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Re: Eckanker: 12/2005 H.I. Letter... Do As I Say Not As I Do

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Quarterly H.I. Letter articles are current instructions for H.I.s. This one contains the instructions to improve communication within the ECK
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      Hello All,
      Quarterly H.I. Letter articles are current instructions
      for H.I.s. This one contains the instructions to improve
      communication within the ECK community. However,
      Klemp never follows his own advice. Twitchell,
      too, uses 'BUT' often in the Shariyat... Klemp does, as
      well, in his current books.

      However, what's incredible is that Klemp continues
      to use "BUT" in his Members Only articles still today!

      Klemp states that using 'BUT' is "limiting" and shows
      you've stopped "listening" and produces a constant
      stream of "contradictions."

      What a hypocrite! Or, is Klemp just oblivious! Either way it
      shows that he is Not a "Master" of anything, except, deceit
      and trickery (an agent of Kal), and is Unconscious of
      even his own (Mental Plane) words. How can HK, therefore,
      be higher in consciousness than a 3rd Initiate when he hasn't
      mastered the 4th Plane?!

      Prometheus wrote:

      > This is where Klemp talks about Not using "Ifs" "Ands" and "Buts"
      > within the Eck community and forgets to follow his own advice in:
      > the Letter of Light, The Mystic World, in this H.I. Letter or when
      > addressing Eckists in "Those Wonderful Eck Masters (pg.211)!" Klemp
      > is just all talk and is mentioning this quote from Kant to sound
      > well read and intelligent, like G.W. Bush, who is Klemp's hero and
      > fellow deceiver. The bigger question is why are these words okay for
      > public use and Not for Eckists (other than Klemp)? LOL!

      > [HK] "Next, I need to translate those images into today's language.
      > That's why much of my writing is simple. It leaves less room for
      > misinterpreting and makes translating into other languages easier."

      > [Me] The Shariyats Do Not use "simple" language and they are
      > the "Holy Books" of Eckankar and are offered to the foreign public.
      > Is Klemp thinking about simplifying them? It is not so much the
      > language that HK uses as to the content. Klemp must be reading these
      > posts for him to be so defensive about this and needing to explain
      > himself.

      > [HK] "I take care to translate the images from the ECK to human
      > language as accurately as possible. They flow through directly in a
      > burst."

      > [Me] How does something "flow" in a "burst?" It would help if Klemp
      > (the Mahanta) would use the correct choice of words! Perhaps he
      > should have said that, They "come" through directly in a burst or
      > that They "appear" or "manifest" directly in a burst. These sound
      > better, make more sense, and are more accurate!

      > [HK] "Many are sharing their ideas from the mental arena, and it
      > uplifts people. I look at the ideas and thoughts of philosophers."

      > [Me] Really! I though that all of these past ideas and thoughts were
      > below the consciousness of the current Eck teachings! If the
      > consciousness of Twitchell is lower that today's Mahanta
      > Consciousness what about the past thoughts and ideas of non-Masters
      > or even non-Living (in a physical body) Eck Masters?! What about the
      > consciousness of the Shariyats?

      > [HK] "One thing that strikes me about Immanuel Kant was something he
      > said that acts out an appreciation for life, which shows gratitude
      > in expression. He said, no ifs, ands, or buts. By that he meant.
      > make your statements clean and clear."

      > [Me] The B.S. meter is starting to rise higher! Question: Why does
      > Klemp view Kant's opinions so highly? I don't! Besides, where's the
      > gratitude by Not using these words Only to Eckists? Or at all? Weird
      > Harold!!!

      > [HK] "Suppose on
      e, for example, says to a student, 'Study hard if
      > you want to make your degree.' Kant says, forget the stuff at the
      > end. Say just, 'Study hard.'

      > [Me] I think that the "if" is just giving emphasis and focus to the
      > point being made... Study hard "if" you want that degree. The "if"
      > helps to bring ones attention back to the overall goal. Otherwise
      > the "study hard" just doesn't have the same impact. Where's Kant
      > when you need him? Actually, some people don't even have to "Study
      > hard." Both comments are simply Kant's opinions. Kant's comments
      > don't have any more validity than yours or mine! SOUL=SOUL... right?!
      > Wake up little Harry! Hello! By the way, you Eckies maight want to
      > just say, Blessings! Instead of the longer version. LOL!

      > [HK] "When someone says BUT, its a nail in the coffin of invention.
      > A constant stream of CONTRADICTIONS shuts off creativity and a gift
      > that may be offered. And WHEN SOMEONE SAYS BUT, HE'S STOPPED
      > LISTENING. So be aware when using IF. And especially when using BUT,
      > because IT'S LIMITING. Move straight ahead. It throws a condition
      > under your feet that is a trip wire." [My caps]

      > [Me] Trip wire? Nice military jargon Klemp! Is this keeping it
      > simple and helping to translate your words into other languages? LOL!

      > Here are HK's quotes to chelas in TWEM pg.211: "BUT IF he chooses to
      > hang on to shopworn karmic debts due to, say, AN INABILITY TO
      > MOMENTUM STOPS." So, Klemp is using "contradictions" himself by
      > using "But if!" Perhaps this is because "an inability to control
      > some mental passion" like jumping off a bridge! LOL! Here's more
      > from TWEM page 211 (thanks Jackie!): "BUT such an attitude changes
      > nothing. The individual is a LOSER and will continue to be a LOSER
      > until he adopts the practices of a WINNER." And, don't ever forget
      > Klemp's angry and negative comments to that TEMPORARY POSTAL CLERK
      > in the 09/2003 H.I. Letter! Klemp always said that he wasn't much of
      > a listener! Yet, he points out that ESAs should be! Another
      > contradiction!

      > [HK] "This is pretty much for ourselves, because in dealing with
      > others, you may need to use if, and, or but."

      > [Me] So, Eckists should Not use "if" in order to give emphasis to a
      > topic with one another, however, it's okay to use "if" with the
      > public! And, Eckists should Not use "but" with one another because
      > Klemp says that it is used with "contradictions" and "shuts off
      > creativity and a gift that may be offered." However, "but" is okay
      > for public use!

      > [HK] "And is better because it doesn't limit and is a building
      > block."

      > [Me] So why mention "and" in the first place? Oh, I know! Kant
      > mentioned "and," thus, HK would have to leave this out of
      > his "philosophical" quote otherwise. Not too clever!

      > [HK] Yet, IF someone's trying to make plans for you, then you may
      > need to say, 'But I don't want to.' They have no right to make your
      > plans." [My caps]

      > [Me] Notice the "IF" that Klemp just used! For Pete's sake (not you
      > Peter! LOL!) Klemp can't even get through his own article before
      > contradicting himself. I guess that nothing applies to him as it
      > does to everyone else. HK must be above the law! Not really! This
      > just goes to show how much of a control freak he really is, and, how
      > his words or motives can't be trusted <sigh>

      > Klemp now contradicts himself again when he says "YOU MAY NEED TO
      > SAY, 'BUT I DON'T WANT TO.' Why not just say, I DON'T WANT TO! Just
      > be direct like Kant is saying! Klemp is losing what few marbles he
      > has left! Like I said before- G.W. and HK have a lot in common!
      > <smile>
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