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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Can someone jog my memory as to why Darwin (Dap Ren) was booted by Klemp? Was it a just a money issue? Now I know that Darwin was a spender, but
    Message 1 of 20 , Mar 25, 2007
      Hello All,
      Can someone jog my memory as to why Darwin (Dap Ren)
      was booted by Klemp? Was it a just a money issue? Now I
      know that Darwin was a spender, but then again that actually
      showed Vairag or Non-attachment and Mental Detachment
      toward money and that's why DG spent it so freely! Afterall,
      Darwin was a Full Mahanta and Vairagi Adept. Perhaps, this
      was just a test for Klemp and his cohorts on the Board. They
      failed the test by their Second Guessing of the real intent
      (a lesson) by the 'FULL' Mahanta!

      Afterall, aren't those buildings in Chanhassen just as bad as
      having a private jet? The Seat of ECK Power is supposed to
      reside wherever the Mahanta is and Not in an airplane Nor in
      a Temple. And, isn't Klemp focused upon money too. Look
      at those 'DONATION' requests being mailed out, or asking
      ECKists to put ECKANKAR Donations into their WILLS. And,
      remember, too, one has to remain an active DONATING
      current member in order to be elligible for initiations!

      BTW - Klemp, by Not Being Able To Connect The Dots on Paul's
      1908 birthdate and being 27 years old in 1935 while lying for
      Who's Who in Kentucky and having never traveled while meeting
      Sudar Singh in India (1935), during this same time period, means
      that Klemp can't be a real Mahanta and is of the KAL! Unless,
      Klemp is just trying to confuse the whole issue with Twitchell
      by scattering bits and pieces of info around which means that
      this trickery and dishonesty, by creating confusion, means that
      Klemp can't be a real Mahanta and is of the KAL! Really, which
      scenario is it? The end result is the same. Klemp is of the KAL!


      Prometheus wrote:
      > Hello Etznab & All,
      > Let's clear up the Darwin thing by stating that Dap Ren
      > (DG) was still a 'FULL' Mahanta (14th Initiate) when the
      > 12th or 13th apprentice, Klemp, booted his Master. And,
      > Gail's dream of Paul selecting Darwin was good enough
      > for the Board of ECKANKAR back in 1971 wasn't it! I, also,
      > guess that Gail's dream was good enough for Rebazar too!
      > Darwin's mistake, other than trusting Klemp, was not to
      > point out that he, the FULL Mahanta, was always the highest
      > source of authority and power within ECKANKAR and that
      > Klemp was not 'fully-cooked' and was being controlled by
      > the KAL. There is plenty of ECK material that would have
      > backed this claim up in court.
      > On Another Note: It is obvious that Twitchell Did Not
      > meet Rebazar 'on his Second trip to India in 1951'
      > (as Klemp claims in the PT info on ECKANKAR.org)
      > since PT Never Met Sudar Singh 'on his first trip in
      > 1935' at age 27. [PT was born in 1908 according to
      > the copyright page of the ShariYat Books 1&2]
      > However, IF Twitchell had met RT, prior to even 1965,
      > and was initiated by him (instead of LEM SUDAR SINGH
      > which doesn't make sense) Why did Twitchell send
      > THE TIGER'S FANG manuscript to KIRPAL SINGH instead
      > of to REBAZAR TARZS?! Kirpal Singh was the Master of
      > Ruhani Satsang (a sect of Radhasoami). Actually, Kirpal
      > was Paul's real Master from 1955-1965. Therefore,
      > the Initiation by Rebazar and those claimed years of
      > instruction under RT didn't really take place! These
      > were just more 'exaggerations' and 'twisting of facts.'
      > Or, on the other hand... the incredible Rebazar lives in a
      > hut high in the Hindu Kush mountains and, therefore, has
      > no mailing address to send the manuscript to! LOL! BUT,
      > why then couldn't PT just hand the manuscript to RT for
      > proof-reading, editing, and approval on one of those
      > nightly visits? Why did Kirpal (according to Klemp on
      > ECKANKAR. org) have The Tiger's Fang manuscript sent
      > to him if PT was Not his Chela and, instead, Rebazar's Chela?!
      > Why does Klemp mention Kirpal's name 15 times and Sudar's
      > name 6 times in the Twitchell info on ECKANKAR.org as well?
      > I guess ECKists just aren't really good at connecting the
      > dots and that's another reason as to why Klemp skips back
      > and forth so much. Afterall, the age 27 in 1935 and the
      > 1908 birthdate were not listed all together!
      > But, how is it, also, that Rebazar is supposed to, still, be
      > living in a 500 year old physical body? Probably, because
      > only a "Living Master" can pass the Rod to another!
      > Apparently, then, Rebazar 'the torchbearer of ECKANKAR
      > in the Lower Worlds' also handed the Rod of ECK Power
      > to Darwin. Therefore, Rebazar Tarzs handed the Rod of
      > ECK Power to both Paul Twitchell and to Darwin Gross
      > while Darwin Gross handed the Rod of ECK Power to Harold
      > Klemp. However, Rebazar doesn't really exist in the first
      > place, except, in fiction!
      > If Rebazar were real I can see why HK (Wah-Zoo) felt
      > slighted and turned on Darwin Gross (Dap Ren) like a
      > mad doG. Klemp had the ROD handed to him by (now?)
      > a Black Magician instead of by Rebazar. Or, Darwin tuned
      > to the Dark Side of the ECK Force AFTER 1981 since he
      > wouldn't have been permitted to handle the ROD if he had
      > fallen from Grace. In any case, according to ECKANKAR
      > lore/dogma, REBAZAR TARZS Did Not and Could Not have
      > handed the Rod of ECK Power to Klemp, or met with Twitchell
      > on a 'Second' visit to India in 1951.
      > What's all of this mean for the ECKist? WAKE UP! It means
      > that the Truth is something that they don't want to hear
      > because they can't handle the Truth! It's way too comfortable
      > and convenient to accept, imagine, and follow along with
      > their head in the sand. This is what many ECKists were use
      > to doing in other religions before they thought they had
      > found the ECKANKAR substitute for religion.
      > However,HK changed ECKANKAR back into a religion
      > again right under our noses! [Klemp even quotes from
      > the even more distorted King James version of the
      > Christian Bible!] But, at the time, we were told that the
      > change to the RELIGION of the light and sound of GOD,
      > the Worship Services, Choirs and singing ECK songs,
      > Amazing HU (Grace), the RESA Hierarchy, Guidelines,
      > etc. was for our own good! Now, it appears, that all along
      > the changes were really for having more control and power
      > over the org. and for the good of Harold and Joan! Happy
      > trails ECKies! Those 'Coins of Gold' created by PT were
      > really just coins of Fool's Gold! The view outside of the
      > ECKANKAR box is much clearer than ever!
      > Prometheus
      > etznab wrote:
      > I thought about Darwin. But I don't know. Consider the following:
      > "According to testimony taken on May 31st, 1984, the former Living
      > ECK Master, Darwin Gross, reportedly claimed that in January, 1983,
      > his successor, Harold Klemp, was asked to step aside. Reportedly, it
      > was Rebazar Tarz and Yaubl Sacabi who asked Harold Klemp to step
      > aside."
      > >
      > Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness,
      > p. 239
      > >
      > If I remember this correctly, it was an Eckist who had a dream that
      > Darwin Gross later tried to use for a defense. So it wasn't like Rebazar
      > Tarzs and Yaubl Sacabi spoke directly to Darwin. Is this the correct
      > information?
      > >
      > Yes, I thought about Darwin. Need I say more?
      > >
      > Etznab
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