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Re: More ECKANKAR LexiCON Flubs

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Etznab, Yes, all of this ECKANKAR religious nonsense (MYTH), is quite silly, somewhat interesting, and very familiar. The ATLANTIS crap [message #2579] is
    Message 1 of 4 , May 12, 2007
      Hi Etznab,
      Yes, all of this ECKANKAR religious nonsense
      (MYTH), is quite silly, somewhat interesting, and
      very familiar.

      The ATLANTIS crap [message #2579] is pure Myth,
      especially, in the timeline the New Age proponents
      (including ECKANKAR) give. And, Man Was Not all
      that "human like" more than 25,000 years ago!

      How was Atlantis part of the Golden Age? It doesn't
      fit into the YUGA timeline and the destruction due
      to the "reasons" given don't fit either! [pg. 15,
      ECKANKAR Lexicon]

      Therefore, what did L.E.M. GAKKO (6,000,000 years
      ago) look like? What did humans look like back then?!
      Probably more like animals than not! Humans could
      hardly communicate just 25,000 years ago let alone
      6,000,000 years ago!! Therefore, Klemp's information
      he gives on GAKKO or Atlantis is highly suspect and
      this, in turn, makes anything and everything he says
      highly suspect too! He's a religious conman!
      [pg.125, ECKANKAR Lexicon]

      Also, Klemp states that MALATI is "the first ECK
      Master of record among the Polarians..." [pg. 132]

      And, the Polarians are "The first root race which lived
      in Polara, the GARDEN of EDEN; the ADAMic Race; ADOM
      was the first man and EDE, (like in EdeN) the first woman;
      the beginning of the races of man upon Earth. [pg. 162]

      BTW- Why isn't it called the ADOMic Race! LOL! And, who
      did ECKANKAR's Adom & Ede's children breed with? See,
      it's the same old religious myth with Twitchell's letter
      change twist... that rascal! And, Klemp has no problem
      with passing it on!

      Anyway, if GAKKO came to Earth, from VENUS, 6,000,000
      years ago then what YUGA Was This? The ATLANTEANS

      Yet, the MAHAYUGA is "the CYCLE for cosmic history of a
      day of SUGMAD, or 4,320,000 years, which consists of
      FOUR ages or YUGAS. see also Manvantara." [pg. 132]

      Therefore, when we analyze the information that Twitchell/
      Klemp have supplied it doesn't make sense. And, if it doesn't
      make sense then it's not true! It's just more religious MYTH
      that they have, themselves, tripped over when they (PT & HK)
      created their ECK Master lineage.

      MALATI (1st ECK Master) - Garden of Eden; Ede & Adom
      GAKKO (LEM from VENUS) - 6,000,000 years ago
      MAHAYUGA (all four yugas) - 4,320,000 years

      Kali Yuga (iron age)- began 3,000 years ago
      Dwapara Yuga (copper/brass age)- 864,000 years
      Tretya Yuga (silver age)- 1,296,000 years
      Satya Yuga (golden age)- 1,728,000 years

      TOTAL for this current Mahayuga= 3,891,000 years

      [see KALPA, pg. 109]

      Anyway, if ECKists can't connect the dots (or don't want to)
      then that's their problem! Whatever floats their boat!


      As for GAIL... [messages #2577 & 2578]

      It is interesting that GAIL is a Non-ECKist and does nothing
      to promote ECKANKAR. I would think that Klemp would
      want to, at least, HIRE her to speak on behalf of ECKANKAR
      each year at the EWWS!

      In Klemp's Autobiography, on page 326, he mentions going
      to the "inner planes" and seeing Paul and Gail at an airport
      after Paul's death. So, is GAIL an UNKNOWN ECK MASTER?!
      It could be that Klemp thought Gail resembled KATA DAKI
      because I, too, thought this at one time. Many ECKists think
      that KATA DAKI resembles GAIL. However, the Only "Official"
      Female ECK Master KATA DAKI (K.D.) was created in honor
      of Paul's sister Catherine (Kay-Dee), and 9 years after her death.


      etznab wrote:
      > Prometheus,
      > I found the comments about Atlantis interesting.
      > And the remark about Gail ... not an Eckist.
      > Etznab
      > **************************************
      > See what's free at
      > http://www.aol.com
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