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Re: My Eckankar OBE!

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  • ctecvie
    Hello, Mish! Very good experience - I liked it! :-) ... Those who are looked upon the most are often the most mean people. In my regional Eck center there was
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 11 10:43 AM
      Hello, Mish!

      Very good experience - I liked it! :-)

      > My husband (also an Eckist but with higher initiation) and I were
      > involved with a few Eck groups in our area. One H.I. woman who was
      > also an ESA and quite looked up to by all members seemed to be
      > overly friendly in my opinion with my husband.

      Those who are looked upon the most are often the most mean people.
      In my regional Eck center there was a lady who was so deluded I
      couldn't believe it, but apparently not many people apart from me
      and my husband noticed that. Except the people whom she hurt deeply
      without even knowing she did so. She was so convinced that
      her "inner experiences" were right that she did really bad things.
      She was - and is - a very active and respected member of the Eck
      community, distributing hu-cards in buses and subways ... And of
      course she became an HI eventually ...

      > I noticed that when
      > the Eck greetings were being made, she seemed to give him an
      > warm and affectionate long embrace and that she would if seated
      > close to him would reach over from time to time to grasp or pat
      > hand. In contrast, she was not as "friendly" with me. She was a
      > single woman; however, she was engaged to be married and was
      > with her significant other! : )Anyway, I do pay attention to
      > and as time went on, I was less and less pleased with this woman's
      > friendliness with my husband. My husband thought she was quite
      > spiritual and perhaps there was even a past life connection, yada,
      > yada.

      Yeah, that's always a good explanation for eckists. :-)

      > After one worship service, when again this woman had been overly
      > affectionate with my husband in her greeting, a group of us went
      > for lunch. We were seated at a long table, and this woman ended up
      > sitting directly across from my husband. Of course, everyone was
      > chatting with one another, and it was pleasant enough. But every
      > once in a while, I would notice this woman reach across the table
      > and clasp my husband's hand. She did this at least 3 or 4 times.
      > Well, I didn't much like that display. : ) But I kept quiet. When
      > were all finished dining and getting up to leave, I thought I
      > my husband say to this woman, "Would you like to come home with
      > This is what I thought he said. I was standing right next to him!
      > Well, it was too much, and I blurted out, "Why would you want to
      > take her home?" I put an emphasis on "take," too! Well, everyone
      > looked startled, and so was I! When I spoke those words it was as
      > someone else was speaking outside my body. I felt removed from it
      > all and really an observer at this point.

      It seems that you grasped what was going on, but rather from her
      point of view than from that of your husband.

      > But in truth, my husband had asked her if she was going home after
      > the lunch or something to that effect. Well, the woman, though,
      > responded very quickly to me--she said she was not interested in
      > sweetie because she had her own sweetie. I forgot to mention that
      > our local director, another H.I., was also present and came to the
      > ESA's defense, and gave me a scowling eye and said certainly
      > this "other" woman would not be flirting or something like that.

      No, no - of course not! HIs don't do that - just working out karma
      and learning "spiritual" lessons ... :-)

      > Needless to say, I embarrassed myself, but I didn't apologize at
      > -well, I was very flabbergasted as well by my outburst since it
      > didn't seem like it was me speaking anyway--it seemed to be
      > self! I couldn't apologize for that person, could I? : )

      Could not for sure! :-)

      > Well, we all said our goodbyes. Of course, when my husband and I
      > to our car, he had to ask me, "What was that all about?" He had a
      > bit of a chuckle in his voice. I explained to him the whole thing,
      > and how it felt like an OBE. We both broke out laughing, and were
      > rather laughing our heads off as we even passed by the woman I
      > had "offended." I think we both even waved to her as we drove
      > off! : )

      Well, what a happy end!! ;-))

      > So I guess my feelings/observations were not isolated to me
      > and me alone concerning this one particular H.I.!
      > I wonder how prevalent it is for Eckists to be inappropriate with
      > other Eckists in this sense?

      I have never noticed that. What I did notice, though, was that most
      of the eckists I knew were not fit for longer lasting or well-
      working relationships. They all had more or less troubles. My
      husband always said how lucky he was I wasn't an eckist when we
      met! :-)

      > I think some people have hinted at things happening at Eck
      > where individuals have little affairs--maybe, just giving love in
      > very "spiritual" way! I'm not sure about that. I can't decide
      > whether this inappropriate behavior was intentional as learned in
      > (confused by) the Eck teachings or that these individuals just
      > know the appropriate boundaries. Thankfully, my
      > experiences in Eckankar are rather limited.

      I have heard talking about that, too, but I never have noticed
      anything. Well, perhaps I'm just too naive! But I think it does
      happen very easily - you meet, you are on the same path, if you like
      each other then you think it's from a "past life", it's "karma" - so
      you have a common enough basis. And when it doesn't work out - well,
      it's karma as well! :-)

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