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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, Zoey! I thought all the writers who participated in the series were quite the real deal. I d like to see a follow-up series with more writers. I d never
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 12, 2007
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      Hi, Zoey!

      I thought all the writers who participated in the series were quite
      the real deal. I'd like to see a follow-up series with more writers.
      I'd never heard of Pema either, but I have a friend who has been
      reading her books and resonating with Pema's beliefs.

      I think it is good to see some different perspectives on famous
      individuals, and in regards to religious memes, it would seem that
      a good portion of the problems with peoples of the world is that
      religions are teaching and preaching some very unhealthy habits,
      attributing them to being the wishes of God. People fear not
      entering the Kingdom of Heaven more than they do starvation
      it seems. It's all delusion.

      As for bad behavior being a evolutionary process in the individual
      as taught in eckankar, well, it would seem this fits in with the idea
      of the spiritual hierarchy and the fake initiations. As one pays his
      karmic debts, he rises higher in consciousness--but of course, the
      chela can overcome a lot of his/her bad behavior more quickly by
      devoting much of his/her free time in doing vahana work by either
      enticing more/new seekers to the cult or defending the lies and
      deceptions of eckankar by debating the merits of the teachings over
      on A.R.E. Just a couple of ways of being a good little eckie--but of
      course, all of this effort is done with the expectation of reward: more
      initiations and the good favor of the l.e.m./mahanta! Without this
      reward, I don't think any chela would waste his/her time like this.
      There has to be something in it for them--it is not a pure teaching
      and the evolution from bad to pure behavior will never be achieved
      when the individual is looking for payback--the ridding of karmic debt
      and an assurance of ascending to whereever! : )


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      <zoey_true@...> wrote:
      > mish, i caught that interview between moyers and pema. i had never
      > heard of her at the time, and i have to say that i was quite touched by
      > the woman. very sincere. i had the sense that pema was the real deal,
      > at least she was on the real deal road.
      > it is so interesting that you mention mother teresa. there is so much
      > we could say about teresa's strength, tenancity, work ethic, good
      > works, etc. but i have never thought of her as enlightened, which is a
      > whole other ballpark. her spiritual ideology is, imho, misguided all
      > round. man, it's hard to say those things about mother teresa.
      > another question: christians believe that sin (wrong behavior) is an
      > error in the will. buddhists believe it is an error in the
      > understanding. eckankar says wrong behavior is an evolutionary process
      > in the individual.
      > any comments?
      > zoey...
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