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Re: 03/2007 THE MYSTIC WORLD - Ask the Master #3

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Toward the end are more comments concerning HK s negative remarks about that Postal Clerk (archived #1205). ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 12, 2007
      Hello All,
      Toward the end are more comments concerning HK's negative
      remarks about that Postal Clerk (archived #1205).

      prometheus wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > Here are some responses by Klemp that definitely shows
      > he (the LEM/Mahanta) lacks the ethics, responsibility, and
      > higher consciousness of a Harry Truman. With Klemp the
      > "buck" is passed down to the lower H.I. pee ons in the
      > ECKANKAR Hierarchy.
      > QUESTION:
      > "I understand that in order for ECKANKAR to survive as
      > a world religion we need a hierarchy. But when I observe
      > others, especially high initiates, make interesting choices,
      > I wonder.
      > I do my spiritual exercises regularly, but how can I make
      > sure that I always come from a place of love and not power
      > as I help you to carry the ECK teachings out into the world?"
      > [ME]: It seems like this question was edited some. It looks
      > like "interesting choices" could have been "negative choices"
      > because negative makes more sense and would be more
      > accurate and direct. Unless, this is a staged question to begin
      > with! There are no names given to any of these "Ask the Master"
      > questions which is unusual.
      > ANSWER-
      > [HK]: "Most Higher Initiates do a commendable job of living
      > the higher ECK principles. BUT the few who don't give all the
      > rest a bad name."
      > [ME]: And what's Klemp doing about this? Talk, talk, talk!
      > Besides, Klemp is the biggest part of the problem as his nutty
      > behaviour, comments, and lack of action influences the group.
      > [HK]: "Here too, though, such behavior is a challenge to your
      > own spiritual growth. Can you work with an undisciplined higher
      > initiate to accomplish an ECK project?"
      > [ME]: See, I knew that Klemp would reverse things and put it
      > back upon the shoulders of others. Why are these ECKists H.I.s
      > to begin with if they are undisciplined? Why is a Negative
      > (undisciplined) KALISTIC ECKist rewarded with HIGHER
      > INITIATIONS, unless, Klemp is also a KAL Agent! The KAL will
      > test everyone including non-ECKists and the LEM/Mahanta
      > is supposed take those ECKists who have already learned these
      > basic lessons into the HIGHER PLANES. This doesn't make sense
      > and that's because it's all a lie to begin with!
      > [HK]: "Is your presentation clear enough? It could be that an
      > idea of yours is out of time and out of place--too early. The
      > ECK could well be speaking to you through the H.I.'s
      > resistance."
      > [ME]: This is a rather stupid and confusing statement by
      > Klemp isn't it?
      > So, basically, Klemp is saying that the negative current of
      > the ECK could be telling ECKists that their resistance to an
      > "undisciplined" H.I. could be wrong! So follow the suggestions
      > of the "undisciplined" H.I. because they are HIGHER hens in the
      > RESA pecking order. Isn't this following of the negative just
      > wrong?!
      > [HK]: "All that aside, assuming a certain H.I. is badly out of
      > step with the ECK guidelines, talk to your RESA about your
      > concerns. IF that goes nowhere, call or write to Spiritual
      > Services. They'd surely like to know."
      > [ME]: What does "All that aside" mean? Is the problem, now,
      > just with the ECK GUIDELINES! What if this isn't a "guideline"
      > problem per se! What if this is a Four Zoas problem, or
      > involves ethics, morals, or improper "undisciplined" behaviour?
      > What kind of "undisciplined" behaviour is Klemp speaking of?
      > ECKists are being instructed to make a judgement, to guess,
      > fill-in the blanks, and assume they know what Klemp is talking
      > about without having specific examples to guide them better.
      > Klemp, once again, talks out of both sides of his mouth! Again,
      > why are these ECKists H.I.s to begin with? This just points out
      > the flaws (negativity) and the flaws indicate that Klemp (the
      > Mahanta/Inner Master) Does Not have an INNER communication
      > with his Chelas or else these people wouldn't be H.I.s in the first
      > place let alone remain H.I.s!
      > Unless, of course, Klemp is actually a KAL agent and ECKANKAR
      > is part of Soul's test! Isn't this true for other religions?
      > [HK]: "A hierarchy does have its shortcomings. Yet, all styles of
      > organization do. Anarchy is a situation where there's no law or
      > order at all, so you can well guess the outcome: rioting and blood
      > in the streets."
      > [ME]: Klemp is truly insane isn't he! Without the RESA Hierarchy
      > there would be "RIOTING AND BLOOD IN THE STREETS!" Really!!!
      > Klemp is encouraging dictatorships and monarchies it would seem!
      > Now does this sound like a Twitchell like exaggeration? Is this
      > supposed to create FEAR! This is such a ridiculous statement that
      > it's funny, except, it wasn't meant to be funny! This comment was
      > intended to create FEAR and, thereby, justify the hierarchy.
      > [HK]: "Good leadership in a hierarchy is certainly the answer. BUT
      > good leadership does not always carry down to every level of an
      > organization all the time. Its that kind of world."
      > [ME]: Well, the thing is that it's NOT supposed to be that kind
      > "of world" for ECKists! ECKists are supposed to have an advantage
      > over all other Souls via the protection and guidance of their Mahanta!
      > Therefore, the MAHANTA is responsible for the Outer and Inner Higher
      > Initiations and the Inner Communication with ALL ECK Chelas! If it's
      > NOT working it's NOT the fault of the Chelas, especially, if they
      > continue to get PINK SLIPS for Higher Initiations!
      > [HK]: "So it all gets back to you."
      > [ME]: See I told you so! The buck stops with the ECK Chela, and
      > NOT with the MAHANTA! This proves that Klemp can't be a true
      > master and that ECKANKAR is a SCAM! Klemp promises all kinds
      > of things and hands out Pink Slips for initiations and gives Chelas
      > RESA power positions to soothe their egos. BUT, where's the beef!
      > ECKists just need to remain gullible, passive, and delusional and
      > keep dreaming and imagining that their religion is the one and
      > only, the most valid, or the fastest or most direct method there is.
      > Or, maybe, it's just a hodge-podge of other KAL traps!
      > [HK]: "It's easier to change ourselves than the world. Even that's
      > no picnic. BUT IF you can change your attitude and line it up with
      > the Mahanta's, you're on holy ground. Then you'll be happy and
      > serene under any and all conditions. You'll always come from a
      > place of love."
      > [ME]: The attitude of the Mahanta is part of the problem for ECKists!
      > Klemp demonstrates a very unloving attitude towards those that
      > bug him. HK will make excuses that he's only "mocking-up" his
      > harsh comments, but that's just his attempt at having it both ways.

      09/2003 The H.I. Letter [Message #1205]

      > Okay, I know you've heard this next example before, but it makes
      > a good point and one that Klemp can't refute with the "mocked-up"
      > attitude excuse. It's the "fill-in" Third Temporary Postal Clerk story
      > in the 09/2003 The H.I. Letter.
      > Joan goes to the U.S. Post Office in Chanhassen, MN. and there
      > are three (fill-ins) temporary postal clerks working on the front
      > counter that day. It could be that they normally work as carriers
      > or in the back room where mail sorting takes place.
      > Joan is expecting a package and would like to know if there
      > are any? Before going back to look the clerk asks Joan for her
      > I.D. Really, why should he take the time to go back and look
      > through a bunch of packages and then find out that she doesn't
      > have her I.D. He can't hand someone a package without seeing
      > their I.D. and he doesn't know her that well because he's a "fill-in."
      > This clerk just followed the Guidelines, as well as, the Law of
      > Economy!

      ### After Joan gives the clerk a 'puzzled look' she shows him her
      I.D. and gets her package. She next asks if she can get a money
      order and is told that he can't do one. Another clerk hears the
      request and tells Joan that he can help her. Now, It could be that
      only one clerk did the money orders, or was trained to do them,
      or it could be that Joan's clerk became a jerk due to Joan's behaviour
      and attitude towards him! The thing is that these sort of things
      happen to all of us most of the time. Obstacles in the form of
      "showing an I.D." or dealing with "jerks" (if that was the case) are
      just part of life and the tests that we all must pass or fail daily.

      Joan and Harold live in a bubble. HK isolates himself while Joan
      runs the business at the ESC. Both people are use to being placed
      upon pedestals by ECKists. They demand respect without having
      earned it. This THIRD (fill-in) Temporary Postal Clerk incident shows
      just how out-of-touch with the world and unspiritual they both are!
      It's all just lip service on their part!

      What would have happened if Joan would have been cooperative,
      have smiled, and been friendly to this clerk? It was a test and
      both HK and JK failed! This was something that is so basic that
      it's incredible and it was put into print! This article is SPIRIT's
      (the real ECK) way of showing ECKists that the Klemp's are of the
      KAL and are false masters. Why else would this have been printed?

      Both Klemps are clueless to the implications of this article - how
      many other ECKists are as well? If your're reading this and are an
      ECKist just pull up message #1205 or reread the 09/2003 H.I. Letter

      Is it a coincidence that JK & HK mention that there were THREE
      clerks? Isn't this fact alone important? Is the Principle of Threes
      important for ECKists? Why is this being overlooked by JK & HK?
      Why was the LAW of ECONOMY overlooked?

      What about I.D. Guidelines? Don't ECKists have to show their I.D.s
      from time-to-time too?! Sure they do! At the ECK Springtime Seminar
      there will be I.D. checks for registration and pre-registration and
      Nametag checks for entry into rooms, etc.. Metal detectors and
      a bag search at the Saturday night talk. The ECK Staff will be using
      walkie-talkies and working with buidling security. There will even
      be searches and bag checks for entry into the Temple and ESC.
      Why? I can see why with the U.S. Post Office since 9/11 but why
      with ECKANKAR?

      Really, this 09/2003 H.I. Letter article by the Klemps is one of
      the most important messages [via SPIRIT] for ECKists.

      These H.I. Letter comments are even more important than HK's
      *Sound Proof Darkroom meetings (where HK worked, at the ESC)
      with Darwin, the Black Magician, in 1980-81. No Light or Sound
      (ECK) there either! *[See CH. 7, Soul Travelers of the Far Country]

      > Well, 9th Initiate Joan gets all huffy and puffy and bent out of shape.
      > She then goes home and tells HK her version of what happened.
      > Klemp (14th Initiate/Mahanta) then gets very upset and writes a
      > very mean spirtited article (see archives) and refers to the non-ECKist
      > 'THIRD' Temporary Postal Clerk in some very negative terms.
      > The irony is that even Klemp mentions this THIRD fill-in clerk, that
      > he overlooks the Law of Economy or the Guidelines for I.D., especially,
      > after 09/11/2001, and that Klemp had plenty of time to "cool-down"
      > and rethink his comments before this article went to print! Klemp
      > can't say that he was just "mocking-up" anger for the benefit of the
      > clerk because he wasn't involved with him... Joan had the experience!
      > It's bad enough that a 9th initiate (JOAN) fails a test that many non-
      > ECKists can pass, but to have the LEM/Mahanta fail such a simple test
      > of anger and attitude and of Consciousness speakes volumns!
      > ECKists really need to reread this 09/2003 H.I. Letter article and
      > see the points that I'm making. Maybe the truth about this scam will
      > eventually become more apparent.
      > Prometheus
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