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An Inside View of the 2007 Eck Springtime Seminar-(Part 1)

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish, Thanks for posting this! Due to its length I ll divide it into two parts and put my response to Klemp s silly talk in Part 2. ...
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      Hi Mish,
      Thanks for posting this! Due to its length I'll divide
      it into two parts and put my response to Klemp's silly
      talk in Part 2.

      mish wrote:
      > In case any of you are curious, here's what took place
      > as shared via an eckist's notes and impressions at the
      > eck Springtime Seminar--the eckist has a disclaimer at
      > the bottom of the notes pointing out it is not a transcript
      > and can contain errors, but it seems fairly complete:

      2007 ECKANKAR Springtime Seminar

      > On Saturday the main draw was, of course, Sri Harold's talk.
      > However, there were a few other good things going on that
      > I'd like to mention.
      > I didn't get to either the workshop on Spiritual Wisdom on
      > Relationships or the one called Karmabusters, but I heard
      > that both were very powerful. These may be repeated at
      > future seminars, so be on the lookout for them. Both of
      > the workshops have books associated with them, which I did
      > get, and am very glad that I did. Both books were well
      > worth reading.

      ### This ECKist didn't get to go to these two workshops, but
      "heard" both 'were very powerful.' I wonder how much the
      books cost? Anyway, have you ever heard ECKists say that
      it was a crappy or a redundant or a boring workshop? NO!
      Nobody would dare to be that honest. That would be a
      negative comment even if it were true, and negative comments,
      even when true, are forbidden! It's an unspoken guideline!
      If you don't believe me then just try it sometime. Give your
      POV and be honest and see where it gets you in ECKANKAR!
      I've been to those workshops years ago! I'm sure that they've
      been somewhat revised, but to have this same crap repeated
      over and over is boring!

      > Another great book that was not mentioned very much was a
      > new one called Welcome to the Wonderful World of ECK: Your
      > Membership Guidebook. This is different from the two-
      > volume set called Your Road Map to the ECK Teachings. The
      > new book explains (probably for the first time for many
      > members of Eckankar) the actual structure of the organization,
      > whom to get in contact with if you have questions, and how
      > to contact your RESA or the Spiritual Services Director in
      > your local area. Much appreciated information. ESC contact
      > information is included in the book. The four Celebrations
      > of Life are explained, as are the duties of members of the
      > clergy, the duties of the RESA, and so forth. There is a
      > chart of the spiritual year designations (Year of Giving,
      > etc. Also included is information about Discourses for
      > Youth. Very handy guide. In the back of the book are four
      > brochures: The Temple of ECK, ECK Satsang Class, Membership
      > Services and You and The Living ECK Master and You.

      ### Well, it seems that the Spiritual Services Director is the
      assistant RESA! I was always told (by the RESA) if I had
      certain problems to call the Satsang President. I, also, doubt
      very much if this book shows the ECK Hierarchy. An ESC flow
      chart, as well as, a Local Satsang Society flow chart would do
      this. This kind of visual aid is what is really needed, but only
      a handful of people are making these decisions, and ECKANKAR
      likes to keep a lot of internal information on running the org
      secret. How much money is spent on various things like salaries?
      I know that these things won't be in the book.

      > ***

      > Also new at the seminar this year were little "HU Rocks."
      > There were smaller ones for a small donation and larger ones
      > for a larger donation, all painted a light beige/gold color
      > and stamped with the word HU in gold. (No, the rocks are not
      > from the Temple grounds.) It is simply a little project
      > to get donations for the building of the spiritual campus.
      > The next building to be built will be a museum building.
      > I think they will put enlarged photographs of the construction
      > of the various buildings in that building. Not sure what else
      > will be included in the museum, but I suppose some archives
      > will be located there, along with a great deal of ECK art.

      ### Were the HU Rocks a Local Satsang Project? They really
      should have had more sizes of rocks! They could have sold
      a bag of pebbles so ECKies could put them in a candy dish
      or bowl. Also, why not have some larger and heavier rocks
      to be used as door stops. Even larger HU rocks could be placed
      around the driveway to the Temple! I wonder if JK bought any
      for the house, or does she get them for free?

      ### BTW- Why is a museum needed? The new ESC building
      was supposed to have had show cases built in and a room
      for those materials. If Klemp wants to build something then
      he should build apartments and/or condos for ECKists with
      shops too! Besides, why can't ECKists just go to the "inner"
      to see these things... like with the other Shariyats!

      > ***
      > Before Sri Harold's talk, there was a panel discussion by
      > Munyee, Bob, Whitney and Kalu on the topic "Soul is a Light
      > of God."

      ### Is that Bob Lawton, RESA of Conn. and HK's body guard?

      > Whitney is a freshman at a university in Florida Last August
      > she checked into her dormatory room, which was on the top
      > floor of the oldest dorm. As heat rises, the top floor was
      > the hottest, and there was no air conditioning. Whitney and
      > her roommate tried everything to cool down, but to no avail,
      > and she was exhausted and unable to do her best in her
      > classes. Since there was a high demand for air-conditioned
      > rooms, she couldn't just switch rooms with anyone.

      ### That's kind of stupid for a Florida university not to have
      air conditioning! How's the mold!

      > One night Whitney lay awake singing HU. She asked the Mahanta
      > to help her with her problem. The next morning she woke up
      > with hives all over her body. "Mahanta, I asked for HELP,
      > not HIVES!" she complained.
      > But the hives were a blessing in disguise, because her doctor
      > told her that the hives were caused by heat - and he wrote
      > her a note stating that it was medically necessary for her to
      > have an air-conditioned room. She ended up in the newest
      > dormatory, in a lovely, air-conditioned room. :-)

      ### She could have asked Jesus and gotten the same result!
      Remember, when most of us were Christians and laughing at
      all of those idiots always praying or asking Jesus for this or that.
      Jesus was their private servant. The difference is that Klemp
      loves taking credit for it all.

      > **
      > Whitney told another story. She was riding in the car with
      > her mom one day when traffic slowed down, and then the
      > cars in the lane next to them speeded up. A bus in the next
      > lane over passed them. The sign on the back said, "HU."

      ### WOW! That's really unique and special and common to
      others, especially, in China. I'm surprised ECKANKAR didn't
      copyright HU... maybe they tried!

      > **
      > Whitney says her non-ECK friends are starting to come
      > around to some ECK-like viewpoints. She was walking with
      > one Christian friend when the friend tripped. When she
      > righted herself, the girl said, "Well, that must have been
      > karma."

      ### Lots of people believe in and know about Karma
      other than ECKies! Duh!

      > **
      > Kalu is from Africa. He said his life completely changed
      > when he joined Eckankar. He was living in a big city when
      > he joined, and the next time he visited his village, he
      > told his family about his newfound religion. The family
      > was very skeptical, and he overheard his mother telling
      > his older siblings to keep an eye on him.
      > **
      > Back in the city, he heard that the Living ECK Master
      > was going to come to Africa for a seminar. (Note: This
      > seminar was held something like 15 years ago, and it had
      > the largest attendance of any seminar before or since -
      > 10,000 people came, and many had to stand outside the hall
      > to listen to Sri Harold on a speaker. People came by any
      > means available - some even came by bicycle or on foot for
      > vast distances. This was also the only time that Sri
      > Harold has ever had an interpreter sitting on stage with
      > him. The talk was translated into French.)

      ### Yep! HK used to travel, but he hasn't felt safe for years.
      That's why ECKists, also, have to go through Metal Detectors
      at the ECK Seminars before he talks in person. BTW- how
      were HK's talks translated before or were they? HK can't speak
      French! Oh, now I get it - the intrepreter never SAT on stage
      with HK before! Wow! That was a real privilege for him!

      > Kalu wanted to see the Living ECK Master in person, but he
      > was broke, and couldn't find a way to go to the neighboring
      > country where the seminar was to be held. He asked the
      > Mahanta for help.
      > Soon, Kalu was chosen to make a business trip to the city
      > where the seminar would be held, and his boss even allowed
      > him to borrow his personal car to make the trip.
      > At the seminar, Kalu asked for some help with another
      > problem he was facing, and soon he got the chance to come
      > to the United States for further education.

      ### Yes, just ask for help for this or that and sometimes
      you get what you want and sometimes you get what you need!
      This happens with everyone! For some reason ECKists think
      it only happens to them! LOL!

      > **
      > Munyee told us that her father had surgery to relieve pain
      > from cancer, and that during his course of treatment, her
      > mother had a brain hemmorage and went into a coma for a
      > week before translating (dying). Her father followed his
      > wife into the worlds of spirit three months later.
      > However, before he died, her father, who was not an ECKist,
      > joined her at HU-Songs, and he agreed to an ECK memorial
      > service to be held after he translated.

      ### Why didn't the Mahanta protect her family? Didn't her
      mother have an ECK memorial service too!

      > **
      > After her father's death, Munyee met a freind who had lost
      > a daughter to cancer. The woman was still grieving bitterly
      > for her loved one, and so she was concerned how Munyee
      > would cope with the loss of her parents.
      > Munyee told her friend that Soul is a spark of God, and that
      > it continues to exist after the death of the physical body.
      > She gave her friend a HU Card and later a HU-CD. Munyee
      > is grateful for the chance to give this woman a way to cope
      > with the loss of her daughter.

      ### Those HU-CDs are a real money maker aren't they!
      Still, I wonder how many of those who were recorded
      chanting HU are directing the HU as they chant! Aren't
      those vibrations captured on the CD and being spread
      to influence others in a subliminal way? Shouldn't there
      be a special HU CD made with Just H.I.s (instead of a mix
      with lower and even non-initiates) who are told before hand
      not to direct the HU.

      > **
      > Bob, the panel MC, told us that two weeks ago, his daughter
      > called him, distraught, because her boyfriend had been in a
      > car crash. He didn't seem to be hurt at the time, but later
      > he began to change, and act in strange ways. All the tests
      > the boyfriend was given at the university medical center
      > turned out negative, but the strange behavior did not stop.
      > On the way to see his daughter, Bob sang HU. When he got
      > there, he realized that his daughter was very frightened,
      > because her boyfriend was worse. He now carried weapons,
      > and she was afraid he might hurt himself or others.
      > Bob's daugher finally decided to alert the police to her
      > boyfriend's problem, and they agreed to drive by his place
      > for a "wellness check" daily. However, before they could
      > do that, the boyfriend called and told Bob's daughter that
      > their relationship was over and she'd better move all her
      > things out of their shared quarters. Bob helped her pack
      > and put things in storage.
      > That night Bob asked the Mahanta for help, and put his
      > attention on Holy Spirit. There as a violent thunderstorm
      > that night - and Bob realized that thunder is the sound of
      > God on the physical plane.

      ### I hear Thunder and see Lightning during storms too!

      > The police finally did detain the boyfriend, which meant
      > that he could now get some help to control his strange
      > behavior.

      ### Or, maybe the boyfriend needed a MRI to see if he didn't
      have a head injury that was causing the changes in his behaviour!
      Bob's an ex-fireman and should know something about head
      injuries and MRIs, etc. right? Oops! maybe the Mahanta missed
      that one. Where's Dr. House when you need him!?

      > The daughter had an anxiety attack, but Bob told her how
      > much God loved her, and that events had actually worked out
      > in the best possible way, since her boyfriend could now
      > get help.
      > Bob says his daughter has renewed her search for God.

      ### That boyfriend isn't really getting help is he! Why can't the
      Mahanta help everyone, or is Karma his "help?" Hopefully
      Bob's daughter will look elsewhere in her search for God.

      > **
      > A part of the quote that Bob read in summary stuck with
      > me: "All you have to do is accept God's love and return
      > it to life."

      ### Sure, but Soul, also, doesn't need a middleman Mahanta
      to do this.

      > ***
      > The MC for Saturday night was Linda Lavaneri, who appeared
      > in a gorgeous periwinkle blue jacket dress. She told us
      > that she was very busy with preparations for the seminar,
      > and was not able to shop for something to wear on stage
      > until the Wednesday before the seminar! (This is a true
      > emergency for a woman, don't you think? :-) )

      ### Why slow down and be responsible or give attention
      to details and practice Self-mastery when you have an
      assistant (the mahanta) to solve your problems for you!
      Yes, that mahanta is everywhere and fulfills even the
      most whimsical of requests!

      > Linda says she gets her answers from Holy Spirit in the
      > form of visual images. She had wanted to shop at a
      > particular mall, but was running late, and had just had
      > another errand added to her list of things to do. The
      > extra errand would take her in the opposite direction
      > from the mall where she wanted to shop, and she was
      > worried about getting to the store before it closed.
      > She asked the Mahanta for some help with the situation,
      > and got the visual image of another mall closer to the
      > site of her extra errand. After doing the errand, she
      > went to this mall and entered a store where the
      > merchandise was fairly pricey. However, she saw a sale
      > rack and found several dresses to try on. The blue one
      > she was wearing was one of those dresses, and it really
      > did look stunning on her!

      ### Good, she saved some money and can now use the
      excess to buy HU Rocks!

      > ***
      > The multi-talented Arlene Forbes (she dances as well as
      > sings) enternained her with two Rich Miller songs: God's
      > Love Will Lead You Home and "The ECK Is In You" -
      > accompanied by none other than Rich Miller on piano.

      ### Okay, but can Arlene dance, sing, chew gum and juggle
      at the same time! I believe I've heard those Rich Miller songs
      before... again and again! But Wow! None other than Rich
      Miller on the piano too... again and again! Really, these
      seminars are for people that don't get out much!

      > ****
      > And now, the talk. Many of you will have the chance to
      > hear this on the web, and so if I have made any errors
      > in my notes, please do let me know. This is NOT a
      > full transcript of Sri Harold's exact words. If you
      > forward these notes to anyone, please leave in this
      > paragraph and take my name and email out of the
      > message - thanks.
      > Sri Harold commented on the cold weather we were having,
      > dryly calling the Twin Cities the "Vacation Capital of
      > the World," and predicting that the weather would warm
      > up just about the time the seminar ended. This got a big
      > laugh.

      ### It looks like HK's prediction of warm weather didn't
      come true! What kind of Modern Prophet is this that can't
      even get this right! Klemp should know better than to open
      his big mouth. This is why the ECK-Vidya isn't reprinted too!

      > Sri Harold said he had recently listened to a program
      > on gardening on which they discussed frost damage to
      > plants. "We'll figure it out," said someone on the show.
      > Sri Harold said he thought that was a pretty good way
      > to look at the situation.

      ### So Klemp is saying that he too will figure it out someday!
      Or, does this mean just Wait and See? Sounds wishy washy
      to me!

      > He also commented that in July we will be wishing for
      > some ice, so he counseled us to just enjoy the weather
      > we are having now instead of wishing for something else.

      ### Except, this is supposed to be Spring not Winter!
      That's a stupid statement, too, because I doubt that in
      the Summer people will be "wishing" for ice, except, in
      their tea! What an idiot!

      > ***
      > Regarding the Global Warming situation, Sri Harold
      > mentioned that there is a controversy between the people
      > who blame the situation on humans (emissions from cars,
      > factories, etc.) and those who say that the temperatures
      > would be going up anyway, due to sunspot activity.

      ### It sounds like HK is taking the position of his buddy
      G.W. Bush and is playing the devil's advocate! The sunspot
      excuse is used by those profiting from coal and oil.

      > The fact that this is a controversy means that there are
      > psychic waves causing fear, and whenever you have these,
      > there is money to be made from people's fear. The psychic
      > waves are due to the push and pull of positive and negative
      > forces, and this affects everyone's consciousness.

      ### Sometimes the truth causes controversy. Therefore,
      those ECKists who fear looking at Darwin's picture or reading
      Ford's book "Confessions of a God Seeker" are also experiencing
      these psychic waves causing their fears. I guess this is how HK
      keeps those attached to his "help" and makes him his money.
      Don't all religions work like this? Sure! I wonder how much
      Klemp gets paid, how much property is his, what savings he
      has? Why is it a secret?

      > Sri Harold explained that people gravitate to a psychic
      > wave that "fits" them. These waves strike our emotions,
      > and so people get all emotional in defending their side
      > of the controversy.

      ### What psychic wave was Klemp riding when he attacked
      that 3rd 'fill-in' Postal Clerk on Joan's behalf! [09/2003 H.I.

      > Sri Harold says that conflict of this nature helps to
      > purify Soul. This works a little like an exercise
      > machine that employs tension to help strengthen muscles.

      ### Klemp's always been good at talking the talk while Not
      walking the walk. Doesn't conflict equate to karma! Isn't this
      why most ECKists remain passive... by avoiding conflict!

      > Charles Atlas first brought out machines that used this
      > dynamic tension to strengthen muscles, so that weak guys
      > would never have sand kicked in their faces by muscle-
      > bound bullies at the beach. In the same way, controversy
      > strengthens Soul so that It will not have the sand of
      > illusion kicked into Its face. Soul learns to see beyond
      > the apparent dichotomy and to play down the emotions
      > surrounding the issue.

      ### Charles Atlas! Klemp really lives in the past doesn't he!
      This, however, just points out his arrested development!
      Some emotions are good to have. HK is attempting to make
      all emotions (across the board) seem bad. In "Dialogues
      With the Master" Rebazar talks about "The Feeling of God"
      (pgs. 107-112) and states: "Thought and feeling on the
      level of Soul re the irrestible combination for a union with

      > I got the definite impression that Sri Harold is not
      > telling us that it's not ok to work toward finding ways
      > to avoid the damage done to the earth by global warming.
      > The main thing, he said, was to avoid getting emotional
      > about the issue.

      ### All ECKists just fill in the blanks as to what they think
      or feel while guessing what Klemp really meant. It must
      be all about the various "levels" of con the message was
      presented on right! LOL! Such is delusion!

      > I have a feeling this will be very good advice for
      > Americans who will soon hear a lot of election rhetoric.

      ### So is the advice to keep check of your emotions on the
      Global Warming issue? Hold it! I just heard thunder so that
      must be the Holy Spirit telling me that I'm right! Now what
      was Klemp's position on Global Warming again? Well, it
      doesn't really matter when a Modern Prophet can't even
      predict next the week's weather accurately!

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