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Re: HU-Chat Nomination Tampering?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish, Sharon and All, Yes, this story of old Joe s past negative actions does point out some of the nut cases that join religions. There are some people
    Message 1 of 9 , May 5, 2007
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      Hi Mish, Sharon and All,
      Yes, this story of old Joe's past negative actions does
      point out some of the nut cases that join religions. There
      are some people that are benefited by joining a religion in
      order to be "inspired" enough to clean up their acts, and
      sometimes become more loving, kinder, and tolerant.
      Other people (ECKists too!) basically remain the same...
      they are the same as before joining... for good or bad.
      Others become more fearful, delusional, anti-social,
      intolerant, narcissistic, etc., and show other increased
      or noticable changes in personality or behaviour.

      It's that "Holier Than Thou" attitude of the hard liners
      and delusional fundamentalists from these religions that
      will cause that religion to get its bad reputation. Especially,
      when these types of unbalanced and unloving individuals
      become religious leaders! In ECKANKAR these people think
      that they have a special "inner" connection that gives them
      the right to do "anything necessary" and to be the "swordsman"
      of the Sugmad. A "figurative" slaying of the enemies of the
      Mahanta/Sugmad is permitted and even expected! But, how
      far away is a "literal" slaying of enemies by these "swordsmen"
      in order to protect or help their Mahanta?

      These ECKists are self-righteous, but aren't quite like the
      bloody thirsty self-righteous Crusaders of old (yet). However,
      some ECKists wouldn't be that far away from doing something
      really crazy if Klemp just gave them the word. This gives me
      concern because, What if Klemp lost his mind completely?
      Would ECKists drink a poisonous cool aid in order to meet HK
      (their Mahanta) on the Anami Lok? Really! What could happen?

      Considering the level of delusion of some of these ECKists...
      who knows what they might do if thinking they're getting a
      special message "from the inner Mahanta" to end it all on the
      Physical Plane (for their family too)! There have been ECKists
      commit suicide and ECKANKAR covers this up because these
      things aren't discussed and are considered gossip and, thereby,
      forbidden as being negative. The truth is, How can such a thing
      happen if these ECKists have the "protection" of the Mahanta
      since he is "Always With" them. Obviously, the PR isn't accurate
      or truthful and never has been! It's all religious B.S. just like it
      is with most other religions. For some reason all of these elite
      fundamentalists end up sticking their heads in the sand while
      thinking they have the only inside knowledge of truth! Amazing!


      mish wrote:
      > Hi, Sharon!
      > This is a terrible story and it goes to show how deranged some
      > eckists are . . . and potentially dangerous to others. I've heard a few
      > talk in seminar workshops and round table discussions. Some of
      > their crazy and angry stories really made me want to get away
      > from these indivduals post haste! Some are just not screwed
      > tightly enough.
      > The potential new moderator for HuChat is Joe Homsey. He has
      > been kept on moderated status on that site since the end of
      > October when he joined (or re-joined??). It appears that the present
      > moderators, Cheryl and Frank, have "their" reasons to not
      > unmoderate old Joe! : ) And, it might be, that they also have
      > attempted to keep him from accepting the nomination for
      > moderator--as Joe had to accept via a private email to another
      > eckist on HuChat. Really weird, all of it. But it does go to show
      > that the mahanta is not helping chelas with their problems and
      > that the eckankar teachings fail to uplift these troubled souls
      > into higher consciousness. Eckists are no different than the
      > general population, and their problems are no more resolved or
      > unresolved than the general population. Beyond perhaps calming
      > oneself, singing the hu does not do anything special for anyone!
      > Mish
      > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "Sharon"
      > <brighttigress@> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Oh horrors, is this Joey Homsey, perchance? Did he finally change his
      > > name from Joey to Joe? This man is truly hateful and vicious, and
      > > gets my vote for the eckist most likely to get a gun and go after
      > > "detractors". He makes Grundie (Cher) seem like a meek little kitten.
      > >
      > > I don't pay attention to hu-chat but I think I saw him mentioned here
      > > at ESA in connection with hu=chat awhile back. Homsey was a true-blue
      > > eckGestapo member and very active at a.r.e., and like the rest of
      > > them, really came after me when I woke up and got out. In his case,
      > > because he lived not far from me and openly posted about visits to my
      > > town, when my home was "coincidentally" broken into in a way that the
      > > perp thought would not be noticed, needless to say I didn't think it
      > > was a "coincidence". The only thing touched was my computers. Homsey
      > > had posted some paranoid rantings accusing me of trying to lead an
      > > organized attack on the cult's "temple" or something. Anyway, I felt
      > > a bit ridiculous about contacting the police and FBI, as well as the
      > > phone company's obscene call center because I was getting a lot of
      > > bothersome calls too - I was unlisted and did *not* get many
      > > telemarketing calls. But, after seeing what was going on at a.r.e.
      > > and hearing the whole story, rather than reassuring me about my safety
      > > from this internet cultnut, the authorities agreed it was a
      > > potentially dangerous situation. And considering what's been going on
      > > in the world since 1998-99, I daresay his actions would be considered
      > > even *more* dangerous today.
      > >
      > > It's sort of ironic, he "disappeared" from a.r.e. but resurfaced in
      > > another state some time later, and posted he'd almost been killed in a
      > > horrible car accident. Coincidence? Or...did his threats just bounce
      > > back? I have absolutely *no* sympathy for the man, and if he'd been
      > > killed, I'd have felt relief.
      > >
      > > Well...hi everyone! I've had a momentary "relapse" today but now I'm
      > > going back to my happily eckfree life away from all of this - it's
      > > Spring, glorious Spring!!! I'm working on a totally awesome and
      > > deer-proof container-garden on my deck. There's no window near my
      > > computer so I don't spend much time here anymore.
      > >
      > > Have a good one, everyone!
      > >
      > > Hugs,
      > >
      > > Sharon
      > >
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