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04/2007 Letter of Light (#1) Questions for the Master...

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  • prometheus_973
    Question: How do you become a Master? Because if I grow up I might want to be one. --N.O., age 10, Minnesota [ME] First, I would question why this young
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2007
      Question: "How do you become a Master?
      Because if I grow up I might want to be one.
      --N.O., age 10, Minnesota

      [ME] First, I would question why this young person
      said, "IF I grow up" versus WHEN I grow up! It sounds
      like he may have a serious medical problem, or has
      some psychological problems that may need to be
      looked into further.

      [HK] "Striving for ECK Mastership is certainly a worthy

      Above all, do what you love, and love what you do. That
      sounds like the same thing said twice. It's not."

      [ME] I'm disappointed with Klemp's response because he
      missed an opportunity to turn this well known statement
      around like with the Descartes quote of: "I think, therefore,
      I am" by making it as Nietzsche or Buddhists would see it
      (as well as ECKists) as, "I am, therefore, I think."

      Yes, Klemp could have flipped it and said, LOVE WHAT YOU
      WILL BE DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. Anyway, Klemp's not all
      that insightful it would seem!

      [HK] "All the things we do won't be of our choosing.
      Otherwise, we'd avoid the very things which we need
      to do in order to learn some important lessons. There
      will be many such occasions.

      Then, love what you do.

      And do your very best no matter what. A way to tell a
      person with a far-advanced state of consciousness is to
      notice the way he tries to do everything with excellence
      --BUT always with love. No shortcuts! That means learning
      patience too."

      [ME] Okay, then! There must be a lot of OCD non-ECKists
      with a 'far-advanced state of consciousness' than most
      ECKists have! LOL!

      Just because a person is an anal-retentive perfectionist does
      not mean they have a 'far-advanced state of consciousness!'
      That's just a stupid comment! Yes, everyone should attempt
      to focus their attention on details and make their best effort,
      but Not to feel guilt or shame if they fall short, especially,
      for those who suffer from Attention Deficient Disorder (A.D.D.)!
      And, who knows, maybe this kid has something wrong with
      him to say, 'IF I grow up."

      Also, is Klemp really anyone to talk about having 'love' or
      'patience?' I'm thinking about those 'loser' comments and that
      poor 'fill-in' 3rd Temporary Postal Clerk again! On the other
      hand, having love and patience is good advice and Klemp
      needs to follow it too!

      [HK] "It took me many years to learn patience, BUT the ECK
      Masters put me in one situation after another. Finally, over
      time, the lessons took hold."

      [ME] LOL! What a joke! This is more proof that not only the
      ECK Masters don't exist but that Klemp is, also, delusional
      and a liar! When had HK completed his last lesson on patience?
      One would think that a recluse who had everything done for
      him shouldn't have problems with patience.

      [HK] "The ideas here will stand you in good stead, whether or
      not you decide to try for the ECK Mastership."

      [ME] '... will stand you in good stead.' Is this some of Klemp's
      "common language" for 10 year olds? LOL! Plus, I thought the
      goal of all ECKists was to become ECK Masters because by
      doing so one, also, achieves God Realization! Shouldn't Klemp
      be encouraging him to strive towards Self and God Realization?

      Oh well, maybe someday there will be a new ECKANKAR with a
      real Master... NOT! <smile>

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