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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, One reason that many of us rejected orthodox religion for ECK was due to religious myth! We knew it was a big lie and was just an unscientific
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2007
      Hello All,
      One reason that many of us rejected orthodox religion
      for ECK was due to religious myth! We knew it was a
      big lie and was just an unscientific explanation for human
      history. It didn't really make sense back then so why does
      it make sense today for ECKists?! Let's face it... one lie
      breeds other lies and then blends into scripture as "fact."

      Christianity has the Adam and Eve Myth and Twitchell and
      Klemp have copied/imitated this same myth for an ECKANKAR
      version with the ADOM and EDE MYTH!

      The Shariyat Book 1 was revised in 1987 (Book 2, 1988)
      they were combined in 2000. My source is the combined
      Shariyats 1&2.

      The ECKANKAR Lexicon was copyrighted in 1998.

      "... Polara, the Garden of Eden.. at the western extremity
      of the continent of Europe, Asia, and Africa, the Polarian,
      or the Adamic, race of pale copper-skinned people dwelled...

      The first Polarian man was ADOM the RABI, and he stood on
      the summit of a hill. His female companion, EDE, stood back
      and bowed her head as he addressed his Sungod."

      [ME] Wasn't this Sungod their's and not just "his?"

      "He prayed for food, protection from pain and enemies, and
      well-being for his woman."

      [ME] What "enemies" did ADOM have?

      "He was granted everything BUT freedom from pain and emotion.
      He knew when the danger came, for out of the forests came another
      creature walking upright LIKE HIMSELF, who wanted the female.
      The battle was bitter but ADOM won and drove off his foe. He
      produced a manchild and another; [Cain and Able?] and human
      history began...

      MALATI, THE FIRST ECK Master OF RECORD, was sent by the SUGMAD
      into this world to give man his first spiritual knowledge of God."
      [Shariyat 1&2, CH. 3, pgs. 54-55]

      Note: HK's ECKANKAR Lexicon also mentions ADOM and EDE.

      "Living ECK Master... All Living ECK Masters have decended from
      SIX MILLION YEARS AGO." [pg. 125, ECKANKAR Lexicon]

      Now what's really interesting, other that the Adom and Ede Myth
      or the first ECK Master Gakko vs. Malati thing, is the TIMELINE
      for all of this!

      Now in Chapter 6, of the Shariyat 2, on page 340 is the information
      on the Yugas or Ages.

      Satya Yuga, Golden Age-1,728,000 years
      Tretya Yuga, Silver Age-1,296,000 years
      Dwapara Yuga, Copper, or Brass Age-864,000 years
      Kali Yuga, Iron Age-started 3,000 years ago

      Therefore, if we add up the first three Yugas (plus 3,000 years on
      this one) we get what ECKANKAR claims to be the beginning of the
      Golden Age when mankind was more advanced... or 3,891,000 years

      "The first era was called the Satya Yuga, the Golden Age. It was the
      era in which truth and righteousness reigned. There was not any social
      law nor courts to punish or threaten the individual, because everybody
      acted right and believed in truth." [CH. 6, Shariyat 2, pg. 340]

      So, when was the Garden of Eden? It must have been before the Satya
      Yuga! BUT, how could it exist before this Yuga, unless, it was at the
      end of another Kali Yuga! Hmmmm! I wonder why PT and HK didn't
      give that a thought!

      Still, scientists think that the "old" Stone Age or the "Lower"
      Paleolithic period did not begin before 3,000,000 years ago.
      Many think that it was later or 2,500,000 years ago and that
      the earliest hominids were the Australopithecines who emerged
      from South Africa. BTW- The Ice Age began 70,000 years ago
      and ended 9,500 years ago, and Paleolithic Cave paintings are
      15,000 years old!

      What's it all mean? For one thing ECKANKAR scripture uses MYTH
      and the current Living ECK Master supports the MYTH! And, if
      one thing is a LIE then other things are as well. Why do ECKists
      want to believe in their "new" religion that imitates their old

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