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Re: An Inside View of the 2007 ESS

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  • prometheus_973
    BTW- I forgot to mention another effect from RESA s Not cracking down (on foxes) or taking responsibility, as well as, when RESAs (and their designees) crack
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      BTW- I forgot to mention another "effect" from RESA's
      Not cracking down (on foxes) or taking responsibility,
      as well as, when RESAs (and their designees) crack
      down Too Much on chelas (which limits freedom of
      expression). Many times the RESA or their designees go
      to extremes and place power (ego) and Guidelines
      (controls) above love, compassion, and tolerance!
      They took the fun and lightness of Being out of things!

      The "effect" is that ECKists will withdraw from local
      Satsang activities and from the outer ECK organization.
      These chelas will now become more private and
      continue their spiritual search via the inner planes.
      Many of these ECKists still keep in touch with those
      local chelas (and those from other areas) who are
      more tolerant, loving, and light hearted (fun).

      The "effect" of a crack down can, also, cause ECK
      Centers to close down. ECK Centers are supposed to
      be self-sufficient locally. Usually the Satsang Society
      CFO does not re-route any funds to a center ever,
      unless, the RESA has made a temporary exception,
      or the center is considered a "state" Satsang center.
      And, the ESC never contributes funds to keep ECK
      centers open. Thus, when ECKists withdraw from
      attending meetings, classes, book discussions, EWS,
      etc. then funds (donations) also fall-off and centers
      close. It all comes back to the dysfunctional people
      (from the top down) and the methods used to control

      Usually, the ECK Spiritual Center (ESC) never really
      knows what is going on locally because most ECKists
      tend to be passive and have learned to keep silent
      when they see negativity within the org.

      Besides, many long-time ECKists know better to
      complain about those H.I. foxes who may, also, be
      those asked questions about them when their names
      come up for approval or Not on the RESA's "Approved
      for Initiation" list sent from the ESC!

      prometheus wrote:
      Hi Kaye,
      just thought I'd respond to your question you posed about the
      "cracking down" by the e-cult org.
      xekweed wrote:
      <snip from eckist's comments attending seminar>
      Another great book that was not mentioned very much was a
      new one called Welcome to the Wonderful World of ECK: Your
      Membership Guidebook. This is different from the two-
      volume set called Your Road Map to the ECK Teachings. The
      new book explains (probably for the first time for many
      members of Eckankar) the actual structure of the organization,
      whom to get in contact with if you have questions, and how
      to contact your RESA or the Spiritual Services Director in
      your local area. Much appreciated information. ESC contact
      information is included in the book. The four Celebrations
      of Life are explained, as are the duties of members of the
      clergy, the duties of the RESA, and so forth. There is a
      chart of the spiritual year designations (Year of Giving,
      etc. Also included is information about Discourses for
      Youth. Very handy guide. In the back of the book are four
      brochures: The Temple of ECK, ECK Satsang Class, Membership
      Services and You and The Living ECK Master and You.

      ** I'm going to put this out as a question to those of you who
      were much more involved in the organization and held HI rank-
      Do they seem to be "cracking down" on non conformity? It does
      appear to me that they are becoming a structured organized religion.
      Pretty soon I suspect that they will create sacraments, more holy
      days and rituals.

      ### Actually, H.I. discipline and the following of Guidelines,
      etc. has always varied quite a lot from RESA to RESA, state to
      state, and country to country. The ESC tries not to interfere
      with local RESAs and gives them a lot of leg room (within the
      Guidelines) to deligate or to be more hands on. One thing that
      RESAs get to choose is how the ECK Worship Service (EWS) is
      structured. There are two choices (formats) and some RESAs
      have the Spiritual Services Director decide. The problem with
      deligating authority (power) too much or with certain H.I.s
      is that this power becomes abused by people that let their
      ego's take over. Usually, these problems are ignored and don't
      get reported or taken care of until the situation erupts like a
      volcano! Other RESAs rule with a velvet covered iron fist!

      Also, the Four ECK Celebrations of Life are looked upon
      much like sacraments. I've been told that there are mini
      or lesser (inner) initiations as a result of the outer ceremony
      (or vice versa). These are likened to steps leading up to the
      next pleateau. More carrots or B.S. anyone? But really, isn't
      this typical of religions!

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