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  • mishmisha9
    ... mishmisha9 ... Yeah, I noticed that Cheryl was calling detractors narcissists not too long ago--seemed to follow on the heels of the posts here in
    Message 1 of 3 , May 11, 2007
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      > Hello Mish and all
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      > <mishmisha9@> wrote:
      > ---snip---
      > >
      > > P.S.
      > > Prometheus, it is so funny how Rich and Cheryl want
      > > to take jabs at detractors over on A.R.E. It is almost
      > > like shadow boxing! Too funny! But they do give us
      > > some good publicity! I hope they keep up with the
      > > comments so others will be curious about what they
      > > are flapping about! Your archives here are so rich
      > > with information and facts as well as just plain good
      > > critiquing! : )
      > *** It seems that Cheryl likes what we have to say - or else she
      > wouldn't come back reading here and even use some of it in her own
      > argumentations! LOL!
      > Ingrid

      Yeah, I noticed that Cheryl was calling detractors "narcissists"
      not too long ago--seemed to follow on the heels of the posts
      here in which we pointed out Klemp's narcissism! I got a big
      kick out of that! Gee, I wish she could be more original, though.
      Unfortunately, her name-calling is just that--she fails to
      give examples of how detractors are "narcissists" while we
      certainly have defined it and shown how Klemp's behavior
      fits the definition of a narcissist!

      Oh, presently, detractors are being called former eck zealots.
      Funny, as well, because this is based on assumptions of our
      previous commitment to the eck org! However, if this were
      true (which it isn't), it would seem that eck zealots like Rich
      and Cheryl might be feeling the urge to join us--to become
      detractors too. I mean if you apply the premise of detractors
      having evolved from being eck zealots, well, a logical conclusions
      would lead one to expect that they, too, will leave the fold and
      become one of us! As it is, they do a good job of putting
      doubts in chelas minds about eckankar by their very words
      and actions, so in a sense, they are already one of us! They
      just don't present good examples of loving hearts for chelas!
      They are the foxes guarding the eck hen house that Klemp has
      complained about . . . LOL!

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