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Re: 03/2007 MYSTIC WORLD - Ask the Master #1 (HU-Chants Too!)

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  • prometheus_973
    I was thinking about the many HU-Chant tapes and CDs being promoted for sale. I became aware that some of the HUing on these recordings are coming from
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 21, 2007
      I was thinking about the many HU-Chant tapes and CDs
      being promoted for sale. I became aware that some of the
      HUing on these recordings are coming from undisciplined
      H.I.s (foxes, etc.) and those whose intent and consciousness
      is impure. Many ECKists are directing the HU & ECK (White
      Magic) for healings, job placement, initiations, etc., while
      singing the HU. Yet, these lower and, therefore, negative
      desires are intertwined with the vibrations of the HU sounds
      that have been captured and preserved on these recordings
      and that these negative (directed) subliminal vibrations are,
      also, being distributed throughout the world!


      prometheus wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > ECKANKAR is a private, anti-social, narcissistic and
      > delusional religion. Just look at the way HU-Chants are
      > conducted. Shouldn't world harmony and positive actions
      > and reactions by people and nations be a spiritual commitment
      > of more advanced religions? What are the spiritual and
      > vibrational by-products of (non-directed) HU-Chants if this
      > is a valid means of realizing higher consciousness, especially,
      > in a group setting? Is the by-product of this higher consciousness
      > and vibrational Sound only limited, and exclusive, to those within
      > the room singing HU? It seems so!
      > But, shouldn't group HU-Chants have exponential positive
      > effects, via Spiritual Laws, even when these HU-Chants are
      > Not Directed? Yet, Klemp says NO and that Local HU-Chants
      > Should Not Be Coordinated or even Scheduled during the Sunday
      > Morning HU-Chant at the ECK Springtime Seminar or the ECK
      > Worldwide Seminar!
      > However, RESAs are encouraged to sell the idea of having local
      > areas schedule HU-Chants in order to "Open Up An Area" to the
      > ECK. This is one of the first things that is looked at IF an area is
      > Having Problems with bringing in New Members or is Not getting
      > Inquiries.
      > Now, for another topic--
      > 03/2007 The Mystic World - ASK THE MASTER #1
      > Question:
      > "I was wondering about guided contemplations that some
      > chelas like to do. Some go into quite a lot of detail in describing
      > the setting and the experience. Could you give some guidance
      > on this?"
      > [ME]: It's always good to let people fill-in the blanks with their
      > own imaginations. For example, one can mention being in a garden
      > with a fountain, smelling the air, feeling the warmth, a light breeze,
      > and listening to the sounds, without describing the plants, flowers,
      > fountain, smells, as well as, the color of light or the various sounds.
      > See, as I mentioned these things you visualized and filled-in the
      > blanks!
      > [HK]: "What chelas do at home and what they do in a group setting
      > are two different things. At home, alone, they can get into as much
      > detail as they please."
      > [ME]: It seems like there is confusion with one's own personal,
      > or expected, experience and with conducting a guided contemplation.
      > This comes down to a lack of training and oversight within the
      > RESA's hierarchy, and by the Mahanta.
      > [HK]: "BUT a guided contemplation for a group should generally
      > stick to one of the 131 exercises in The Spiritual Exercises of ECK
      > or one from my other books such as Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul
      > Travel or the Mahanta Transcripts series."
      > [ME]: Actually, Klemp is only pointing out what is already covered
      > in the ECK Guidelines. Any well grounded chela (or H.I.) who has
      > had proper and current leadership training and supervision by
      > their Directors and RESA should know, by now, what to do! However,
      > isn't it too bad that so many ECK Chelas don't have a clue, even,
      > after 30-40 years! Where's their awareness of anything with all of
      > those Initiations? Plus, why does ECKANKAR have to resort to using
      > Older, thus, lower in consciousness material rather than living in
      > the HERE and NOW and being spontaneously guided by the ECK
      > or the Mahanta! And, even the most recent Mahanta Transcript is
      > years old!
      > [HK]: "There is a reason for this. Often the details of a cooked-
      > at-home exercise are too limiting for some person in the group.
      > In the end, he has no experience of any kind."
      > [ME]: The problem with what Klemp has said here is that many
      > ECKists, regardless of initiation and years of training, have 'NO
      > EXPERIENCE OF ANY KIND' with Klemp's 'Spiritual Exercises' or
      > by following those from others that HK has approved. These are
      > as 'limiting.' However, Klemp will never admit this because he uses
      > guilt and shame to place the blame upon the backs of ECKists.
      > Catch-22 again!
      > [HK]: "Each individual needs a chance to spread his inner wings
      > as he will when he will. Some leaders, therefore, get off track
      > without meaning to with such guided contemplations for groups."
      > [ME]: It seems Klemp just wanted to wind this up without concluding
      > much at all. Why do H.I. Leaders 'get off track' with something that is
      > so basic and simple when the ECK or their Mahanta is guiding them?
      > The "Higher" one thinks they are the more they aren't! They, also,
      > tend to look down their noses at others who are actually more
      > advanced. These ECK Leaders (and HK) over estimate where they
      > are in consciousness because they believe that those ECK Initiations
      > are valid measurements for Higher Consciousness! It's a delusional
      > and vain point of reference! For Klemp it is both a lie and delusion!
      > However, isn't it interesting, too, how quickly Klemp brings Chelas
      > back to the structure and limitations of the ECKANKAR Dogma and
      > Guidelines. When does HK ever take responsibility for the Lack of
      > 'INNER' Communication with his 'LEADERS?' This is the reason for
      > why they 'GET OFF TRACK' in the first place isn't it? Unless, it's all
      > just a typical lie of religion to begin with! So which is it for ECKists?
      > Is the fault with them, is the fault with their Mahanta, or is it all just
      > another lie of religion? The truth is that we are Soul and are our own
      > true Masters without the need to follow. We can learn somethings
      > from others, but attachment to another Soul or to dogma never leads
      > to Spiritual Liberation or Self-Mastery!
      > Prometheus
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