Hindu word meaning
      > union with God. This unorthodox philosophy took
      > hold with the European intellectuals and in college
      > circles following the publication of my works abroad...
      > ... My saints are Kabir, 16th century Hindu mystical
      > poet who taught Shabda Marg, the path of Shabda
      > Yoga. Other saints I follow are the ancient Sufi avatars
      > Jalal al-din Rumi, Hafi, Shamus-i-Tabiz, Rama, the
      > Indian savior and Kirpal Singh, of India....
      > Eckankar, which I formed out of my own experience,
      > is the term used for the philosophy I have developed
      > for the Cliff Hanger. It is based upon Shabda-Yoga,
      > a way out form of yoga. The word is the Hindu locution
      > for the cosmic sound current which is known in our
      > vernacular as the cosmic river of God.
      > [SCP]: 'The Cliff Hanger,' however, was itself a rewritten
      > and sanitized version of an article originally entitled 'The
      > Square Peg.' Twitchell is even more candid and revealing
      > in the original:
      > [PT]: The Cliff Hanger is a one-man cult. I am the original
      > Cliff Hanger and its sole disciple....
      > This zany character is called the vanguard of a new
      > religion, entitled Eckankar....
      > .... but as I have said, it is a one man cult, with
      > myself as founder, president and disciple.
      > [SCP]: Within the brief span of two years, this 'one-man
      > cult' the sum total of one man's personal experience, was
      > being hailed by many as the Ancient Science of Soul Travel
      > (ASOST), the world's most venerable path to truth."
      > [ME] And, let's not forget Eckankar as the most "ancient"
      > of teachings! <smile>
      > ***
      > If you would like to purchase this SCP Journal on Eckankar
      > go to the "LINKS" page here and look for: A-1 Buy... SCP
      > Journal on "Eckankar"- $6.00 Total
      > Anyway, please feel free to respond with your comments
      > to the above SCP article on "The Cliff Hanger."
      > Prometheus
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